A Smidge of color...

Believe it or not this little beauty is a climbing vine and is related to
the black eyed Susan!  Who knew?! I have one in yellow and this orange -
the orange is doing much better always covered in these cute orange flowers
I know I have spent a good deal of time and energy this spring and summer whining about the woes of my new garden and I'm sure those of you more seasoned gardeners have become quite bored with the new kid on the gardening block.

So, lest I have you thinking that nothing happened in said garden I went out early this morning, OK, early for me ( :D ) and took a few snaps of what was up and about... and as the old saying goes " a picture is worth a thousand words..." so without further ado and in no particular order...
 Iceberg Rose - do you see the bud peeking out from the center?
This rose has won my heart and has become my favorite because
she has proven to be a little trooper! As sad as she looked when I
gently and lovingly put her into her spot in the garden she has rewarded
me with non stop flowers and I don't mean one or two at a time! She
is constantly covered in beautiful white blooms! What's not to love?!
OK, this flower has a sorted story I am almost ashamed to admit! When our neighbors moved
out of the main farmhouse the place sat empty for 8 months. Well, it was more than
I could stand so I started rescuing flowers and this was one of them.
I have no idea what it is but it has the most intoxicating beautiful scent..
can anyone help with it's name?  I would love to fill my garden with these! 
Remember back in mid-spring when we were hit with that freak
hailstorm only hours after I had finished planting my first round of
flowers? Well, a large plot was filled with these cone flowers...
I planted over 30 of them... yep, you guessed it, this is the only little trooper
that survived!  I am thrilled a white one survived as I had thoughts
of making one whole part of the front garden white!  She is sitting
right next to that beautiful iceberg rose I showed you earlier! 
I've forgotten this lovely rose's name but this is one of 4 that DH bought for me
at that sale at Agway in late spring for half price! Sadly these beauties suffer
from attacks by the Japanese beetles - at least the beetles just eat the flowers, not the leaves
so hopefully the plants will get well established this season while I search for a
treatment for those hungry little buggers... not going to let them continue
eating my roses that's for sure!  Does anyone have a solution that is effective? I'm all ears!
I saved the best for last because this is a first for me!  I walked out the door
and this huge plant that I have no name for is in bloom with the sweetest
purple flowers that the bumble bees adore - but if you look inside that circle I made on the photo you
will see the real treat... a completely white spider!!!  The photo isn't wonderful as the spider saw me
as soon as I saw her so she started moving away from the crazy lady
with the camera pointed way to close for Ms. Spider's liking.  How cool is that?!
Has anyone else ever seen an all white spider?
Well, that's about it for now.


Michelle said…
Oh Beth, you have LOTS of beautiful flowers there! I still can't get over that orange flower; it doesn't look REAL!
africanaussie said…
Your roses are beautiful - I love the iceberg roses. That black eyes susan doesn't look real does it?
Nancy said…
Well you are fast entering the territory of the experienced gardner...Your flowers are beautiful and your garden shows just how much work you have put into this summer....

I have never seen a white spider...Amazing capture....
You have gorgeous flowers in your garden dear friend! Bravo to you!!! I can't wait to watch your garden grow! Mine has a way to go...but isn't it just the best to see the changes start to take place?!?!!? Have a great week!
Acorn to Oak said…
I love that top flower. Every time I see those they stop me in my tracks. They're so eye catching and stunning. The black dot is so dark and perfect. I just love them.
shari said…
Oh my goodness!!! your garden is full of gorgeous flowers. I bet it smells wonderful around there! I favorite is the Black-eyed Susan's...so pretty!
I haven't grown black-eyed-susan vine for a long time and it is a good vigorous climber. The purple flower looks like garden phlox, I have some that have a nice scent while others are nothing to rave about.
I've seen white spiders before but not that often.
Your garden is looking nice at this time of year.
Love the flower pictures!!! It must be such a great thing to have so many wonderful flowers. But the last picture of the spider I could have done without... I really HATE HATE HATE HATE spiders lol
Rita May said…
I'm your new follower. came to join the patisserie Tuesday but the like wasn't open. I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks for visiting Rita's Recipes.
Quinn said…
Such pretty flowers, and such a variety! Your garden must be a joy :)
And yes, I have seen the tiny white spiders, too.
Lisa said…
What a beautiful garden. The flower you rescued looks like Phlox to me...beautiful.
111 LaLa Lane said…
Hey Beth, I am just now seeing this post. Gorgeous flowers! Love the white iceberg rose. You have a knack it seems with these beauties. And the white spider is a first for me.