Just Keepin' It Real...

Continual snow falls have kept me more or less cabin, or should I say barn bound. This past week we were hit with two different storm fronts at the same time and ended up, much to the chagrin of the weather forecasters, with a new snowfall of about 7". Needless to say we are at the brrrr level and going out in all the white stuff just doesn't seem to have the appeal it once had when I was a child, lol!

So. With some new toys via the Internet I have been learning to spin my own yarn on my new Russian supported spindle, which is much easier to handle than my old drop spindle. I will actually use this baby, well, at least until I get my spinning wheel around the end of summer. My custom made spindle is due to arrive sometime the week after next so I will be showing her off then...

OK, admittedly my first attempt is not resulting in nice evenly spun yarn but I am pretty happy with the results so far. I can see with more practice it will improve a lot, something I never felt with my drop spindle... it just stayed more or less out of control, lol!
Then of course with spinning one must have a plan of what to do with the finished yarn so while I am perfecting spindle spinning I've been working on some new (for me) crochet stitches. I don't know the name of this stitch but I love the patterned design it makes
For this cowl I chose a tweedy brown and a nice simple white wool to trim it in. I loved this design so much I decided to make another one in this lovely burnt orange wool trimmed in a pale blue alpaca blend. Since wool sometimes is scratchy I thought the alpaca blend would make for a nice soft feel against the neck and face...
Here you can see the pattern more clearly, it almost looks like a basket weave.  I might even get ambitious and make a throw in this pattern...I know, I know... but what's a girl to do?
I also discovered a new piece of equipment to accompany this newly rekindled love with yarn, a yarn bowl! Yes, you read that right, a yarn bowl. Who knew?! A specially designed ceramic bowl to hold your ball of yarn in one place! No more chasing your ball of yarn all over the place, this baby holds your yarn steady while you happily knit/crochet away without a care in the world, lol! Is that not the coolest thing?!
And last but certainly not least, my muse finally came back from her vacation (without me I might add) and I have been working on a painting. She isn't finished and still has no name but I thought she wouldn't mind if I showed her off a little bit...
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Acorn to Oak said…
I'm actually quite impressed with the yarn on your spindle. I'd never seen how these worked. So, I popped over to check it out on YouTube. It looks really difficult and awkward to draft with one hand. But, it looks like you've got it down. How fun that will be to crochet a cowl with your own handspun yarn. Those are cute. That's a cute yarn bowl too. I like your lady painting. She's very pretty. Have a great weekend! Stay warm. :-)
We were hit with that same front! I am getting antsy inside as well! I do love those cowls you made!!! Loving that burnt orange and I can't wait to see your new spinning wheel! It looks like you are keeping yourself busy!!! Oh and that painting rocks!! It is absolutely fantastic!! What medium did you use???
Jennifer Shelby said…
I think you have found exactly the right way to spend a snowy day. I think your spinning is quite lovely and I adore your painting, such personality! Can't wait to see her when she is done
Hi Beth
Your yarn is certainly keeping you occupied while the weather is cold. I like the yarn bowl, I've never seen one before.
CATHY said…
You are cranking out the projects...you are more disciplined than me! : ) Love the new gal!
Sarah Jane said…
Your yarn looks great! I am going to learn to spin "one day", but on an actual spinning wheel...since we have one!

Happy Sunday!
Sarah xx
Pam said…
I like the pattern of the cowls! And your spinning doesn't look too bad, better I'm sure than most could do! Don't think I will venture that far myself!! The bowl is a cool idea, I get tired of mine rolling around everywhere! And your painting looks great so far, something else I haven't done in years!! Well done!
111 LaLa Lane said…
Beth, love your crocheted pieces as well as the yarn bowl. And, your painting is quite nice too! Stay warm and have a nice weekend!

Renee said…
Aren't you just the talented one with your hands in so many things! Your spinning looks pretty impressive to me!
Hugs, Renee
Oh my, that is quite a walloping of snow, especially this late in the winter. Your creations are all so lovely, dear Elisabet. That beautiful raven haired lady has a certain 1920s flapper vibe to her that instantly makes me think she's be suited to a silent film era starlet name such as Clara (Bow) or Louise (Brooks).

♥ Jessica
Hi Elizabeth, Nice to meet you. Thanks for entering my giveaway and for following. I see you are from New England. My favorite place to visit. I have been to NH several times and Maine a couple. Which state do you live in?
I am your newest followers now too.
Hi Elizabeth, nice to meet you. Thanks for following and entering my giveaway. I see you are from New England. My favorite place to visit. I have been to NH several times and Maine a couple. What state do you live in?
I am your newest follower now.
liniecat said…
I like knitting with thick n thin yarns though yours doesnt look like some Ive paid good money to knit with! Id say you were doing very well with the spinning lol
Ive tried it and it reminded me, of when as a child, trying to rub my belly and tap my head at the same time ................who tells a child to DO that anyway? LOL
Nancy Claeys said…
Love the yarn bowl -- that's genius and so pretty! Awesome painting as well. :)
Quinn said…
Your yarn is pretty, and so is your spindle! I keep hoping to run into someone with a simple drop spindle who will take a few minutes to explain it to me, and let me have a go. It seems like the kind of thing a person will know right away if they have a "feel" for, or at least an interest in pursuing. And until I have that hands-on intro, I am determined not to buy even an inexpensive drop spindle because I may not have a "feel" for it at all, and will end up with an unwanted tool and buyer's remorse. On the other hand, if I like it, I can imagine making not only yarn but also wooden spindles. I love working with wood, and I DO have a feel for that!
Meanwhile, will be watching for further yarny developments :)
The yarn is beautiful as is the wooden spindle. The yarn bowl is beautiful. Hugs Judy