I Admit It!

yes, they are sheep... gorgeous aren't they?!

OK, I admit it... I have fallen head over heals with.... SHEEP! (in a good way!!!).   Now, I am not one to fall head over heals with many things but something about this new endeavor into the wooly world has captured my heart, mind and soul!  Who knew!? 

I've crocheted since I was small and knitted since college, No I won't tell you how long ago that was... LOL!  How could I have been caught so off guard? I mean seriously, fuzzy sheep...?! Yep, since getting my spinning wheel I have just fallen deeper and deeper into the wooly chasm! There's no way out now, I can clearly see that!  And mind you, there are alpacas and llamas, angora bunnies too - combinations that make the mind spin in miraculous clouds of color and fiber, soft, soft fiber!

And then imagine all the beautiful things that can be made from these wooly fleece...
there are gorgeous batts to spin yarn from,
amazing yarns that our Grandmother's never dreamed of


And of course all the lovely accessories and garments...

I guess this is going to mean another huge sale in my Etsy shop of all of my remaining non-wooly supplies. From paints er, the Golden paints are already sold... ! I still have a variety of other professional grade artist paints lots of Liquitex and some Academy and Claudia Helmuth, watercolors, artist papers, stencils, stamp making supplies, letter press beginner set, Big Shot die machine and I'm sure that isn't all of the list but it's all I can remember off hand. 

Update, I've also decided to sell all of my jewelry making supplies (1000's of Swarovski crystals and Rivolis in 10mm - 18mm sizes, tons of beads, and thousands of Myuki Japanese seed beeds) as well as all of my silver smithing studio (sterling silver, copper sheets, flex shaft and handset, hammers, files, dapping sets, French jewelers saw and extra blades, pliers, silver solder, flux, brushes, tweezers, pickle, drill bits, liver of sulfer, steel shot, double barrel tumbler, rolling mill and acetylene torch handset).

So, if any of you are looking to add to your painting supply list of Golden paints and grounds, watercolors and papers and so on keep an eye out in my shop.  I'll start listing soon.

As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Michelle said…
I've always thought I may pick up my painting and stained glass supplies again once Brian is away from home; now you're making me wonder if it is the sheep and not the lack of time that has forever stolen my artistic muse!

Who are you on Ravelry? I'm sheepmademedoit (ha!); friend me!
So good to know!! I hope to be clearing out space upstairs for a mini studio so that I can get back to work! I will be keeping my eye on your shop! These are glorious inspiration photos!!! I can't wait to see all of your creations lady!!!!
I want your Golden paints. Send me an email when you have them listed, please.

If you are thinking about raising sheep, get you a couple of lambs. You can bottle feed them, and the follow you around like a puppy dog. Yep, I had sheep in one of my lives too.
Love those long haired sheep! Beautiful! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle
Jennifer Shelby said…
oh I don't blame you one bit, I fell in love with sheep years ago. We also had lambs at the zoo where I worked and they were wonderful little friends! I still plan on raising some of my own one day when we've more space
Carolyn ♥ said…
Sounds like you are doing an end of Spring cleaning... or perhaps making more room for more amazing yarns. They are beautiful. Thinking when I can no longer garden in these gardens I've created... I'll move on to gathering yarns. And then, just maybe, I'll revisit knitting... it's been as lifetime.
Silke said…
Oh, the forever love affair with wool and fibers! I know of what you speak. There was a time I learned to spin wool and it was wonderful! Even now I have a closet full of yarns and I just bought a bunch more... Knitting and crocheting is so soothing to me - I don't want to miss it...

Elizabeth, what is the name of your Etsy shop? Or is there a link on your blog I missed somehow?

Big hugs with gratitude for your always uplifting comments on my blog! Silke
Acorn to Oak said…
Oooh....so much woolly goodness in all the photos you posted today. Beautiful! Sounds like you've definitely been bitten by the fiber bug. It's a wonderful thing! :-D
Vicki Boster said…
Ohhhh I can totally understand your newest obsession. If I had a place to keep them-- I'd have sheep! I'm totally in love with them too! There are so many wonderful possibilities if you want to spin your own yarns-- ohh I'm so happy for you!

Julia said…
Hi Beth!
I am really interested in the paints and everything Mixed Media related, can you email me: jivazquez5@aol.com.
I really miss you in the challenge blogs but I am happy to see you happy, surrounded by fibers and nature.
Big Hug,