Bits and Bobs...and some things you might not want to read...

 Playing around with my new mini frame looms I thought I would start out with a small throw just to practice weaving the pieces as well as figuring out a way to put them together and still maintain the integrity of the frilly edge made by the edge loops. 

Many just whip stitch the pieces together but I personally feel that looks a bit slap dash and doesn't do justice to the beautiful pattern made in the weaving nor all the work that went into the piece.  So, I've been researching this past week looking for inspiration and ideas for a lacey type connection that will connect the pieces in such a fashion as to enhance the beauty of the woven piece. 

The far left piece is woven in a teal blue 100% wool; the second piece is in an ice pale blue wool and alpaca blend; the third piece is 100% chocolate brown cashmere.

Isn't that weaving pattern just lovely? You can also see the well defined loop edges I was talking about above. 

 I picked a lime variegated wool from Harrisville Designs to work out the edging... this is close to the look I want as I think the pattern of crochet nicely accents the lacey loop edges as well as preserving them intact.  Some more tweaking is called for such as how many dbl crochets do I put in the corners and how many sc chains do I put in between the dbl crochets to make it all lay nice and flat... TBC

 Here, just in case you are not familiar with these little frame or pin looms as they are also called, are two of my mini frames.  I purchased my little looms from Blue Butterfly Skipper Looms and I couldn't be happier with them. Blue Butterfly is a husband and wife team and they are uber sweet and oh so helpful - just in case you find this interesting enough to give it a try they are at Blue Butterfly Originals Hand/Pin Looms.

The loom on the left is 4"x8" and the one on the right is 4"x4".  I also have a new addition, which is a 6"x8" and  I plan on adding a 2"x2", a 6"x6" and an 8"x8" to my set. 

Of course I'm still trying to decide on my triangle loom... I'm thinking about making a 2.5 foot tri loom to start off with and then we'll see how it goes as to whether or not I feel the need for a larger tri loom.  Sheesh, who knew this all was going to be so addictive? 

We are now at Day 42 of logging.  It has left a rancidness in my mind and soul; I am angry, distressed, depressed, shocked and horrified and most of all deeply saddened to see power, money and greed and the true ignorance at work right outside of my own front door! It is an ugly site to behold. 

But then, we never think it will happen to us... it is dealt with in mostly abstractions... how else can we manage the daily barrage of assaults, the magnitude of occurrences of this epidemic of ill behavior upon our psyche and still maintain some modicum of sanity?

For those of you whom have read my other blog posts on this subject and have tired of hearing about it I respect that, and you may just want to stop reading at this point.  However, I also hope that you respect my right to express my distress with a system that is clearly and on a daily basis caving in upon itself, and taking us with it.

There was no warning of the impending doom that had been slated for the woods across my driveway and thus my home. Continually being spoken to as one would to a child and told there is nothing you can do about it; it is another's property and it can be done with as seen fit by the owners (irrespective of how it impacts others who already live here?!).

The environmental impact yet again laughed at as fallacy, something simply contrived by a few poor ignorant alarmist souls whom live in a fantasy world. As the next nail in the coffin of morality slides in almost silently.  The I's and T's have been properly dotted and crossed, appropriate payments to the appropriate authorities, agencies and towns have been paid allowing yet again a blind eye to be turned on the compounding and interconnectedness to each and every similar act occurring hourly around the world.   

One more quiet little forested ecosystem down... X amount to go.  The recipients of the destruction are the powerless and the ones looked upon as the "problem".  How did we get this lost... then again, perhaps we have always been lost and it is just more obvious today with the greater numbers of population... the damage is now flowing rather than the once slow trickle of things yet to come... can we run fast enough to get out of it's way?

To the left is my driveway and the green grass you see is my front lawn

 The leaning tree is directly on my property, this photo was taken while I was standing in my driveway

 A closer up view, I'm still standing in my driveway just at the edge
 To the left is my driveway and straight ahead is where the logging station is where they drag the newly felled trees to be chain sawed into pieces to fit onto the big logging trucks. You cannot see how far back the logging goes but just try to imagine 40 acres. You can see a pile of logs waiting to be picked up.

This shot gives you a better picture of the expanse of the logging, there are clearings all through to the back which you cannot see from this vantage point, as well as going all the way up the hillside and to the road.  A small note to make is that before the logging occurred when I drove down the main road set way above the ledge that my road and house sit on you could not see my house or the road for that matter. Now I can see the cars driving by on the road up at the top of the slope and hear them as though they were coming down my little dirt road!

No there is nothing I can do, sadly I must say, except perhaps to move.  I've been trying desperately to hold on, to try and come up with ways of compensating for the loss of privacy and the new road sounds as well as to block out this new ugliness that has been made of the forest that once stood here just a few brief weeks ago.  The jury is still out as to whether I will be able to overcome my anger and feelings of despair and hopelessness that this act has brought down upon my head... If they stopped logging perhaps I could get on with the business of healing my heart and soul but the daily sounds of trees falling and chain saws bearing down on what must be the few remaining trees keeps it all in the forefront of my mind...


Michelle said…
Those kinds of sounds – "development" sounds – are impossible for me to ignore and greatly agitate me, too. That and helicopters. We had one flying over our area repeatedly several days in a row earlier this year, and they will start again soon as some Christmas tree growers use them during harvest....

I'm sorry, friend.
Tessa~ said…
Your weaving is beautiful.....

You do so much, and I am just starting with a wee bit of knitting. -grin-

Tessa~ said…
You know I (try to, anyway) understand how you are feeling, about the loss of the wonderful stand of trees.... across from you. A horrible example of the old Joni Mitchell song "Big Yellow Taxi." "They paved Paradise, put up a parking lot."

It is sickening. Totally sickening. And how can you find any peace or healing, with having to listen to the continuation of the felling, and sawing up of those trees. It gives me the feeling of a heavy heart, just reading your words. And knowing what you are dealing with, daily. My heart goes out to you.

And I am left, at a loss for words...

Gentle hugs,

Quinn said…
I'm sorry, Beth. It is terrible to feel helpless when things beyond our control force unwanted change upon us. Much sympathy and a big hug, though it isn't much to offer, I'm afraid.
I've already indicated my distaste about this to you and am saddened that everything today seems to hinge on the almighty dollar.
Your two little looms are cute, they bring to mind the round red thing with the pegs I used to have as a girl to do corking. :-)
Oh man friend...your writing about this though from pain is beautiful. You are so right. It reminds me of the children's movie the Lorax. All of the forest animals try to stop man from chopping down the trees but we did not listen. A scary time for me to be a mom for sure. I will be sending you positive vibes. On a really good note your piece is looking beautiful! The colors and the weave are stunning! You hang in there...Nicole
Renee Butchart said…
My heart hurts for you Beth....I hope you can overcome the hopelessness & return to your peaceful life. "Progress" can be a horrible thing!
Hugs, Renee
gilly said…
Firstly I must say that your weaving is just beautiful, and in the midst of your hurt and sadness, I'm glad that you have something so lovely to enjoy. The raw emotion of what you are going through is evident in your writing, and quite honestly makes me want to just come round and give you a hug, and then shout at these dastardly beings that are ruining your beautiful landscape, my prayer for you is that your heart will heal and that you will find peace once again, perhaps some place else - but that whatever happens and wherever you go, you will feel once more that you are exactly where you're supposed to be. Sending love & hugs across the pond, xxx
Carolyn ♥ said…
Not sure how I missed this post... just discovered it this morning on my reader and I am so sorry. Beth my heart weeps for you... and for the trees and for the wildlife... it is a terrible tragedy. But it is out of your control sweet friend... you just have to let it go.... even though it feels horribly bad. Here are some words that bring me comfort... perhaps they will touch your heart dear friend:

"It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is.
It all works out. Don’t worry.
I say that to myself every morning.
It will all work out.
Put your trust in God,
and move forward with faith
and confidence in the future.
The Lord will not forsake us.
He will not forsake us.
If we will put our trust in Him,
if we will pray to Him,
if we will live worthy of His blessings,
He will hear our prayers."
~President Gordon B. Hinckley

These words are from a prophet of God who was mourning the passing of his darling companion and sweetheart of whom he was married to for 67 years. I know his words are true, Beth. I feel them deep within my heart. I know if you experiment upon them you will find great strength to overcome the sadness in your own heart. You are greatly loved by your Father in Heaven and what you care so deeply about... He cares about as well. He will heal your troubled heart if you allow him to do so. Find sweet peace my friend. Always and Forever.
My sweet, compassionate, dear friend, I can sense the magnitude of your pain and how greatly this is impacting you. Please feel free to put your words down on (virtual) paper here however often you need/want. Writing might not be able to undo this attrocity against mother nature, but it may help sooth your soul and mind and a little, and that alone makes it more than worth it. I wish there was more that I could do to help you then to just offer you my complete understanding. Know that you have that, as well as my love and a gentle hug from across the miles for every moment when you feel your spirit dropping and like it needs a reminder of the good in this world.

♥ Jessica
Jennifer Shelby said…
I am late reading this due a sick little one but my heart has gone out to terrible. Are they clearing it for development or simply cutting the wood out? As hard as it can be to believe right now, watching the forest grow begin to grow back in the spring if it's left alone can be incredibly empowering. Nature is so much stronger than we think. But to lose those magic places and the privacy is a devastation I'm all too familiar with.