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DIY | Make Your Own Hanging Laundry Hamper

You all are aware that with my new wooly shift in direction I have been working out a new design for my studio.  Working with raw sheep fleece has posed a unique problem... how do I store the raw fleece, well, for that matter storing the fleece once they are washed and waiting for me to get to them to spin them into pretty yarns.
Believe it or not there are not many photos of spinners studios out there so I have had to really get creative here.  I know lots of people store their fleece, both raw and washed in plastic containers or bags but I've been reading a lot... that's what a newbie does... but anyway, and I've been hearing that it is best to store fleece in cotton or some other breathable bags instead.  So, I thought what about laundry hampers - you know the one's with the wooden X-frame

but after checking the prices and realizing the space they would take up I went looking for other options and voila... 
These are cute, easy and very inexpensive... what more could a girl ask for?!
All I need to buy is some cute pillow cases and the embroidery hoops (knew I was going to need those hoops when I got rid of them a couple of years ago, LOL!)
I have one blank wall, well OK, it's only half a blank wall but anyway, I am going to put a furring strip along the wall attaching it to the studs in the wall so it won't fall down with half the plaster, and then put hooks up and hang the fleece bags along the strip. Of course when I have way too many fleeces in my collection I might need a different solution or on the bright side perhaps this design will make me stay within my means of number of fleece at any given time... LOL!
Anyway, here is the tutorial if anyone is thinking the way I am about their wool studio...
Original idea from Martha Stewart's website
The laundry bag on Martha Stewart’s website was an actual laundry bag, held open by a large embroidery hoop. Adapted by Mandi at Making Nice in the Midwest
  • First I assembled the hanging hamper by sandwiching the ends of the pillowcase in between the embroidery hoop parts.
  • Then I looped some twine around the hoop’s screw mount, and knotted it securely. 
  • The last step was simply to hang the hamper by the twine, and then fill it with dirty clothes! Easy, cheap, and useful. Now that’s a DIY I can really enjoy.
Hope you enjoyed this project and perhaps it has given you some of your own ideas.


111 LaLa Lane said…
That's cute Beth! I can think of lots of uses. I might need one to place towels in after coming in from the beach...or beach toys. Thanks for sharing!
I like it Beth, and have had many ideas originate from Martha Stewart myself.