Blogging and Trees in the Country...

A Rainy Fall Day in New Hampshire

Hi all my sweet blogging sisters.  I just wanted to say a couple of brief things to all of you... I have not been blogging as regularly as I would like and I may be overreacting but this logging thing really has made me pretty sad.  Everything about fall to me is the beauty that comes with her arrival, which has been greatly diminished for me this year.  I am keeping a photographic record of what is being done to the forest and will be sharing all of that once they complete the project - supposedly two weeks.

Many of you have left me sweet comments of concern and support and you have no idea how much that has meant to my sanity and will continue to do so through this two week period.  A lot of you have asked didn't I see this coming and the answer is no I didn't. 

You see, my property is at the edge of my town line as well as there only being three houses on my road we wield little power over things like this because two of the three houses are rentals with the owner living in Pennsylvania.

It all began with the owner of the third house passing away with the family deciding to sell the house and adjacent land.  The new owner kept the house but sold off the land to make a profit obviously on the potential for logging and selling for housing lots.

I could be wrong but I have a gut feeling that the owner of the property I rent is planning on following suite soon and selling the land. I would imagine that this 37 acres could yield quite a few houses.  This is partly why I have been so unnerved by this logging thing and also why my DH and I are taking this as a wakeup call and preparing ourselves for the eventual (read, not too distant future) need to move. We are now living on a day to day basis, which yes, sucks! I'm staying positive and thinking if I managed to find this place and all of it's cuteness I will find another if need be.

I love you all for being my blogging sisters and a special hello and thank you to all of my newest blogging sisters!  You all ROCK! :D


Silke said…
Dear Elisabeth,

I can hear your anguish and anxiety over all of this and I am so sorry you are experiencing this! I am quite sure that this will turn out well for you, better than you can now imagine. But it's still hard right now to get used to all this change.

Keeping you in my thoughts!! Hugs, Silke
Michelle said…
We wish we could afford more acreage to protect our privacy and quiet, but five acres is all we could swing. When we bought this place, there was a house on ONE of the adjoining lots, with a mature privacy screen of trees and shrubs between us and them. Since then, houses have been built on two more of the adjoining lots, and the last one is for sale and has had 'improvements' made to it this summer to make it more attractive. I have to keep reminding myself that we are blessed to own this little slice of paradise, and it's STILL better than living in town!
Storybook Woods said…
First off, I would be sick, physically sick and very sad. So I totally understand and feel for you. But maybe this is for a reason, to move you on. I bet there is something better for you around the corner. One has to grieve a bit before looking forward, but there is something amazing waiting of you and your hubby. I just know it!! Clarice
Terry said…
I too understand your feelings right now, I would fel the same. What a disappointment. Here's hoping if you have to move you will find another beautiful secluded spot.
Ah sweet friend....what can I say. Life throws us these wrenches. God only knows why. I dislike that you might be pulled from your little heaven. But I have no doubt in my mind that your creative self will, if need be, find the next bit of heaven. Just thinking about you. Wish people weren't always so money hungry. Peace to you sister....Nicole xoxo
Kim P said…
Your story is so sad Elisabeth. You know that I am on the verge to save our old growth forests. You have your sanctuary embedded under your fingers and toes wherever you live. Wherever you lay your hat can be a new home. I have witnessed much destruction up the mountain from where I live. It is sickening and sometimes I feel disquieted to be part of the human race. We do not need more shopping malls or parking lots. If I were in your shoes I would sell and relocate before you witness more land destruction. The animals are pushed out of their homes. I hear the cougers howl almost every night. They come in from the woods to eat our pets. They ate my beloved peachy Oschie cat. But we took away the bunnies, moles and little ones with clear cutting . They have to survive too. Please keep coming in my inbox, I truly love your blogs. Peace and love, light and ease for you my friend.
I love the misty photo you've shared Beth. Would a neighbourhood petition work at all to prevent more homes from being built? I didn't realize you were renting, that sure makes for a shaky future if money will become the big issue from the logging.
Miss LindaLee said…
What's happening in your back yard is happening everywhere Beth, and I hate seeing it every bit as much, We watched a beautiful piece of land on the road that our home church was on in Milton, NH, be bought and divided into house lots. Within weeks you couldn't see a trace of what it had been. All trees gone along with all of NH's beautiful native plants. I love NH and hate to think of it still going on.
The farming community where I grew up is undergoing huge transformation now too. My parents left their slice of heaven a few years ago (I moved away from that area years ago). I'm glad I no longer have to drive past what used to be prosperous farms and are now "estate" homes ... massive homes for the very wealthy replacing homestead farms. It makes me ill to think of the house-building warehouse that I witnessed churning out houses that were actually built inside the warehouse and towed to their new locations. I know it still goes on, but I couldn't bear to see "my" place being changed into more housing lots. I know how you are feeling over this, and I feel just awful for you. Maybe a move will ease your pain over all of this ... I'm sure things will work out alright for you eventually. Take care ... Wendy xo
Renee said…
Sending more hugs your way my friend.....missing your cheerful posts! Hope you get to stay on your little bit of paradise!
Hugs, Renee
jengd said…
Simply put, hang in there.
gilly said…
How sad to read your post about what's going on in your backyard. I know it is unsettling for you but try to stay positive and know that if this is not what is meant to be for you, then trust that there is some place even better meant just for you. Sending you hugs & prayers & happy thoughts,
Love Gilly xx
LisaS said…
How unfortunate to see drastic change like this.
Tessa said…
Thank you for giving us more background, on how this awful thing came to transpire. I see it all now, in more sad clarity.

