Twigg Studio's Braided Sweet Lemon Twist Bread... YUM!


I was just cruising around blog land since I am avoiding the out of doors today... yup, black flies everywhere... *sigh* Anyway, I found this yummy bread that I just had to bring over here to Mossberry Cottage and share with you all!!! I love the fresh and light taste lemon brings to a recipe...

Please read through recipe (and conversion measurements if you are using them) before beginning

OK, obviously we will have to make some adjustments for those of us in non-metric societies so:
75ml lukewarm whole milk = approx. 1/3 c (just a smidge over 1/3 c)
60ml tepid water = approx. 1/4 c (again, just a smidge over 1/4 c)
pinch of salt
50g of sugar = scant 1/4 c
2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast (one packet dry yeast should be equivalent)
350g all purpose flour = approx. 3 1/8th c. (make the 1/8th c. a healthy 1/8th)
55g melted butter = 1/4 c.
2 large eggs
vanilla extract to taste - I would make it a scant tsp. vanilla extract
(the "real" stuff! - I know it's gotten expensive but if you're going through the effort to make "from scratch" it will reward you in taste! I promise)!
60g unsalted butter =  approx. 1/4 c. (a smidge over 1/4 c.)
100g sugar = scant 1/2 c. sugar (smidge less than 1/2 c.)
zest of 3 lemons - more or less to taste
1.  In a jug, add warm milk, water, salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar and the dried yeast, set aside to proof for 30 minutes until a foam forms on the surface. ( I would adjust the proofing time to about 15 - 20 minutes but do what your common sense tells you).
2. In a large bowl add the remaining sugar, and flour and make a well in the center.
3. Melt butter in the microwave.
4. When yeast is ready add the beaten eggs, butter and vanilla extract to it, then pour it into the dry mixture and use a wooden spoon to mix until it forms a dough.
5. Flour your work surface and tip dough out and knead it for 5 minutes.
6. Put it in a bowl that has been greased and cover with a tea towel, and leave for 45 minutes until it has doubled in size.
7. While you are waiting for the dough to proof, make the lemon sugar filling by melting butter in the microwave, and adding the sugar and zest to it, stir it until its combined and put to one side.
(keep it somewhere warm so it stays melted)
8. Once the dough is double in size, flour the surface and tip out the dough onto the floured surface; dust rolling pin and roll dough out into a large rectangle. 
 9. Using a pastry brush or spoon, brush/drizzle the filling mixture of sugar, butter and lemon zest evenly onto the dough rectangle.
10. Roll the rectangle of dough up into a long cylinder shape.
12. About 2 inches in from one of the long ends cut the dough length wise to the end, braid the cylinder (you keep the 2" end as a support to hold that end together as you braid the cylinder - it will make more sense when you are actually doing it)
13. Tuck end of braided end under to secure the braid, then shape the braid into a circle so it doesn't come undone during the second rising ...

14. Cover the braided ring and leave it to rise for 45 minutes to double in size again.
15. Preheat the oven to 170c (= 338F  I would bake it at 335F and check it often - remember, all ovens are different - nothing worse than burnt pastry!)
16. Bake for approx. 30minutes.

While lemon braid is baking...
juice 1 large lemon and grate the zest
 add 1 cup of confectioner's sugar and mix together with lemon juice and zest.
Once loaf has finished baking transfer to cooling rack to cool for about 10 minutes 
Once cooled slightly drizzle icing mixture over braid... add more zest to top if desired.
thanks to Twigg Studio for this luscious recipe!
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Sarah Jane said…
Yum! We've got heaps of lemons at the moment, so I think I'll have to try this out. Thanks for sharing! x
Michelle said…
Oh MY, that looks good -- and I just happen to have some lovely big lemons from my MIL's tree in AZ, organic and everything. Must make my own Mother's Day treat....
Holy goodness does this look delicious!!! I love anything with lemon...I would probably eat the whole thing!! You should share this on Sarah's blog for tea party Tuesdays! It is next week and her blog is called Chantille Fleur...Have a lovely weekend! I will have to read your previous post about the black flies....that does not sound fun!
Quinn said…
That looks absolutely luscious!
Olga said…
It looks very delicious.
Be still my taste buds, does this look and sound so completely scrumptious. I know it won't turn out (tasting) quite the same, but I'm going to have to tuck this away to try and make a GF version (I have celiac disease) for the next time we're hosting a family get together this summer and need a light, lemony, delicious dessert. Thank you so much for sharing, dear lady!

♥ Jessica