Patisserie Tuesday No. 3

 Mmmmmmm, chocolate!
Here we are already celebrating Patisserie Tuesday No. 3! I hope you are finding it enjoyable whether you are just popping in to visit the participant's blogs and reading the recipes or that you are up to your ears in flour, mixing bowls and all manner of sweet ingredients and participating with your best sweet recipes you have in your secret recipe stash!

I hope you will tell your blogging friends about the weekly party and perhaps grab my button and put it up on your blog?!  And to all my new followers ... "A Big Hug and Thank You!  I hope you enjoy your visits well into the future! :D

OK, onto Patisserie Tuesday No. 3. 
Today I'm sharing my chocolate ganache recipe from my bakery days.  If you have never used ganache or perhaps not even sure what it is... let's begin...

First, chocolate ganache is made from just two ingredients, "good quality" chocolate and heavy cream... yep, that's it but it is the epitome of chocolate heaven! You can use it for enrobing pastries, including cakes; for piping decorations onto cakes or for making mousse... no, no, not mouse... mousse... oh dear, well that will be covered in another Patisserie Tuesday! Although I'm sure Sir Raphael my studio assistant might be interested in chocolate covered mouse... ewwww... let's just get on with the ganache shall we?!  OK, now where was I? Oh yes, good quality chocolate is essential for a to die for ganache.

Chocolate Ganache
3/4 lb "good quality" chocolate - 60% or more cacao (I like Calebaut or Valrhona although Valrhona is a bit more pricey than Calebaut)
1 cup pasteurized heavy cream
  • Put cream into a pot on stove and heat on medium flame to just about boiling but not a rolling boil.  Keeping your eye on the cream while you chop the chocolate
  • Chop chocolate into small pieces and place into a mixing bowl (if the pieces are too big you might not have an easy time getting everything melted before the cream begins cooling - don't worry this is a common sense thing and you'll get it as soon as you get the feel of the chocolate and cream together in the bowl)
When cream is thoroughly heated pour it over the chocolate and let the cream and chocolate make friends for a minute or so - this allows the cream to begin softening the chocolate before you begin whisking
Using a balloon whisk begin stirring the cream and chocolate together relatively gently at first - in other words not as if you were making scrambled eggs
  • As the mixture begins to emulsify from the stirring the chocolate will begin to get shiny... (a good thing :D ) Do not over-mix the ganache or it will turn grainy and you might not be able to save it and you will definitely have to reheat and well, let's not think like that. 
  • When you can feel that the chocolate has completely melted and there is no more signs of unmixed cream stop mixing and you should be fine!
  • Once your ganache is thoroughly mixed set it aside to cool and thicken a bit - if you are planning on using it right away. 
  • If you are just making ganache ahead to have on hand for future use once it has cooled some you can place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the chocolate (directly in contact with the surface of the melted chocolate - this keeps a skin from forming) cover the container and place in the refrigerator for several days or the freezer for longer keeping.
I will be following up next week with enrobing a cake in ganache so stay tuned, giggle (another one of those things I've always wanted to say!:D)

You have made your first of hopefully many more batches
of honest to goodness ganache!


Ok, I'll be back tomorrow to see what others brought. Thanks for hosting.
Chrissie said…
Yum! All I need is a spoon and quiet time alone to eat up all the ganache... ;) Chrissie x
This is timely for me Beth. After watching a baking segment on ganache, I went out and bought the chocolate (our bulk barn sells the quality type in chips - expensive too) but have not made anything with it yet. I guess this is the part where I lack confidence, so do look forward to your next post on using the ganache.
shari said…
Oooooooh! this looks yummy! Chocolate is my weakness and my hat is off to anyone who can make anything look this delious on my computer screen. There is one thing I am not good at and that is making anything with chocolate, I will mess it up for sure.
Have a lovely week, Shari

ps. did you notice my new blog, there is a link on my last post.....I told you I was up to no good!
Vicki Boster said…
Beth-- my goodness!! All this wonderful chocolate. So glad this is Internet chocolate--- it's such a weakness for me!!

Sending love-
I wish you could pass out samples! It looks divine!
Storybook Woods said…
Oh delish, is there anything better than dark chocolate and cream!! Clarice
Carolyn ♥ said…
Oh my delicious goodness! You've discovered my weakness, Beth, CHOCOLATE. Love the idea of your Patisserie Tuesday. Hope to join you when I get back my groove. What fun you've had while I've been missing in action. Thank you for missing me and leaving a sweet comment... made me smile. Transitioning to a major change in my life... life is good... very good.