The Art of Art...

OK, I am hopeless! LOL!  Although my creative direction has gone over to the wooly side of life I still find that I do still enjoy making my whimsical paintings as well as some assemblage type jewelry
 You see, I've been torturing myself with that weird unspoken rule that presumes one should only have one or two interests lest they spread themselves too thin.  I found with all of my eclectic interests that instead of massive amounts of creativity coming forth I was sitting like a deer in the headlights, stunned and motionless!  Hence my selling off a major portion of my art supplies.

The last bits now remaining are some acrylic paints, watercolor papers and paints and my jewelry soldering iron and rheostat, and they shall remain in my studio.  Of course my beads have their own story which... well, quite frankly I blame all of you for the beads lol - as many of you have told me that I will want my beads for my yarn making in the future :D and as I trust you who are much more knowledgeable in the art of yarn making than I ... so be it... the beads stay! : D  Thus, after selling all of my blank canvases, oil paint sticks and small table top easel to a dear friend yesterday, I am officially done with selling off supplies.

Pottery Barn vintage copy cat $899.00 - a.k.a. "not in this lifetime"!
World Market Vintage copy cat...
OK, it's not exactly the Pottery Barn version but is has a lot of nice
vintage features and, squeal... it is on sale for $295.00 with free shipping!!!
Hmmmm, now where can I get that money from?

Now comes the hard part... I must re-organize/re-decorate my studio with very little money to accommodate my remaining creative interests.  I need a drafting table for painting and sketching and the ongoing saga for the search for my fluffy arm chair continues.  I know what I want but the prices have skyrocketed and what I want is no longer within my reach, whaaaa, booooo, hooooo!!!!

Stafford - Antique Chair and a Half 3730023
$500.00! (ottoman not included - it's an extra $199.00)!

Burlington Sienna Chair and a Half
$549.00 (ottoman not included, again an extra $199.00)!
And how are these for ideas for a wool studio layout?  Gorgeous aren't they?  The second one is just pure fantasy as my studio only has two windows and is nowhere near as large and the third one is cute but I don't have double windows or the width of space... Plus all of these would mean a complete gutting of my studio, which my budget won't accommodate nor do I want to throw out the baby with the bath water, if you know what I mean.  There are some things I like in my studio but it sure is tempting to dream about a complete re-do! :D  After all, I am beginning a brand new chapter in my life...

Well, I guess that's enough dreaming for one day! :D


Michelle said…
I don't know where you find all your dreamy photos but I don't WANT to know, either. I do pretty well at being happy with what I've got (including a space which doesn't look like a "studio" at ALL); seeing photos of things and spaces beyond my reach would not help me stay that way. But good for you for keeping what you enjoy!
Patrice said…
My dreams and my wallet have not met. :)
Pam said…
These rooms are awesome Beth!! Maybe when I retire I will have one like that! :) Glad to hear you kept your beads and paints. I love beading. Haven't done any for years, but it's very gratifying!
Donna said…
I adore those tables! I want both of them, LOL.
111 LaLa Lane said…
Hey Beth, Love your blog layout. Daisies are one of my favs. My mouth just drooled as I read your post today. I love, love those rooms and the desks, too. Thanks for coming by for a visit. I sure hope you can find a way to get back to exercising too. I used to be such a procrastinator when it came to exercise, but now I wouldn't take anything in the world for being able to run and bike. I surely am thankful! Come by again soon for a chat. Have a great weekend.
Gosh Beth your blog looks so bright and inviting, I love the background and I love your banner! I think as artists most of us are hopeless and have Art ADD/ :)
shari said…
Hi Beth. I just love your blog!! After receiving your sweet message on mine, I thought I would come have a peak at yours and so glad I did. I all looks so calm and peaceful. I will surely be back to visit soon.
I am now your newest follower!
♥ Shari!
Nancy said…
We have lots in common..I seem to enjoy so many of the same things you do....Love visiting you..
Vicki Boster said…
Ohhhhh- I'd love to have that pottery barn easel and a big window to set it by---- and I don't even paint!! I think it's just wonderful that you are starting a new chapter in your life-- it's good to learn and love new things. I think you are one of those people who just have so many talents-/ you will probably learn new things about yourself as you feed these new passions:)

Wow that's an impressive study!!! TFS!!! ;o)