What matters most...



Oh my goodness did I need that right now or what....such beauty in those words! I so appreciate you sharing their goodness with us! Have a lovely week you!!!
This quote seems tremendously fitting for my life right, especially in the wake of losing my MIL rather unexpectedly last week. Life really does boil down to a few simple truths most of the time, and it never hurts to be reminded of that.

♥ Jessica

*PS* Little Miss Annie - who isn't very little any more - is growing like a weed. She weighs at least 50lbs at this point (7.5 months) and doing wonderfully. We had her spayed at the end of July and she bounced back from the procedure faster than a rubber ball. She's super energetic, sweet, smart, stubborn, and loving - and still very, very much a puppy in so many ways. Thank you for asking, dear Elizabeth.
Kim said…
How true. I am printing that off and putting on my desk so I have the reminder when I need it :)
Kristina said…
Beautifully written.