What's a Girl to Do?


It has been a crazy past few weeks here at Mossberry Cottage for anyone who might not have noticed I had gone MIA :D  Let's see, where to begin?  Hmmm,  well it all began with a tooth I had desperately been trying to ignore (I won't admit to how long)... urummm... of course finally tooth won the battle to the tune of emergency dental surgery because the pain jumped off the charts!  I didn't even have the courage to write the check at the oral surgeons office... YIKES, DH did that as I tearfully looked on while most of my garden money was transferred into the dentist's bank account! 

Next saga involves my new garden. I managed to get most of my new plants into the ground just in time for a freak hailstorm followed by a cold, brrrr, snap - we're talking 33F! Yep you guessed it... if my new plants managed somehow to survive the hailstorm they did not make it through the cold snap - all except two of my new plants died! *SIGH* 

What's that? Oh, you want to know which two survived... that would be my "Vanilla Strawberry" hydrangea and my "New Dawn" rose, both making it through the worst Mother Nature threw at them. However, I am a smidge worried as they now seem to be sitting out there stunned and seemingly in some sort of plant limbo!  Everything I don't want to grow, namely weeds ( and no these weeds are not the wildflower variety) is doing swimmingly well!

Luckily a few plants I put in last fall somehow survived the hailstorm just loosing the odd branch and lots of leaves but the cold snap seems to have set them back in growth by weeks if not for the entire 2013 season ... another *SIGH*   As I recite the mantra:

When all else fails I return to making plans in my head, again, for ideas to make my yard not look so much like the Beverly Hillbillies in the hopes to look as graceful as possible the rest of the garden season - minus flowers of course - and with very little money...

A little fencing placed here and there could help hide the barrenness ...


as I ponder - ideas start to take form in my traumatized brain and I decide to turn my focus on the decorative aspects of the garden.  The wonderful photo above captured my heart and thus I will be adding brick work to define all the beds.

I just love the meandering look of this little brick border and I think it would go ever so nicely with our old cedar shingled barn/home... and the beds in question will only require about 400 or so bricks! That will be a breeze!!! eeek!!!  But it will look oh so cute once it's done! (Guess the cat's out of the bag, I'm an end result kind of girl, not a process oriented one... yet another *sigh*!)

I will finish off with lots and lots of mulch so it doesn't look so barren and skid row-ish. At least with mulch you won't see the millions of annoying little and medium size rocks that substitute here in New Hampshire for proper soil!
If there is anything left in the budget after that I will buy some of those lovely big terracotta pots and fill them with colorful annuals using them to line our small front gravel walkway. Hmmm, I wonder how much pea gravel it would take to cover up that ugly white gravel... ? On the other hand...
Or maybe this for the front of the barn/house:

I have always loved the clean soft look of a white flower bed, hmmm, more pondering...
but there is also this look to fall in love with:
I would love the front of my barn/house to look like something this... a proper New England garden! Something to think and dream about for future springs :D OK, OK, so my barn isn't painted white, it's that lovely grey patina cedar shingles get with age... still would look gorgeous coming up the drive to this inviting loveliness!
Anyway, back to the "real" world and terracotta pots - of course I immediately did a Google search for something just a little different than the ordinary terracotta pots we all are familiar with and OMGosh... over at www.tuscanimports.com (like the Tuscan part wasn't enough to tell me I was out of my league)... I found this gorgeous pot - I know I'm in trouble because the website doesn't even list the prices, you have to email for a price list! eeek!  A girl can dream and drool ... Yes! Of course I emailed for the price list!!! lol!
I think I like the following one the most, the simplicity adds a gracefulness that although the above pot has as well it may be just a bit too ornate for a converted barn garden... ponder, ponder, ponder... 
I also still must address the garden art to fill in the side and back garden so off to Google once more:
OK so this strictly speaking isn't garden art per say but a little greenhouse wouldn't go amiss in a barn garden!  Yes, yes, I know I still must decide where the chicken coop is going!
This little birdcage flower pot is definitely going to hang from my front mud room! Hmmm, now all I have to do is find an old metal birdcage, fill it with moss, soil and plants... easy peasey! :D But come on, seriously, isn't this the cutest idea?!

and, is this not the coolest planter + garden art you have ever seen?!!! Now I wish I hadn't thrown out that old dresser two years ago... I knew I was going to need that dresser! Lol!!
Oh, and just in case you might be wondering why I have not shown you any photos of my new studio design, well, don't ask... or any other personal photos... my SD card reader seems to have died so I am researching a replacement... I told you it has been a crazy few weeks around here! :D
As always, Hugs and thanks for popping by for a visit!


Acorn to Oak said…
Yikes! Crazy is right! So sorry you had to give your gardening money over to the dentist. What a bummer!

I love all the ideas you found. The brick edging one will be swimming around in my head for a while as a solution to a border problem we have. It's a little pricey for my budget but oh so nice!

I hope your plants make it after that crazy storm.

Wishing you better weeks ahead! :-)
yikes... so very sorry to hear that you have been going through so much trouble. But your wonderful pictures should bring some comfort...in the imagination at least! And they say that visualization makes it happen so keep on looking at those pictures!!!!


You're having quite a time Beth. Our weather has been crazy too and so much rain that some of the annuals in pots are rotting even with good drainage.
Melting from the heat yesterday to thinking about firing up the furnace tonight.
Hopefully things will get back to normal for you, you'll be broke but at least your tooth doesn't hurt any more.
Pam said…
Sorry to hear you've had so many troubles lately! But I love all the picks of your dream gardens!! The bricks are a wonderful idea, would love some myself, but don't think my knees could take that much digging and puting down!! And the white garden is gorgeous! I only have white daises in mine, hmmm maybe to add some white roses?! Thanks for giving me some ideas!!!
I just had some major tooth issues too! The dentist is not my friend lately! I hope you are feeling better lady! And my heart just dropped when you said that your lovelies were lost in this crazy weather we all have been having! You cold me nonstop rain! I am so sorry Beth....no fun...just plain yuck...you keep your chin up and keep pushing forward! Your photos are beautiful and when all of this passes you will be outside digging in no time...loving that brick for your beds!
Kristina said…
Nature can be brutal sometimes, but your photos show much beauty.
Jennifer Shelby said…
Hope that tooth is feeling much better!
So sorry to hear of your garden casualities - that has happened to me countless times and it still hurts!
And ooooh I love your garden ideas...that birdcage! That dresser! But don't be too upset you got rid of that old dresser, I have a dresser planter on my porch, stuffed with flowers and reigning supreme, but in the winter it sits forlornly, missing its glory days. Its too heavy for me to move and I fear it will fall to bits if I do so there it sits and waits for summer. Which is fine until your MIL comes to visit in the winter and points out that 'keeping old furniture on your porch is the height of tacky - you need to clean up your space'. OoOh. And of course she never visits in summer! LOL, what's a girl to do?