Gum Tree Lane...

Kashmere Kisses has moved...

Addendum:  Shari just changed the name of her blog so you can now find her at  Okie dokie everybody is accounted for now... I hope anyway! :D

Hey everyone, before you panic Shari's new blog Gum Tree Lane seems to be missing at the moment. I've sent her an email to see what's going on, probably just a Blogger glitch but I'll keep you posted as soon as I know something. We haven't lost our blogging sister, she's just been temporarily misplaced.


Shari LeBlanc said…
Hey lady....I didn't disappear! I know you been a little absent from my blog or maybe missed the post I put up but I changed the name. You know Gum Tree Lane was really only a temporary fix, so now it's all fixed and up and running under my new name.....Sunday Notes!
Here's a link to the new sorry I didn't mean to leave you hanging but I thought I had sent you a private email but then again I think I have sent out over 50 emails I am sure I might have missed a few.
Hugs to you....Shari!
Thanks for sharing the link you! I hope you are staying warm on these cold nights!
Hello hello, thanks for your comment :) I havent had the time to start lifebook but I will once I graduate next year. I think it will be a great experience.

I did get your email and found her blog. Thanks for letting me know where to find it.