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I started out at Pinterest today in search of a couple of crochet patterns. Nothing specific but just something that caught my eye and before I knew it 4 hours had passed and I had visited some amazingly beautiful blogs. All were full of creativity, friendliness and the desire to share.

Free crochet blanket pattern-This is so pretty,
I love the use on this ripple pattern of a variegated yarn for some of the rows
Free pattern also at Ravelry
Fingerless mittens - handknitted

However, one blog at the end of my walkabout had a beautiful post about learning curves! I know, that sounds like, what? So I have brought just a smidge of the post over here and a link for you to go read it yourself.

This is an unusual post for me as I don't have children *sigh* (story for another time, maybe) but having spent a large portion of my adult life in college and graduate school learning all sorts of subjects and culminating in way too many degrees (also a story for another time), and believing very strongly that knowledge/education (and I don't necessarily mean the traditional variety most of us up to now are familiar with), is the key to a better world filled with more thoughtful people.

OK, here we go... from the beautiful blog Fox's Lane

"Here's a remarkable thought: Among the world's children starting grade school this year, 65 percent will end up doing jobs that haven't even been invented yet.... 
'The certainty of change, coupled with the complete uncertainty as to the precise nature of the change, has profound and complex implications for our approach to education. For me, though, the most basic takeaway is crystal clear: Since we can't predict exactly what today's young people will need to know in ten or twenty years, what we teach them is less important than how they learn to teach themselves.'
From The one world school house by Salman Khan pages 179-180."
How's that for food for thought? Now, hop over to Fox's Lane for the real treat, her entire blog!
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit...


I like the colours in the afghan, very feminine. It looks like Fox's Lane has some interesting content to read, thanks for the link to the blog, I'm going to have a look.
Barbara F. said…
That afghan is gorgeous! And I love your header, just stunning. Going to check out that blog. xo
I think that the patterns are stunning and I thank you for sharing this blog post. When I was teaching in the classroom I felt how fast technology and learning concepts were moving for our young kiddos. Heck, I could hardly keep up with some of the changes, but what is important is exactly what you quoted above. Beautifully written....I will be popping over there!
Sarah Jane said…
Love that pink crochet blanket! It's gorgeous!
I already follow Fox's Lane, it's a very enjoyable read.
Have a lovely weekend!
Sarah xx
Renee said…
Oh I love that afghan! (wish I could crochet!!) Off to check out the Fox's Lane blog.
Hugs, Renee
Annabelle said…
Thanks for the thoughtful post Beth - especially the *sigh* - great thought. Fox's Lane on my sidebar too.
Magdalena said…
Thank you for that great info.
gilly said…
Ooh, I love that ripple blankie, what a great idea to use the variegated yarn too. Going to hop over to Fox's Lane for a wee peek now.
Happy Sunday,
Dagmar said…
Hello, wonderful to visit your blog..What a great way to meet like minded women..Still working my way thru all the blogs..such delight.
Jennifer Shelby said…
I'm going to have to find myself a copy of that book! Thanks for sharing that wonderful quote, such food for thought. Like you, I also believe that "knowledge/education is the key to a better world filled with more thoughtful people".
africanaussie said…
Hi Elizabet,
I already follow fox's lane, and love all her posts. I homeschooled my daughters when they were young and truly believe that developing their reading skills created a love of learning in them from an early age.
Tracie Dean said…
I think it would be wonderful if the jobs that have not been invented yet hurry up and do so.....so many people need work!!!
Hi Beth, lovely post and beautiful crochet blankets! I will have to check out Fox's Lane, I could use a few great pointers! xo Pam
Carole said…
Hi Beth, love the rippled crochet pattern, and the colors are gorgeous. Been trying to add myself as a follower but I'm not showing up. It is taking me time to work my way through all the wonderful Grow Your Blog Party sites but it is wonderful to meet so many new people. Have a great evening Beth.
Kate said…
Oh Beth, thank you so much for your kind words.
I adore the way the internet and in particular blogs, open up the world and allow us to be inspired and learn from each other. Who ever would have thought that words I had tapped out on my computer in my kitchen, on my farm in Australia would reach all the way over to New England and be so relevant to you too.
I hope you have a wonderful day, I'm off to have look around your gorgeous blog. xx
Celestina Marie said…
Hi Beth,
What gorgeous crocheted work. Sounds like you had some fun visiting around and found some wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing the link.

Also thank you for stopping by and your well wishes. I am a bit better from the flu, but have pleurisy now so I guess I have to rest and take some time to recoup. Both of which I am not very good at. LOL

So enjoyed my visit and blessings to you for a great week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie