Quilts in the Making... and a little more

This is my pinwheel quilt that has some homespun (not by me) fabric - those blue checked squares and the little stars are red raw silk. I made the stars in two different sizes and they are at each corner of the homespun blue check blocks.  This little baby just needs the backing and batting, some simple quilting I think probably to define the pinwheels and the binding... (she has been waiting quite a while to get finished... 15 years to be precise... eeeek!) I'm a terrible quilt Mom! :(

This and the following block are 12" and will ultimately be a Queen size quilt with
the sampler blocks on the perimeter surrounding a complex but gorgeous central medallion block - they have only been in the making for 4 years...

A friend gave me this log cabin star quilt to finish a few years ago... I'm still looking for the right fabric for the backing and binding

These little squares are paper pieced and only 3" square - ultimately there will be
20 of them with white lattice strips and still unsure of the borders and binding and backing -
in the making for the last 2 years

Same girlfriend as for the log cabin quilt gave me this quilt in partial completion.  I have finished putting it together but am looking for more Paris Flea Market fabric to make the borders, binding
and backing - 2 years in the making

Just something I played around with and am as yet clueless as to what to do about borders, which I will need to purchase the fabric for as well as binding and backing. I think the backing will be plain or tone on tone white calico - this is the baby in the group at only 1 year in the making.

Of course I have several other quilts in full size, which no longer will fit our bed since we upgraded to a Queen size but will work quite nicely as coverlets... as soon as I can find them that is!  One is a pale yellow and white double Irish chain... that baby is going to require lots of quilting in the solid white squares as well as possibly some applique in one bottom corner - she is the grandmother of them all at over 20 years... this one is the first full size quilt I ever started... I know, I know! 

Now just so you don't think I have never finished a quilt just ask some of my friends who have them on their beds or as a wall hanging or even come over to my house and look on the walls and tables.

Of course there are several quilts that I have the patterns and have purchased the fabric for but have gotten no further on - shamefully very recent purchases

And last but definitely not least, my first two little woven pieces. My large rectangle loom is on its way and should be here by this Thursday but in the meantime I ordered a small rectangle loom and a 4"x4" square loom to practice on.  The left square is a pale blue alpaca chunky yarn and the right photo is a triangle that when two are put together make up a 4"x4" square - the yarn is a yummy heathered lime dyed New England Shetland wool from Harrisville Designs. 

I have some handspun yarn I've made but it's not there yet so I won't be showing you that until I can do a side by side of my first yarns against my first "good" yarn! LOL!


Michelle said…
I LOOOVE the top quilt!
Acorn to Oak said…
So many pretty things in progress. I recognize some of the fabrics in the quilt you're making with pale pinks, blues and yellows. I used some of them in a quilt I made for my daughter.
Chrissie said…
Wow, I'm impressed by all your quilts, finished or not! Wonder which one will get done first...and I love love your woven bits, isn't that an exciting endeavour? Chrissie x
You're better than me by a long shot! I made ONE quilt (queen size), which I gave to my brother & his wife for their wedding present. Actually, for their wedding they got one pieced square since I had to travel to Scotland for the wedding, and they had to wait an entire year for the quilt to be completed and delivered to them in BC. I'm still working up the courage to make another (and that was 1992!!) ;] I think I've had more success in learning how to knit. Wendy x
I really like the black and red quilt you're making Beth. Please show it when completed.
Your quilts are so pretty friend!!! Just stunning!!!! And your loom pieces are awesome!!! I have been teaching myself to knit!! I have a ways to go but it is fun! Good luck with the new loom and happy week to you!!!
So many projects, so little time! ;) Your quilts are beautiful and so is your weaving! blessings ~ tanna
Carolyn ♥ said…
The red silk stars captured my heart, Beth. Divine. Every time I come here I have to look to see if it's really you... I'm beginning to think you have a different background for each day of the week. :) Each of them lovely. I must say the header is stunning. You have so many talents dear friend.
Far away hugs!
Mereknits said…
Wow, you have been busy, lots of beautiful quilts in the works. Just wait until you get that loom, you are going to be so excited.
What beautiful quilts...each one is a work of art. I've sewed a lot over the years but never made a quilt. I sure love them though and it's time to pull them out and get comfy! Enjoy your week and all of your fun projects my friend! Hugs!
Michelle Hill said…
Finished or not, they are all beautiful Beth!
Hanni said…
I love your quilts. This is something I haven't tryed before but quilting is on my crafty bucketlist :)
I admire your patience and persistence Beth -- all of these projects are amazing just as they are. xo
Donna said…
I have a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects, LOL) too! Keep plugging away and they'll get done!
Storybook Woods said…
Beautiful. I so admire quilter. I have tried quilting several times and finding it the most frustrating thing. So this is why I so admire you. Clarice
Carolynn Anctil said…
Oh my goodness. I finally admitted to myself that I was never going to finish that quilt I started several years ago. What a relief that was. *grin* You're creating some beautiful pieces and I know how much work goes into each one.

It's was so nice to have you pop over to my place for a visit and a wee chat. Thank you for your words of encouragement and support!

Miss LindaLee said…
What beautiful quilting. I just love the colors and the placement of the different pieces. Great job.
Miss LindaLee said…
I'm your newest follower. What a great blog!
KarinsArtScrap said…
wow this is gorgeous beautiful made Beth.

gr karin