Surely You Jest...59 What?

It's one of those days. Many have profound things to say on such a day, thoughts of nostalgia - sweet memories, or not.  I find myself wandering the hallways of my mind looking behind the shadows and cobwebs of things past - dreams of things yet to come... it was bound to happen one day looking in the mirror of time
Today I am 59


Tessa~ said…
Happy Birthday, Dear One!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess 59 looks kind of ...... Mmmmm...... Hard-to-take or something? :-) But really Dear, it's just a number.

When one is 76, as I am, all those "smaller" numbers, lose an awful lot of their "scarienessssss". Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt.

We only get one-go-round on Earth, IMHO that is. So we have to keep adapting to each passing year. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. I want to keep choosing to find as much happiness, as I can. Each year. Each day. Each hour.

Hehhhhh...... You need my Wisdom of The Ages, like a hole in the head, today. Sorry. -grin-

Happy Birthday!

Gentle hugs,
Michelle said…
Well Happy Birthday, my friend! I recently celebrated mine; we are November sisters. :-) You should be getting a couple special emails from me today....
Mereknits said…
Happy Birthday to you my dear, sweet friend. I hope you have a blessed day.
Jennifer Shelby said…
that sounds like a lovely number to be! Happy birthday!
Donna said…
Happy birthday! Every day is a gift...
A very Happy Birthday to you friend!!! I hope that you had a lovely day!!! I am sending you a big birthday hug!!!! So many good things to come indeed! Nicole xoxo
Pam said…
I like your whole quote/poem!! And also Happy Birthday to you, no matter what age! It's what is in your heart that counts! :)
Happiest of Birthdays Beth ... you share the same birthday as my sister! I like what you wrote, and "dreams of things yet to come" is just perfect ;) Wendy x
gin said…
Happy 59 Birthday!! I am 59, too. Things are good. And even more good things are yet to come. Enjoy your day.
Oh congrats, on the BDAY! How wonderful.

Happy Birthday Beth! With age comes wisdom and you're not 'old' unless you're a cheese. Hope you had a great day and I'm sending wishes for a happy thanksgiving.