Eeek! Black Flies...

Well, the plants have been arriving since last week so over the last few days I have been struggling with getting them all planted. I have to admit I still have quite a few still to go in the ground. Seems somehow my brain managed to forget about May being black fly season!  I went outside and promptly had blood running down my legs from where they bit me! Yes, yes, stupid for not wearing long pants but it was 80 degrees!  What was I thinking? Grrrr.

I am so allergic to their bites but I learned when we first moved to New Hampshire the more you scratch black fly bites the longer they last and ITCH!!!

Soooo, this is the gadget that went on over my cute straw hat, finally, except the mesh net I have is green and boy I can tell you it gets hot in there pretty darn quick... but no bugs! It is kind of un-nerving t o look out at all the bugs pelting themselves against the net trying feverishly to get to your face and other juicy parts! Eeek!!!

You know, I honestly try to see the reason and place for everything but I swear - black flies... no purpose except to make everyone miserable if they dare tread outside without looking like they are ready to walk on the moon or going into a hazmat area!!!

The photo of the bicycle right and at the beginning of this post are for an idea for a spot in the back of my garden by some trees and one of those old stone walls that are reminders of the old farming days here in New England. I am even thinking about emulating the white picket fence for the bicycle to lean on... love both photos - the tangerine orange color as well as that mustard color really roll my socks up and down!  What did we do before Pinterest?!

I have had some nice surprises already this spring though... a peony I rescued last fall has actually taken to the spot I put it in and there are stems and leaves coming out everywhere!  It is exciting too because I don't know what color the flowers are... it apparently had never bloomed in the space it was in previously! Fingers crossed.

The buds just coming up

Wouldn't it be fabulous if the flowers turn out to look like this?  In case you're wondering this peony is called "Pink Parasol Surprise"... hmmm, now that I know about this peony I think I am going to have to get one - it will go nicely with my "Strawberry-Vanilla" hydrangea I just planted.  I seem to be on a pink thing this year...(source for purchasing Contrary Mary's Plants and costs $24.95 US
I'm also looking for some stones to make pathways in the garden but they are kind of pricey. Even thought about making my own... but the thought of 60lb bags of Quickrete coupled with bugs and warm temperatures cured that thought quickly. Aren't these cool mosaic stones?! Of course mine will have grass or some cute flowering ground cover growing in between the stones - who can afford purchased mulch?!
A little garden art goes a long way so I've been cruising around
Pinterest for some ideas and thus far...
I don't know if I would place a pretty mirror like this out in the garden
but is pretty and the reflection...

Cute little vignette... hmmm

Perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult to build an arbor out of branches for the wisteria
that I might add is on back order until the fall!!!

Well I guess since it's raining out I have a reprieve from the bugs and can do a little dreaming...
Oh, my studio de-stash is over, sold almost everything I put up and my studio is back to the order and neatness I like... pictures coming in the next post
For now, as always Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Quinn said…
I've been very happy that the delayed Spring meant a delay in the arrival of black flies, the first of the obnoxious biting insect hordes. But they sure are here now, and have been biting for a while. I try to do any gardening very early in the morning, while it's still quite cool. One tricky thing that will now go on until autumn: trying to shower without starting all the bug bites itching for hours and days!
Donna said…
Such adorable ideas, particularly the bicycle one!
We never had black flies here until 3 or 4 years ago; due to climate changes I suppose. I am not impressed with them either, you don't feel the bite but end up with a huge welt.
I have a friend that has a bicycle and tricycle as garden art and they look pretty neat amongst the flowers.
Pinterest does tend to spoil one with longing, doesn't it? Years ago I made concrete stepping stones from rhubarb leaves and I like the look of them.
Dream a little dream.....
Pink Parasol Surprise is such a wonderfully charming name for a flower (it would also make for a great mixed drink name, too, don't you think) - especially one as gorgeous as it is.

I'm sorry to hear that black flies have been pestering you as of late. Bugs are definitely one of the few downsides to warm weather in my book. One think that my grandma used to do for us when we were kids and got nasty bug bites was to put underarm deodorant (any white coloured one seems to work) on them. It sounds utterly bizarre, I know, but I swear, it works better than any OTC bug bite cream or topical solution I've ever tried. I still use Grandma's trick to this day when I get a bug bite.

♥ Jessica
yikes... black flies are the worst! Can't wait to see what you do with the garden with all the wonderful inspiration post you have up ;) And looking forward to seeing your great studio pictures ;)
Wanted to let you know that this weeks Cottage Garden Party is ready for your gorgeous landscape / flower / garden posts! hope to see you link up this week! xoxo, tracie
Jennifer Shelby said…
black flies are mean little bugs but your garden plans look wonderful despite them. I love the branch archway - I say go for it (even if your wisteria is going to arrive late)
Pam said…
Hi Beth, I like your ideas for your garden! The bicycles are really cute!! Hope the flies leave you alone!!
Wow! This inspiration is beautiful! I can see it all in your garden!!! Those black flies sound mean and terrible!!! I love your!!! Happy gardening friend!!!
Miss LindaLee said…
Oh my goodness! We're heading up to NH come Tuesday for my son's wedding on Saturday, and I had forgotten all about the Black-flies. I too am allergic to them. Drat!

All your pictures are beautiful.
Jody and Stan said…
What a beautiful inspiring blog. Love the photo of the bicycle with the gorgeous flowers. Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Happy Friday!

Take Care,
Your pictures are so pretty, I really love the bicycles!
Happy weekend, Mary