Anyone Up for a Little Tour of Mossberry Cottage?

Don't you just love those adorable blocks with the flowers
  While doing a little catching up on my blog reading this afternoon I popped over to my friend Claudia's blog Mockingbird Hill Cottage and she was doing a little cottage tour.  Now I have done something of that sort on my blog but as I drooled over all of Claudia's eye candy and adorable cottage I thought it has been a long time since I gave a little tour of Mossberry Cottage.  Having just done my little studio tour I thought many of my new followers might enjoy getting to know me a little better so follow me through the cozy rooms of the converted barn I call home... 

I thought we would begin in the kitchen which is where my front door leads guests
into my little cottage (ok, ok, barn) :D

My husband's little computer/office space

moving into the living room with the sliding glass doors opening out to our enclosed porch
where you can also see the remaining beams from the barn days

My living room with our grandfather clock resting against the wall it was hanging on
until the day I had the argument with the loggers and I slammed the front door so hard...
you guessed it, the clock actually fell off the wall! Eeek!  Now the clock needs some repairs so I haven't
put it back up on its hook... now where did I put that clock repair man's number? *sigh*

My front door from living room view.  Shameful as it is that basket on the floor holds all the new-ish
issues of Stampington and Co. Magazines (I know, I know but they had a huge sale and these all normally cost
$14.99 - I paid $5.99 for a couple of issues but most were $2.99 and some were only .99 cents!  Now come on, would you have been able to pass up that kind of sale? Yes? Well, you have much more will power than I :D If you are not familiar with Stampington and Co. magazines here is the link to some great eye candy

You see in that little hallway with the plastic bags and little boxes on the shelf? Well, as this hallway is really too small for much I emptied a bookcase and those bags are all of my sheep fleeces... I know, you can't see them all, I'm too ashamed! :D
Let's just say it amounts to about 80 pounds of luscious sheep fleece from many different varieties of sheep! I've died and gone to sheep heaven, LOL!

A pillow I bought about 20 years ago from a small antiques shop in the Cattskill Mtns back in the days
when I still was able to downhill ski.  The pillow is made from an early 1900's rescued quilt. It's sitting
on one of my dining room chairs that I refinished about 8 years ago... my hat goes off to all of you
who tackle furniture refinishing, whew!

A double cabinet I found I do not remember where but I love it.  Currently it holds most of our CD collection

Isn't this little pudgy cat and bird cute, cute, cute? One of my favorite little pieces I picked up through one of those
catalogs that has way too many cute things for sale

What is it about white pitchers and dinner ware? I have 3 white pitchers so far, I know that is nothing
compared to some of your collections but a girl has to begin somewhere? LOL!
Back when I still did cross-stitch... I just love samplers but my eyes these days and Irish linen, which is my
cross-stitch fabric of choice, don't get along so well.  I really need to get this framed (add to list)!

A quick peek into our bedroom. I have a love affair going with black and white toile... doesn't everyone?

fireplace in the bedroom. Alas it isn't a real one it is one of those that burns gel fuel... hey, it still gives the
warmth and ambience so it's better than not having one I say!

My little workspace in the bedroom, it's quite cozy and in the winter months it is toasty as it is
right opposite the bedroom fireplace!
Well that's about it for now... my little barn space in the woods of New Hampshire.  I hope you enjoyed the little tour and now you know where I am sitting when I write my blog posts to you all :D


I love the idea of a converted barn. The old beams are wonderful, and it's great that they are exposed. Your home is both very snug and very stylish (gorgeous bedroom!!). And the fact that it's all there in the woods ... well ... I'm a little green with envy right now ;) Thanks so much for the tour. I often think of doing a tour of my home, but it's just so boring and suburban I don't think anyone would care. Have a great week Beth! Wendy x
Michelle said…
What a wonderful place to call home! You're much braver (and neater) than I to give a photo tour. Hmm; but now you've got me thinking....
Oh my goodness is your space spectacular!!! The kitchen and that large gold mirror in the living room!!! Amazing!!! And your bedroom!!! I must say it is a cozy heaven in there!!! The fireplace and the art are exquisite!!! Beautiful things in your sweet cottage!!! Just perfect!!!
Chrissie said…
Ooo, I love snooping about in others' homes, thank you for a lovely tour of your cozy home! :-) Chrissie x
Donna said…
I adored the tour! So cozy and comfortable! Makes me want to take off my shoes and stay a while to chat with you!
I'm with Donna. Loved seeing around your lovely home and it would be nice to sit down together over tea. I'll bring some scones. :-)
Terry said…
Loved the tour, such a beautiful home. Wish my home looked as comfy and luxurious as yours.
KarinsArtScrap said…
these are beautiful made Beth they look fantastic.

gr karin
Pam said…
Hi Beth! It's been awhile since I came to have a visit, and what a pleasant post for me to see! Your converted barn is so homey and cozy! Love the furniture too. Thank you for giving us a tour, and sorry I've been away so long!
Tessa~ said…
Oh thank you so much for your tour! I love, love, love peeks into the homes of bloggers. Kind of like I love the sets, in films and on tv. :-)

Your bedroom is beautiful! And I love your cozy workspace there. Love the warmth of the light, and the books on shelves and the pictures on the wall. Purfect!

And having real old beams! Wonderful! We have a rescued barn beam, as our fireplace mantle in the Hearth Room. It's set in the wall of bricks, which surrounds the fireplace. It's always been so great, for decorating! I can stick pins and tiny nails into it, to string lights, etc., and not hurt a thing. Do have a lace runner on it, to soften it up a bit.

Thank you again, for your tour!

Happy Olde Hallows Eve!!!
Mereknits said…
Beth I love the tour of your home, I think you have such a warm and friendly place. Did you know that Claudia is my sister? Seriously she is!
gin said…
Loved the tour. The idea of a barn house is great.
woooow looks amazing!!! Thanks for the great tour!
CATHY said…
Its so charming and cozy - I love how the beams show through. Poor mr clock....I hope it is okay. Oh yes the stampington sale - I give in to this as well - not to mention all the money I spend on the regular priced issues all year long! They are just like drug dealers : ) Thank you for the tour - I do love visualizing where blog friends live!
Storybook Woods said…
Just charming and so inviting. I can picture you roaming about on a snowy day. Love how you use fabric on the walls half way up. Brilliant idea. Clarice
My husband's in a barn. No Joke. He's a country boy that never saw a barn he didn't like. Most of the inside of our home is stained and varnished barn siding.

It's a lovely home and seems so cozy, yet the white walls give an airy feeling.

AND I can see why you wanted a spinning wheel!