A Little Baking and a Little New England...

Hey everyone, I think I may have been unclear regarding my Patisserie Tuesday post. It is not meant to be fancy but rather yummy.

How about baking some cookies with your favorite recipe and share it, or perhaps a plate full of homemade scones, or a sweet quick bread or even some great homemade jam. The whole point was to have fun via the sweet sides of our kitchens and share with one another... after all the holidays are looming in the not too distant future!

I was thinking bi-weekly? (if there turns out to be an interest - right now it's an idea I've just thrown out there to see if the cat licks it up!). Every week would be too daunting and too full of calories!:D

You also have a whole week to add a link of some sweetness... hope this has cleared up any confusion or intimidation factor that might have arisen what with all those fabulous pics of pastries from Paris! :D

Now for a nice summery collection of life in rural New England to calm us all down...



shari said…
Hi Beth. I just finished looking around your lovely blog....it's so peaceful here, I LOVE IT! A nice warm plate of homemade cookies sounds prettieee good right now. I notice you are on Tumblr....how did you do that???? I L o V e it too!
Hugs, Shari
Beautiful photos lady! And I am so down with this!!! I would love to share recipes!!!
KarinsArtScrap said…
thanks Elizabeth for your comment beautiful Photo's.
that you have sold all your crafting goodies? I could never do that.

greetings karin