Kashmere Kisses has moved...

Hey everyone, I know a lot of us follow many of the same blogs so I wanted to let you know about Shari's blog Kashmere Kisses.  The other day she lost the whole thing including her blog name!  She has rebuilt as much as she could and now you can find her sweet smiling face over at http://gumtreelane.blogspot.com So make sure you pop over to her new place and let her know she is not lost to her blogging sisters!!!

Hope you all are enjoying this lovely pre-fall day!


shari said…
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! sweet blogging sister and devoted follower, for helping me spread the word about my blog. If you do not know how to play around and edit things in HTML SECTION, I would highly advice.....don't do it!

Luckily, I am moving forward just under a new name. Hope to see you all again soon!

Hugs, Shari
shari said…
Love love love the new header and font....It all blends perfectly!
Oh dear, poor Shari has had blogging problems before too. I'll definitely be visiting her at her new site. Thanks for the heads up Beth :) Wendy x
Nancy said…
Very nice of you to make the announcement. Very pretty header!
That is horrible! Thank you for helping her and letting us all know! I will pop on over to her now! Nicole Have a great week!!!
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Thank you for sharing this info. I ended up on Google looking for her blog and found yours instead :) Much to my luck. Thanks a lot.
I went on to the link for Sharis blog and there came an error, no blog?