Studio Final De-stash...

What am I going to do with any money I make from my studio de-stash? Aside of course from the wooly variety of new studio supplies...
Just a little dreaming :D

Update to yesterday's post...
I am selling all of my jewelry making tools and supplies as well as my silver smithing studio - tools and supplies. I have added my Etsy shop link at the top of my sidebar for your ease of access to great priced goodies!  In order to keep my sanity I am going to be listing things in lots... there is just way too much to list individual items and besides, everything is going to be at really great prices!!! So, make your art supply dollars go a whole lot further - get some new goodies and help me out at the same time!

A Couple of Listings of just a few things going into the shop:

Silver Smithing Studio: Everything (including some sterling silver) for $1100.00 (cost brand new is well over $3000.00)
  • Gesswein Series S k020002 Flex Shaft, motor and foot speed control pedal
  • Foredom Flexible handpiece #10 quick release
  • Stand for flex shaft
  • Pepe 110MM Rolling Mill
  • Rotary Double Tumbler with stainless steel shot
  • Annealing Pan w/pumice
  • fire bricks
  • hammers
  • files
  • French Jeweler's Saw w/ extra blades
  • tweezers
  • picks
  • Sterling Silver round wire, bezel wire, sheets 
  • Copper sheets
  • Sterling Silver solder in various grades, ie, hard, extra hard, medium, soft ...
  • flux
  • flux brushes
  • acetylene torch tips sizes 00 and 2
  • dapping sets
  • pin vise
  • pickle
  • liver of sulfur
  • charcoal block
  • steel - design stamping tools, including one for stamping your work as "sterling"
  • ring mandrels (several)
  • ring sizing set
  • bezel burnisher 
  • I would include the acetylene tank but it is wicked heavy so you are better off just buying a new one - shipping would be horrific!
  • The Penland School of Crafts Book of Jewelry Making


 Just a few examples of what I mean when I say beaded jewelry making...

Beaded Jewelry Making tools and supplies: $500.00 this is a great way to get started in beaded jewelry... I've done all the hard work of shopping for just the right things and pulling the studio together for the lucky buyer - this is a steal (honest!) Someone please buy this before I have a chance to change my mind!!!! :D
  • Swarovski crystals in 4mm bicone - great for jewelry dangles (1000's and lots of great colors)
  • 10mm - 18mm Swarovski Rivolis in gorgeous colors - these will knock your socks off!!!
  • Metal cuff bracelet blanks in several sizes
  • Leather cuff bracelet blanks
  • Jewelers Pliers - flat nosed, round nosed in several sizes, wire cutters in several sizes, wire straightening tool ... etc
  • Myuki Japanese seed beads in sizes from 11/0 to 6/0 (most are 11/0)  1000's
  • Lampworked glass focal beads purchased from various artists
  • Pandora style beads
  • Pandora style bracelet blanks
  • Nymo thread
  • Natural semi-precious stones, fossilized piece etc. to be framed in bezels of sterling silver for pendant style jewelry
  • lots of little extras
  • Soft flex beading wire
  • Art wire in gold and silver
  • Thing-a-ma-jig
  • Beading needles
  • Several wonderful beaded jewelry making books
OK, that is just a taste of things to come... I have already listed my colored pencil sets and Caron d'Ache Neocolor II crayons. I will be listing all of my Liquitex and other artist grade acrylic paints soon as well and the above two studios.  

Keep checking back... whew, this takes a lot of energy! :D
For now, I leave you with this thought...

As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Michelle said…
As you probably saw on my blog, I recently got to dabbling a bit with wire-wrapping. I love to do it, but where do I order another lifetime to be able to add another hobby/interest? I want to do it ALL; I think I admire you for being able to divest in order to go a new direction unencumbered.
Terry said…
Oh my, are you going to stop making all of your creative things? Gardens are beautiful
Acorn to Oak said…
Oh my gosh...that bracelet in the top photo of the three is gorgeous! I love it! You're giving up jewelry making totally? Looks like you've had a lot of fun with it and that you're very talented.
CATHY said…
OH my I am sweating for you Beth!!!!I do not know how you are able to part with all of this....I can hardly through away a paper scrap!