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Yes it does look like I have been seriously bitten by this simple pin weaving technique.  While I am still awaiting the arrival of my large rectangle loom I have discovered a whole new world out there using this wonderfully easy weaving technique to make all manner of accessories and even clothes! 
While visiting Pinterest this morning I discovered this fab tutorial on how to make a simple pin loom from stretcher frames (a picture frame would work perfectly as well), along with the following directions to make little trivets, which could easily transform into well, let your imagination be the guide!  Enjoy!

N.B. You might want to use a 1/16th inch drill bit and predrill the nail holes to help keep the wood from splitting.

Arounna Khounnoraj of says:

 I hope you like this project - it's simple and lots of fun to do.

woven trivet diy
I have been collecting the selvage from my sewing projects and thought this was a fun way to use the material to create a nice trivet or little mat. if you don't have selvage scraps you can use and old shirt or pants and cut up strips to use. wool sweaters are really nice after the project you can wash it in hot water and it will felt nicely. this is also a nice project for kids.

what you need:
-four pieces of stretcher frame (I used 10 in.) - hammering into a scrap piece of wood works good too.
-nails and hammer
-scissors (not shown in picture)
-cardboard approx. 1.5 x 5 in. (not shown in picture)
-cut up scrap fabric (I used selvage that I have been collecting)

step 1
before you begin put the four corners together to create the frame and hammer nails about 3/4 in. apart - take the fabric and tie onto the first corner and begin to wrap around the nails on the top and bottom as shown.

step 2
take the cardboard and cut triangular notches with the scissors - take the fabric from the ball and wrap it around the cardboard (this will be your shuttle)

step 3
tie a knot to the first row

step 4
take the cardboard shuttle and begin to weave under and over - continue this way until you reach the other side and tie down the end piece.

step 5
remove the loops from the nails - and because it was under tension the loops will fill in from the expansion.

hope you will give it a try - thanks.
arounna khounnoraj

I also think that this would look fabulous with red or blue pillow ticking ripped into strips. Hmmm, I feel another idea for a blanket coming on.... lol!


A great idea ... love the rustic look to the weaving. You better get a move on if you want a blanket made of these little squares!! Wendy xo
Hanni said…
This is a brilliant thing. I had a craft teacher in school who showed us this technic, we made small purses with it. An eco-friendly and child-friendly version if you are using an old cardboard box instead of the frame ;)
hula-la said…
I love this! Thanks for sharing. Aloha
Mereknits said…
Fantastic idea, thank you so much, I feel like running out to get a frame and some nails.
CATHY said…
I love it! What a sweet little trivet - and the threads are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how you created it.
Storybook Woods said…
Cool idea, easy and I love the fabric you used. Will put it on my to-do list!! Clarice