Hi all my blogging friends. This post is to inform you of some things going on with the Internet that you may not be aware of. The New York Times website was attacked yesterday and at this moment is still down, apparently brought down by a group in Syria. This attack was the second in two weeks.  I just heard that Twitter has been hacked as well and is down. 

It may not happen but Google could be targeted and if that happened we could loose contact with one another via our blogs.  I am going to make a back up of my blog and save it to my computer, although this saving will not save my images I am told at least the base of my blog will be intact.  I'm not trying to scare anyone but this is nasty stuff and very un-nerving so I thought I should pass the information forward so you all are aware and do your own research to find out what is going on. 

From what I gather a large IT company that manages millions of blogs was hit via a fake email that tricked some technicians into entering their passwords into the site the email was linked to thus enabling the hackers to take control of the servers.  I'm not a tech person so I don't understand really any of this... but I figure an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...

To save your blog's template:
  • go into "Design" on the upper right of your blog
  • the next page that opens will have a button on the upper right that says "backup/restore" - click on that
  • a box will open that is called "Template > Backup/Restore"
  • click on "download full template" orange colored button
  • then save it on your computer in a place that you will remember (I save mine directly to my desktop - that way I don't have to remember where it is) 


Donna said…
We live in troubled times, and I'm afraid it's not going to get better until people wake up. Thanks for the heads up about internet attacks. I back up my blog and template monthly, but I'll go ahead and do it a little bit early. I keep copies of all of the photos posted on my blog, so no worries there.
Jeez!!!! I have heard about some of this craziness but with money wiring. That just stinks that there are poopy people out there that have to ruin a beautiful thing for everyone else! Thanks so much for this post Beth! Like you I have no idea how all the tech stuff works. I will be backing it up tonight! As for my pictures that is a whole other bag of chips....thinking I should make a book of what I have on my blog so far Would hate to lose everything! You take care and a big hug for your help!
Jennifer Shelby said…
thanks for the head's up!
Bead and Needle said…
Thanks for the heads up...I'm a little computer challenged myself, but followed your directions. I figure if it's gone, it's gone, and I get a new hobby later - maybe doing a better job with the windows in the house. :-) Let's keep our fingers crossed we ride this one out...Happy Wednesday - Tanya
Quinn said…
Thanks for the heads-up! Is there a way to save the content as well as the design template?
Thanks for the information on saving our blogs. Much appreciated. Hugs Judy
shari said…
Thanks for the warning Beth. I had no idea really what's been going on. I missed the news all last week and this week due to Lauren's driving lessons. I will back my blog up tonight just in case!
Shari ♥
If it's not one thing, then it's another with things happening on the Internet. I'll have to back up my template and blog again, haven't done this for awhile.
Thank you for sharing this important info! Going to back up now. Blessings, Patti
111 LaLa Lane said…
Thanks for the heads up, Beth....I'm going to back mine up now.