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I started my morning off with a small indulgence... looking at garden plan ideas over at BHG! I know it's way too early for my New England garden but with the clearing done late last year I have a lot of new space to take into the picture. Obviously gardens evolve but there is that initial from scratch point where you want to get the spaces staked out and plants in and covering the bare ground even if it be temporary homes for some plants - before the weeds take hold once again!

Hmm, just how long to get a spot to look like this? OK,
plus I need some red and yellow and white in this scheme...

This is slated for this coming spring... and it will be at the front of the house... yippee!

This will really be an extension of the previous photo, although
my lilac is a light purple and probably over a 100 years old... I kid you not! :D
Remove the privacy fences from this picture and one part
of our garden will be designed for something similar... another
one of those hmm how long to get to this point?

This too is slated for this coming spring
there is a spot that joins the back of our garage
to the house in a corner by my studio
window. Note to self: no yellow lilies - they have the most
horrible smell, to me anyway.

Living in a converted barn on an old farm of course my thoughts go to a cottage garden with raised beds for lots of vegetables. So the plans begin.... I'll keep you updated as spring finally arrives, which for my southern New Hampshire home is late May, I know, I know... torture to have to wait that long but well... that's the way it is.

I have been wanting to attempt this new crochet pattern since 2010 when I first found it on YouTube so the last couple of days I've been playing with it, ripping it out, playing some more and ripping some more... I think it finally looks like it is supposed to but now I'm not sure I like it enough to make something out of it... perhaps its the red cotton yarn I chose (although red is one of my favorite colors I admit not everything looks good in it)... more thought required...

And now for my Grow Your Blog giveaway for one of my crocheted coffee mug sweaters...

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Happy Herbs Soap said...
What great fun at the Blog Party! Love your photos...pretty blog! Hope you'll visit me back.


Thanks to all my new followers for all their sweet comments and all my visitors and old friends as well! I am still getting back to my visitors to personally thank you for stopping by my blog during this Grow Your Blog party that our gracious host Vicki over at 2 Bags Full sponsored! Great success Vicki, thanks bunches!!!
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Bead and Needle said…
Congrats to Nina - I am certainly going to stay tuned if your yard has such grand intentions!! Hope your weekend is wonderful - Tanya
Barbara F. said…
Congrats to the winner, and I love your new work. I think it would make a pretty scarf. xo
Congrats to the winner!!! Sooo excited to see your garden this spring!!! I have much to do and plant as well but hey..ya gotta start somewhere!!! By the way I think your crochet pattern is wonderful!!!
Quinn said…
Congratulations to Nina!

That first picture is sort of my mental image of what my garden "ought" to be.

I may as well just stop right there, and let you imagine the rest! ;)
Pam said…
Gorgeous flower gardens!! Love the new crochet pattern too, haven't done that one before!
Sarah Jane said…
Some beautiful garden inspiration there...your's will look beautiful come Spring! :-D
I love the colour of that crochet - gorgeous!
Happy Saturday!
Sarah xx
Jennifer Shelby said…
Congratulations Nina!
Acorn to Oak said…
Such beautiful garden inspiration. I sure would love to have a garden with so many wonderful flowers. Maybe someday. The new crochet pattern is interesting. I've never seen anything like it. I like it. What is it going to be? The red color is pretty too. Congrats to the winner of your give-away. Have a wonderful weekend! :-)
Kim said…
I wish I had gardens that looked like that. Oh, and a hunky gardener to tend to it :)
I like your garden plans, a photo to use as a guideline is always handy.
Congrats to your winner.
Susan said…
Thxs for visiting my blog. Winter is such a great time for dreaming and planning. I'm a cottage garden fan too.
Romeo said…
Too funny! Romeo and I are already eyeing the garden areas, anxious to dig in the dirt. Of course Romeo's reasons are much different than mine. I'm digging to plant flowers, his plans...well ask Raphael if you haven't figured it out. And yes, just how long does it take to get the full lush flower beds?!? Probably a hundred years or so, right? Speaking of...I am so jealous of your lilac bush, I bet it is heavenly!

Hugs and purrs,

"her" and Romeo (who wants to know, 'is it May yet'......
Christine said…
Those garden pictures are gorgeous, I'll look forward to seeing your version of them
Donna said…
Beth how exciting to plan for such lovely gardens. I too love cottage gardens.
Annabelle said…
Loving the garden plans - well done to the lucky winner. x