My quest for a spinning wheel is proving rather frustrating due to the costs involved, ok, ok, whine, whine! LOL! However, finally I lucked upon a seller on Etsy who does layaway's so with $100 down and then I pay as I can I may have my wheel by the end of summer. What's that? You want to know which contender I finally chose... and the winner is...

I hemmed and hawed over the prices as well as the designs and then I finally came to the realization that if I wasn't going to have a spinning wheel that looked like a spinning wheel, much less moved like a spinning wheel I was defeating my very purpose behind the whole spinning thing to begin with... it is a very meditative process to sit and spin listening to the sounds the wheel makes as your yarn is spinning into creation - without that I might as well just buy my yarn and save the expense! I can be dense sometimes, lol!
Now, being me I don't really want to wait to spin until the end of summer so I went on another quest for an alternative until my wheel is my own. I've tried the drop spindle route with moderate success but it was to demanding with the fibromyalgia so... voila, the supported spindle!
Since many of you don't spin and are not planning on this adventure anytime soon I thought I would share what I've learned and ultimately ordered
Aside from the ubiquitous drop spindle there is a whole class of supported spindles that come in many different styles and objectives. Most of the supported spindles I learned are designed to spin lace or sock weight yarn... OK, I said to myself, I make socks so my time won't be wasted! :D
Ready? OK, here goes...
Russian Spindle averages 11"- 14" at around $35.00
(these spindles also requires a cup of sort to sit in, hence the "supported" spindle)
cup averages $17.00 or more depending upon the type of spindle
Russian Supported Spindle
The Navajo Spindle measure 32" and averages $57.00
Navajo Spindle  - Juno
The French Spindle also averages 11" -14" and is around $35.00
Hedge Apple Spindle Bowl 5 Inches Across...Matching 12 inch Compromise Russian Spindle
The Tibetan Spindle averages 11.5" and as a custom order around $80.00
Tibetan spindle for handspinning with matching bowl Sycamore and Black Walnut .9 oz. Custom Order
The Modified Tibetan Spindle averages 11.5" and with the spinning support bowl $110.00
Support spindling starter pack - spindle, bowl, fibre, e-book with instructions MADE TO ORDER
So what did I end up with? Well, since I do plan on spinning mostly on a spinning wheel, eventually, I didn't want to spend a small fortune now... I just want to get into the spinning thing...
0.875 oz Walnut Russian Traditional Support Spindle - Handmade
A nice walnut traditional Russian spindle at $25.00 and a hand thrown ceramic bowl in amber and aquamarine for $17.00
Dimpled Spindle Bowl Handmade Ceramic Dish 8.12.40
I also ordered a custom French spindle from this fabulous spinner/spindle maker from out in Washington state but I won't show you the pictures until sometime next month when it is scheduled to be made and shipped.
Happy spinning or at least warm thoughts to all of you in the colder climes...
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit...


It's all Greek to me Beth but I hope you will get not only what you can afford but the spinning things you'll love to work with.
Thanks for thinking of us in the north, it's snowing heartily once again and something warm and cozy from a spinning wheel would be dandy.
Sea Witch said…
Love love love this post. I adore my Scottish Castle wheel that I have had since 1976 and now have a beautiful flax wheel that my son bought from me at an Upstate NY antique store. There is nothing like the feel of fiber through your fingers watching it slowly draw through as it becomes a luscious yarn. Can't wait to see what you create.
Pam said…
These spindles are gorgeous just to have as decorations!! :) Happy spinning to you!
Acorn to Oak said…
How exciting! I bet you can't wait to get your wheel. I love the one you decided on. Awesome!

I had no idea there were so many kinds of drop spindles...as far as how they work. I never saw one that spins in a dish and I can't imagine how it works. I think I need to visit Youtube to see.

Happy spinning!
Bead and Needle said…
FABULOUS! I'm going to be very interested in watching here, to see how you use the spindle. Have a wonderful rest of the week - glad you found your wheel! Tanya
Jennifer Shelby said…
I love the traditional spinning wheel you finally chose, and just think of the anticipation till you receive it - you'll be like a little kid on Christmas Eve!
Hello my friend. Good luck with your spinning endeavor. I was an avid collector of spinning wheels. Antique ones. My friend has been spinning for years. I tried my hand at it a few times and found it relaxing. But I was not very good at it. Let me know how it goes. Glad you had a chance to visit my latest post. Just love finding things dirt cheap. Take care. Little putty little paint
Celestina Marie said…
Hi Beth,
How exciting for you to find your spinning wheel. I am not versed in all this, but the whole process sounds so intersting.
I also think the wheel will look so nice in your home. Not only a working instrument but decorative too.
I know you have to be anxious waiting till finally arrives.
Have fun and happy creating.

Thank you too for stopping by and your kind comment.
Hugs, Celestina Marie
france papillon said…
oooh this is a trip down memory lane: my granny was a lace maker! i still have some of her bobbins which i cherish so much :)
i wish you a lot of fun and new discoveries on your spinning adventures!
thank you for the sweet words you left on my blog, i feel humbled and blessed to receive so much love! and thank for adding the button too!

much love,

Nancy Claeys said…
Wow -- I don't know anything about spinning but I love the implements!
It is so thoroughly interesting and inspiring that you have a passion for the timeless art of spinning. I must admit, beyond the basic process and equipment, I don't know a great deal about spinning, but have already learned more from this post and hope you'll share more about this topic with us in future posts, too. Three cheers on finding a beautiful spinning wheel that will be yours in just a few months time.

♥ Jessica

*PS* Thank you very much for your caring, immensely nice comment on my vintage outfit post this week, dear lady. You're always so sweet to me.
Celestina Marie said…
Hi Beth, Love seeing your spinning wheel again. I bet you can't wait for this beauty. Did it arrive already?

Thank you for the kind birthday greetings yesterday.
Wishing you a nice weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie
Carole said…
Ooooh Elisabeth, so beautiful each one. I had no idea there were so many different spindles. Look forward to seeing what you decide to create sweet friend. Hugs ... Carole
Wow, I'd no idea. There was such a variety. Looking forward to seeing yours when it arrives and reading about your creations
Michelle Hill said…
Oh Beth!!!! Your wheel is beautiful and I'm sure you will love her with all your heart. Will she have a name? I know absolutely NOTHING about this but I can hear your joy and that is all that matters in the lifetime. <3
Michelle Hill said…
WOW Beth your wheel is beautiful! Will she have a name? I know ZERO about this craft but I can hear your joy and that's all that matters! <3
Wow, that sounds so complicated to me. I love to design but I cannot knit or crochet. However, my sister spins and she had a spinning wheel when she still lived in Vermont. You certainly sound like you know a great deal about spinning.. I look forward to see what you create with your spinning.

Wow, that sounds so complicated to me. I love to design but I cannot knit or crochet. However, my sister spins and she had a spinning wheel when she still lived in Vermont. You certainly sound like you know a great deal about spinning.. I look forward to see what you create with your spinning.