Sweet Abigail and Eleanor too...

Today is the first true warm day we have had this spring! Of course I was torn with wanting to work in the garden and put Abigail together. Yes, yes she arrived a couple of days ago and I have been waxing her for the last two days. Not much to guess on what won out.. Abigail of course! :D

I remembered to take pictures as I progressed with her assembly to share ...

Eeek! What was I thinking?

So far so good, Abigail is now upright with her legs attached and treadles partially on... (OK, so I put the treadles on backwards first try; second try I forgot to make sure they were seated below the table base... this is growing pains, for me and her)!!!
Wheel is on and treadles are positioned correctly but still not attached

Treadles are now attached to the crank and those little stick looking things (give me a break, the names for spinning wheel parts are still living in the 17th century I got lost after treadles) LOL!!!
... still an awful lot of pieces left !&#%!!?

And finally Abigail has all the little bits and bobs that were left on the floor securely attached and in the correct places, even the Lazy Kate (see, I told you the names of the parts of a spinning wheel still reside in the 17th century) :D
Not long after Abigail was finished Eleanor arrived from my favorite brown truck!!!
She should be easy though, she came with her finish on and put together, all I have to do is add her handle and a couple of other bits and she should be ready to go, pictures soon!
Now for the disaster parts of the last week... you know about my nice neat new studio?
*sigh*  It gets more scary as you go further into my studio...
I guess it couldn't be helped what with the studio de-stash going on... I had to get things out to photograph and to put up in my Etsy shop... yes, yes I have fallen way behind on uploading things but what's a girl to do? Abigail was calling after all!!! lol

Once the de-stash sale is over there will be new studio pics, oh and of course you simply must meet Eleanor! Squeal... now there is some incentive for clearing out this mess!
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I hope you get your studio back the way you like it. I am de-stashing too. Helps to clear the head, doesn't it?
Nancy said…
I am so proud of you for getting her together all by yourself.....She looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see all the yarn you are going to spin.....You really make me want to get out the fiber and start spinning but I have so many projects going right now I think I am going to have to wait on the spinning.....
Jennifer Shelby said…
Abigail is bee-yoo-tiful! What a treasure. I love that she has bits called "Lazy Kate", so much easier to remember!
Pam said…
Love your new spinning wheel, looks lovely! Great job on the assembly of her too!!! And for the mess? You always have a mess when sorting and de-stashing, so it will clear up soon!! Thanks for sharing!!
Quinn said…
Can I just say my entire house looks like your studio at the moment? What are we to do, when adventure calls? Ignore her? HA!
I am impressed with your assembly skills. No leftover parts is the best!
Glad you're having fun...carry on!
Miss LindaLee said…
Oh my goodness! You have certainly been busy and I love the end results. Great job. I love de stashing, as I always finds things that I forgot I had! I always love coming here to see what you're up to.

LindaLee from
CrossN' My Stitches
Renee said…
Abigail is beautiful Beth...enjoy using her! My whole house is a disaster at the moment, not just the craft room. We just arrived home after being away for nearly 3 mths & I have stuff from my Mom's apartment stacked in boxes, stuff from our trip to put away & the usual clutter of craft stuff. Spring hasn't arrived here yet so I still have a little time to get it all sorted out before it's time to dig in the dirt in my flower beds!
Hugs, Renee
AHHH Abigail is just stunning! How exciting to finally have her in your hands!! And I'm so glad that the weather is finally turning for you guys too! Have fun creating friend!!!
CATHY said…
Abigail scares me! Oh I am trying to clean my art room too......a year's worth of projects needing to be sorted. It took me a full week just to see the desk! Good Luck.
jengd said…
Putting them all together looks like only a little bit of a chore... chores I guess. :) It's all looking good though. Let's face it, cleaning up always looks worse before it looks better.