Tuesday Muse

a little bit of three season porch life left to still enjoy
You might notice the roll of paper towels lying on the floor in front of my little round table? Well, an ongoing debate I have with myself is whether or not to clean the windows; No! I am not lazy!!! sheesh!  You see, my porch is basically 4 sets of sliding glass doors with a roof plopped on top and a floor stuck on underneath (:D) in other words it is pretty much just windows and we know what that can mean to birds... 

I have rescued more than my share of birds that have crashed into my glass doors so clean glass with all the extra reflection it provides is a continual issue around here.  I even have hawk images glued to the windows on the glass only sides of each set of doors to hopefully deter the birds from crashing... moderate success by the way.

Oh, what's that? You want to know how often my porch windows get cleaned... not very often!:D

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Quinn said…
That's my kind of space! I still spend hours on my screenporch when I have to wear gloves and a hat while I'm reading.
Tessa said…
What a beautiful room you have there!!! Lovely views... And of course, you share your spot and your views, with birds. Who do get "mixed up" at times... -sigh-

Yes, it's a terrible sound... That of a bird having crashed into a pane of glass. Luckily, it hasn't happen here, that much. We don't have the expanse out patio doors, which you do.

Oh and I see something else, out there in your beautiful room.... Exercise bike. What a beautiful place you have, to put this (dare I say *eeeevil*?) piece of equipment? ,-)

Michelle said…
What a beautiful spot! I can imagine sitting there to spin....
Silke said…
Ha! I wish the birds were the reason I don't clean the windows very often. I'm just lazy with windows... Plus, there are some of ours that I clean and a few minutes later Winslow, our dog, will have drawn a pretty picture with his wet nose... ;-) Hugs, Silke
Robyn G said…
Hey Beth!
Your comment made my day. I love your enthusiasm and glad you found my rural ranch life interesting. Some days interesting is an understatement ... lol!

I am not much for cleaning windows, neither is my Mom. Last May we got a hail storm; due to hail damage, we got 5 new windows in July. I did clean all the glue and sticky stuff off the new windows. I am guessing maybe late fall or come spring time I will make a point to wash them again. I love the new windows, so that may be a good motivator.

Looking forward to learning more about you.
That totally makes sense!!! What an outstanding place to sit and enjoy the view!!! I have been thinking about you and hope that things are going ok?!?! All the best this week sweet friend!!!
As I walked around the neighbourhood yesterday I spied a few glassed-in porches, and thought how nice that would be. But having just cleaned all three of my large kitchen windows & sliding door, I thought "wouldn't want to clean all THAT!". Ha! I know what you mean about the birds. I grew up in the country beside the woods, and large picture windows in EVERY room ... caused a lot of bird damage. Do you know that if you catch the birds while they're still dazed and feed them sugar water with a tiny spoon it will revive them? We did that a lot, and saved many birds from dying of shock. Also an owl statue close to the windows and visible, or even rubber snakes visible on the ground will help keep the birds just a bit further away too. I hate dirty windows. My parents used to hang plastic streamers down from their windows after washing them, but not sure that really helped. With the woods beside the house, it was like looking into a mirror ... poor birds :( Wendy
Nancy said…
A beautiful room, Beth, paper towels or not! :)