OK, so I'm weak...

"My precious"...

I just had to admit to my sweet friend Michelle over at Boulderneigh that I couldn't part with my beading supplies... OK, I am weak... and just after she complimented me on being able to let go of things... lol!  So much for that thought! :D

I was over in my Etsy shop writing up the listing for my beading studio and as I added the details describing all of my beautiful sparkly Swarovski crystals something snapped and... I had a meltdown... I just couldn't let go!!! So, for the moment anyway, my beading studio is not on the list to be sold...  if anyone ever tells you it's easy to part with art supplies... well, I would say a few things to that!!!

As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a wee visit!


Michelle said…
Oh, you TOTALLY need those for knitting! Not just for making shawl closures and such, but I LOVE knitting with beads. They add such a special touch!

P.S. The Super-Floss method works best.
Quinn said…
I'm laughing, but in a nice, friendly way! Good for you that you realized what you really (really!) wanted to do, while the choice was still yours :)
Jennifer Shelby said…
of course not - you have to keep them to make some fancy beaded yarn!
jengd said…
No reason to let them go if you're having doubts. You don't want to decide down the road that you want to make some jewelry again and there you are rebuying a load. No rush.
Vicki Boster said…
Oh my--- all those beautiful beads-- are you kidding??? I could never part with them! Sometimes you just have to keep things just because you love them---

Just say NO! Not for sale!


Hi Beth, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

I know the feeling of trying to part with supplies (or anything really!). I always feel I'm going to need something down the road. I hope you come to a decision that's right for you! Good luck! Wendy
PS I'm now following you too.