Thinking Spring...

Despite the mounds and mounds of snow that still are blanketing Mossberry Cottage spring is on her way. With warming temperatures in the low 40's during the day it is only a matter of time now before the ground is exposed, besides our dirt road which is currently experiencing "mud season" and has tracks in it that make bumper cars seem more like a ride on a newly paved highway in a Cadillac!

So. With thoughts of spring a few weeks ago I placed part of my garden order. Some of you may recall that we had a large area backhoed last fall to make room for our garden. Living on an old farm logically the back of the barn, the barn now being our home, resided the family garbage dump! Finally it is all cleaned up and ready for some new soil amendments and plants that have been invited. I thought in keeping with thoughts of spring I would share the plants I've ordered so far and this way you can watch as it all takes shape...

Hydrangea paniculata Vanilla Strawberry™
Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry
Monarda Mix
Bee Balm for the butterflies, hummingbirds and bees of course!
(OK, minus that purple one... but with my luck the mix will be more purple
than anything else, lol!)
Diamond Grass
Diamond grass, not sure yet where this beauty will be planted
Butterfly Hybrids Coneflower Mix
Butterfly coneflower mix that are destined for the side bed
that runs along the front of our screened in porch
Salvia x sylvestris May Night
Salvia May Night
Hosta Ground Cover Bargain Bag
8 different hosta for all those shady spots
New Dawn Large-Flowered Climbing Rose
New Dawn climbing rose that will be trained up and over
the mudroom at the front of the house
Wild Horses Daylily
Wild horses daylily to go in between my white and blue hydrangeas
(aren't these the prettiest daylilies you've ever seen?!) They should look
good mixed in with my orange tiger lilies as well...
Blue Moon Reblooming Wisteria
Blue moon re-blooming wisteria which will be trained to
go up and over the front of our garage
And then these are the contenders I'm still thinking about...
Sorbet Peony
Sorbet peony
The ubiquitous Lily of the Valley (yes, I know it spreads undauntedly but I have so much new
bare ground that these heavenly smelling little flowers are welcome)
Royal Hellebore Mix
Royal hellebore mix
Clematis Josephine
Clematis Josephine to train up the rails of the back
steps of our porch
I will try to remember to take before and after pictures as I go along so you can share in the changes upcoming at Mossberry Cottage! :D
And we still haven't even begun with the raised vegetable beds!
As always Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


africanaussie said…
Oh my! what beautiful colours you have chosen. that hydrangea is awesome! I look forward to watching your progression.
Hi Beth
I like the plants you've ordered and since I have most on your list I know you'll like them.
The Wild Horses daylily is gorgeous, going to have to see if I can find it here.
On the weekend I was speaking to another gardener that put a number of raised veggie garden beds in their backyard and they're about 3 feet high so no bending over has to be done. I wish!
Happy Easter.
I can't wait to see your garden take shape!!!! Your plant selections are out of this world! I am making note of several of them including the climbing roses! Here is to spring!!!
Acorn to Oak said…
So many gorgeous flowers! I can't wait to see how your garden transforms with all those beauties! Happy gardening and happy spring! :-)
LisaS said…
Such beautiful shots! Spring is here ;)
Nancy said…
Well you certainly going to have your work cut out for you but oh it will be so with it when it all starts have made wonderful choices that will bless you season after season...I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the progression of your beautiful flower beds.

Seeing your pictures make me want to get out in my garden but it snowed yesterday not much but it will be alittle while before I will be able to put on the gloves.
Jennifer Shelby said…
great choices! I want to come visit this summer to see it all - I love bee balm and coneflowers, and that wisteria (gasp!) what a show-stopper that is going to be.
Terry said…
I thin it will be beautiful and you will have so much fun creating it.
Romeo said…
Oh WOW! Can't wait to see this come to life!!!! Love many of the flowers you have ordered. That lily I have never seen - LOVE! And the New Dawn rose....I so need to get one of those!!!! Be sure and keep us updated!!!! Happy digging!

"her" and Romeo (who has offered to come help you dig...)
Lou Anne said…
Such lovely flower choices! How can you choose between the last three? I think I'd have a problem. I do love what you've selected so far.
gilly said…
Oh what a beautiful garden it's going to be - looking forward to following its progress. Mine is still covered in snow too, but hoping things will start to warm up soon!
Magdalena said…
Your garden will be a dream! I'm waiting,too, but the ground is frozen. We have a long winter this year here in the northern region of river Rhine.
Happy Easter!
Pam said…
It's so nice to see all the pretty flowers you've picked out! Can't wait to see all the flowers blooming!
Kristina said…
I love flowers. Those are beautiful choices.
Renee said…
Wow, what a fabulous array of plants Beth! I love the hydrangea & the day lily & the coneflowers...I guess I love it all!
Hugs, Renee
Quinn said…
O my goodness, what gardens you will have!! Several of those pictures made me say "oooh" right out loud, which got Piper right off her bed because she thought I had said "fooood"!
Looking forward to many glorious garden photos :)
gardeninacity said…
Nice selection, though not generally plants that I have, except for the Salvia. I especially like the Diamond Grass.
Christine said…
Beautiful choices, I really like the hydrangea that thinks it's a lilac
Sarah Jane said…
Your garden is going to look stunning! Happy planting! xx
Carole said…
The flowers are gorgeous Beth, I love them all especially the hydrangea and what glorious colors. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter dear friend! Hugs ... Carole xox
What a glorious array of resplendently lovely flowers and greenery. Tall, willowy stalks of diamond grass flanked the right hand side of our front door of the house we lived in until I was nearly nine years old. As a little girl I was always struck by how it reminded me of the palm fronds Egyptian rulers were always being portrayed as being fanned with in movies and TV shows. Even now as an adult, I still make that connect when I see these wheat hued plants swaying in the wind somewhere.

♥ Jessica
Carolyn ♥ said…
Beth I am in love with your beautiful cottage. You are so blessed to live in such an enchanting place. I must find me such a place. Thank you for sticking with me through the commenting problems on my site. I've said goodby to Disqus. There are several features I miss... but I do love to be able to link back to my commentors, which suddenly disappeared with their re-do. And IE is now allowing comments... thank heavens. I need to visit here more often... you have amazing talents.