How Many WIP's?

This is one of those pretty half-circle crocheted scarves, all cotton - it's made in two pieces and joined in the middle and then a crocheted lacy edge goes all around it. You see the crochet hook in the second half so I have made progress with this one...  I'm thinking a pretty violet to edge it if I can find it in cotton

Yes, I got a bee in my bonnet today and began taking stock of all my projects currently in progress so as to pretend I would finally get organized before winter sets in so I could outline my winter knitting and crocheting schedule - who am I kidding? a schedule? LOL!!!  Anyway, as I was organizing and photographing so I could share them with you all I began wondering - just how many WIP's (works in progress) is one allowed before the WIP Police show up at the door?
My first attempt at making a sweater, ok, so it's teddy bear size but hey, we all have to begin somewhere!  This little project has been on those needles for two years, eeek!  I even had the nerve to begin this one when I already had one in progress, only in a deep burgundy - that one has been on the needles for 3 years, sheesh...
I'm beginning to think I have some serious issues!

Fingering weight virgin wool from Harrisville Designs.  I am pretty sure I will edge this wrap in crocheted lace on three edges and perhaps even a lacy collar on top...

Fingering weight virgin wool from Harrisville Designs - ultimately it will be a wrap using the raspberry color along with the violet that I just started, and lastly navy blue.  I may or may not edge 3 sides with crocheted lace... we'll see as it progresses (that is the operative here) :D
Brown lace weight cashmere - I'm planning on knitting squares with different stitches to make a throw.  I have a love affair going on currently with cashmere... so light, soft and cuddly, and did I mention warm?!

 Last but not least... does this look familiar to anyone?
Lace weight cashmere in a tangled mess... it took me two days to untangle this little beast but I did it! Wasting cashmere is simply not an option!
Maybe tomorrow I will show you all of my quilt WIP's - shameful I know!!!


Shari LeBlanc said…
Well my sweet friend....I think I might have you out numbered. I have about 12 unfinished projects that are either on top of the closet or in a basket or two! Now that's shameful!!
Hugs, Shari
I have so many things going at the same time! I have to try to clean up to start over in my sewing area. Love your pretty white crochet's gorgeous!
Hey you! You have so many lovely pieces in the works! WOW! I have bags and canvases all over my house...ha! I think it is an artist thing?!?! Or at least that is what I tell myself! Way to get going girl!
Carolyn ♥ said…
You... A.M.A.Z.E. me. I want to be you. :)
Oh, Beth. I feel your pain. So glad you persevered and untangled that beautiful pink cashmere. BTW, thank you for the link to the ball winder and swift. I already have one (but, they were out at our weekend house. Seems we are never in the same spot when really needed! LOL!). You have some beauties started and I'll look forward to seeing them move into the FO status! blessings ~ tanna
Oh, Beth. I feel your pain. So glad you persevered and rescued that beautiful pink cashmere from its tangle. And, thank you for the link for the ball winder and swift. I have one already, but it was at our little weekend house (seems it is always opposite of where I need it at the moment). Your WIPs are all beautiful and I'll look forward to seeing them move into the FO category. blessings ~ tanna
Chrissie said…
Ahhh, I don't feel so badly now for my giant pile of WIPs, I am in good company! :-) they are all great projects, can't wait to see them done! Chrissie x
Tessa said…
Oh I want to learn to knit!

Allergic to wool, so I'd have to use cotton or acrylic, but...... :-) Maybe........

Mereknits said…
You do have a lot of WIP's but I don't think we have to call the Police yet, but you might have had to call them for me if I spent two days with a yarn mess, yikes!
Hugs to you,
Tessa said…
In my comments, you asked if you could copy the little quote on books being the only true magic - to put on your sidebar? Of course! "Grab" the "button" (as some call them) and put it on your sidebar!!! Heavens, that's what I did, when I saw it, somewhere. :-)

Where? I don't know. Perhaps on the "Practical Magic" Pinerest page, or whatever one calls those pic pages. Since I don't "Pin," I don't know the proper proceedure there...

But we all know, that even our personally taken photos, can be "grabbed" by anyone... Even those with watermarks, if they are skillful..... So it seems that a lot of this hoop-la about giving the site a pic came from, is a bit wishful thinking.

NO, we should not say that any photo or "button" or etc., was made by us. No. But just to put a cute pic or "button" on our sidebar, what's the matter with that?????

Michelle said…
I'm just not cut out for multiple fiber projects in various stages. Right now I have a LOT for me: the pink fiber on a spindle; some white longwool I spun up last night and need to ply for warp on my students' little looms; a skirt that just needs a seam and waistband (and has needed those for three years now!); and a hat of my own design I started last summer but am not sure I have enough yarn to finish.
I don't think you'd qualify as a serious crafter without a whole bunch of WIPs (although I always wonder if that should be WsIP).

Couldn't agree more about cashmere, that stuff is so darn expensive it should never be wasted.

Please do show us the quilt projects :)