Friday Pretties, and just a bit more...

On a cool breezy early-ish fall day in New England thoughts often turn to crocheting and knitting, well, if you are a yarn-a-holic anyway!  In that spirit I wandered over to Pinterest early this morning thinking that for a lazy Friday some pretties might just be the thing to sooth our souls from our successful journey through the week. 

Originally I was just planning on some mosaic images but then I landed in the world of crochet heaven ... yes, yes where else but Pinterest...?! :D

I give you - "The links," yes, that is plural as I found two great sites to share with you ... first up is Crochet Concupiscence  where I found some lovely shawls, which at the moment are my favorite things to make... or at least attempt to make... story for another day :D
are these not some of the yummiest shawls?!
The second site has both crochet and knitting but I got the impression crochet was more heavily concentrated on.  This site is My Picot and has lots of crochet lace motifs that you can incorporate into, well pretty much anything - of course my mind went to shawls (yes, I'm hopeless) :D  All are in PDF format and ready to be downloaded easy peasy! Oh, and did I mention they're FREE?!
Well, some housework that just has to be done before the dust bunnies walk away with my house! So, I leave you all with these creative resources to browse over this weekend and dream dreams of all manner of yarns and colors!


shari said…
What a wonderful way to spend a early Fall cool day! They are all so do you decide where to start????. I have seen the first link you gave to us( by the way, thank-you!) but I haven't heard about the second so as soon as I finish blogging I will popping over to Pinterest!
We must really think alike for I just ran all the dust bunnies out of my house this morning too!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Such beauty in those designs...I hope to one day learn how to crochet! If only you lived closer!!! Thanks for the inspiration...have a lovely weekend friend!
I'm in love with the green shawl :) Hope you can decide on something to ease your crochet "itch"! Wendy
wow you sure could get lost on those sites!!! fabulous creations.
Renee said…
Everytime I visit your blog I NEED to learn something new! I wish I could do all of the wonderful things you post....but I would have to live to 100yrs. old to even make a dent! Thanks for the inspiration though.
Hugs, Renee
Nancy Claeys said…
I love Pinterest for finding inspiration. :)