And I do hope that when you make your move, it will be possible to purchase your own place and land... Which no one can take out from under you. Or out from around you.

It is sad but, we still need to protect our own perimeters. Even in this advance day and age. Perhaps, More So now. When less and less people seem able to resist a "quick buck." And building, building, building, is still the rage. -sigh-

Perhaps the search for another perfect place, will help you live through the sadness of what is happening, to your present area. If you put your mind to finding another nest.... I hope it will ease this trying time.

Gentle hugs,
We had our property logged selectively last summer and I had no idea how much of a mess it would make of things. Before logging, we had made some lovely trails through the woods and after logging everything was destroyed. We were actually quite depressed over the whole thing and didn't even venture out into the woods for a long time. A few weeks ago we decided to make some more trails and clear some of the mess and I'm so happy we did! We have two short trails now and it's so wonderful to be out in the woods again. Your situation sounds much worse, though, because you don't have a say in things. I'm sorry :(

Thank you for popping over to my blog and introducing yourself. I'm enjoying your blog and love the look and layout. So nice to meet you :)
On the bright side (yes, there must be one...) you rent and don't own, so you are free to seek a new property, a better property... so get out there and go looking girl! No need to let this bump make you sad. You and your hubby are in on the brink of something new... xo
Carolyn ♥ said…
I've never been a victim of logging, but I have had precious trees that i've planted and nurtured die in my landscape. Our Forest Pansy Redbud didn't make it through last winter. It was a beautiful tree in a very prominent place. I still grieve for that tree but am pleased that other plants seem to be filling in the space so lovely.Try to find a ray of sunshine and hope and move forward dear friend. Thinking of you...
barb said…
Its sad and we have no say in these matters.
Mereknits said…
Oh this is so sad, I can't stand it. I love tress, they are so majestic and I believe if they could talk would have quite the story to tell us. I hate it when they get trimmed, I think they are in pain, let alone cut down for no reason, It makes me so sad.

Trees should be left alone, don't you think we have enough new properties with all the farm land that has been bought up.
Hugs to you,
Donna said…
You are in mourning for the world that used to be, and it is quite understandable! Unfortunately, there are forces that wreck havoc in our lives that we can't control. I hope that it all works out for you, and if you have to move, that it will bring new joys.
CatieAn said…
oh my...what a predicament. I know we see that in our neck of the woods way out west. Large fields or woodsy areas go up for sale and the first thing we see is trees being knocked down and cookie cutter houses going up in just a few months. Makes me sad......I do hope you won't have to move soon but if you are preparing yourself, it will be a smidge easier....still I can't imagine how difficult that is with all the uncertainity. Big HUGS