Not So Much Ta-Da...


It now seems like ages ago I promised to show you my reconfigured studio which accommodates my new woolly direction in life and I apologize for the delay.  As it is one of those cloudy windy cold New England days I thought running around the studio with camera in hand might just be the ticket for accomplishing something from my to-do list!

Yes, that is a little space heater in the left hand corner and bet all your donuts that she is cranking out heat - oh - glorious - heat!!!  My studio is one of the coldest rooms in the house and that little space heater is the only thing between me and frostbite!

My wall of creativity

Abigail my spinning wheel and in the background is my
Ashford drum carder whom I have yet to name... OK, if truth be told I did name her
but I can't remember what it was, lol!

Some things that I still need to put up for sale in my Etsy shop that are
bits and bobs of my mixed media and jewelry making life... note to self, add
to to-do list

My desk which I had wanted to remove completely so I could have
my spinning wheel and loom sitting in the middle of the room.  However,
I remembered I still like to quilt now and again so the desk top stayed, for now!
Good place for my laptop and Raphael's basket - he keeps me company in the winter and
sleeps in his basket - summertime I can't pry him off the porch... guess I can't blame him. :D 

My swift and ball winder, which I do not regret one smidge!

This is on the left when you first enter my studio and that pink scarf is from Vicki over at
2 Bags Full.  I wanted one of her Breast Cancer Awareness nests but didn't sign up in time... at the last minute the very last person to pick up their nest decided they didn't want it, "I know, gasp"... anywho, so I got lucky and bought it!  My first Vicki nest, woohoo! I'll show off my nest in a separate post later on.

My $50 velvet rocking chair find on Craig's List and this fab ottoman from Kohl's for
only $34.00!  It's filled with little pea sized bits of I think Styrofoam  so it's uber light weight and
ever so soft and squishy... just the thing for tired tootsies :D

 Last but definitely not least - my rectangle loom arrived! Yippee!
Alas she doesn't fit in the studio so I have made part of the porch
an extension of my studio and don't you think she looks just fabulous out here?!
I think this kind of view goes with weaving somehow... yes, yes, I've already begun playing
with her as you can see (giggle)!  Now all I need to add is a 7 foot triangle loom and we are all set...
I'm thinking of trying to make it myself... but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm insane what with all those nails!  Sure would save a bundle of money that I could put towards yarn - oh glorious yarn!!! :D


Looks nice Beth. Many alien looking pieces to me, but I know you love them dearly. Well organized too, the see through storage bins are a great idea.
My card making area is in the cold basement and hubby bought me a space heater, now it's cozy.
Chrissie said…
Wow, what an absolutely fascinating space! Your workroom is chock full of creativity and inspiration everywhere you look! No wonder you're so creative...I am just so curious about your loom and spinning, I wish you could just Skype with the world so we could watch you at work! ;-) thank you for sharing, Chrissie x
Mereknits said…
I love seeing your space, it is so filled with fun things to be creative with. I love the loom and I am so glad it has arrived safe and sound. Did they tell you to buy a very long crochet hook to help weave when it gets too tight? I actually have a wooden one that is flat and really long.
Can't wait to see what you make and I know you are going to love it.
Quinn said…
Wow! That is a one-woman hive of creativity and revitalization! Love the picture with Raphael, overseeing all :)
Nancy said…
Your studio is just so warm and inviting and I know you just love hiding away in there with all your goodies loosing track of time creating to your hearts content......I can't wait to see some of your finished "fiber" projects....
Oh friend I could have fun in your studio! I just love your wall of creativity and I must tell you that I am smitten with that rocker! It is beyond cool! I can not get over the view you have out those windows! AMAZING!! You have an outstanding week!!!
Romeo said…
And is that my friend sitting there on the desk manning the computer?!? First picture, as is appropriate! Yes, I agree that a heater is most important in a studio. I mean how else are us felines supposed to stay warm?!? And yeah, I suppose it helps you humans out as well. Scary thought here, couldn't get the gas fireplace going for two days. I about blew a whisker worrying about that. And then.... *poof* it is on. Glad I wasn't too close when "she" finally got it started. Kind of had a "woof" moment of a gas fireball. Yeah, really. I'm a cat, so it was indeed large! And hey, when you go out to play on the rectangle loom, which very much resembles a picture frame btw, Raphael and I will man the studio for you ;) Yep, were just that kind of nice!


Tessa said…
Awwwww, thanks for sharing your creating space with us. I love, love, love to get peeks inside blogger's homes. Guess it goes with my love, love, love of sets in film. Well, old fashioned looking sets, anyway.

My daughter has a spinning wheel too. It's right in their living room. :-) She doesn't have a special craft area. Her crafting just has to do with yarn though, she doesn't sew big quilts, etc.

Something she needed, made out of wood, her father made for her. See, if you had your woodworking dad living next door, you could get such things, for free. :-)))

Acorn to Oak said…
I enjoyed the tour of your studio. It's clearly a space owned by a creative person with a passion for life! It's filled with so many wonderful things and possibilities! :-) How exciting that your loom has arrived. Looks like a perfect place to weave! Enjoy!
Carolyn ♥ said…
Love your space... smiled out loud when I saw the words... "In a world where you can be anything, Be Yourself." Those words grace my walls as well. I knew we were kindred spirits. Happy last days of October sweet friend.
Nancy Claeys said…
Wow -- you have so many neat things I would like to see in more detail -- perhaps a Tour part II is in order? :)
Shari LeBlanc said…
What a fun room! There is so much to stuff in there I don't think I would ever come out! I love rooms full of exciting things. Don't change a thing!
Hugs Shari!
Donna said…
Thank you for sharing your cozy studio space with us!
Carolynn Anctil said…
Wow, what an awesomely creative space! That spot is absolutely perfect for a loom! Whatcha gonna make?