Just Another Fall Country Day...

I told you I live in a converted barn... :D
I found this little volunteer right outside of my 3 season porch... anyone know what it is?  If it is just
now blooming in all the cold we have already had I certainly want to nurture the little fella'

Another little volunteer black eyed Susan - it's really close
to the edge of the 3 season porch, which is the only reason I can
explain that it is still blooming!

All that's left of my little climbing black eyed Susans


Quinn said…
I am grateful for the few bits of bright color these days. Except invasive bittersweet!
Chrissie said…
Absolutely beautiful photos, thank you for sharing! :) Chrissie x
Carolyn ♥ said…
And that's when you should blog my sweet friend.... when it makes your heart sing! I'm thinking your little volunteer is some type of echinacea (coneflower) enticed by the warmth reflecting from your home. It will die back in Winter but return in Spring. You will love it. Actually it's really a tender mercy... count your blessings, Beth... you have so many. Far away hugs!
Tessa~ said…
Pretty pics. Glad you wanted to share.

Not to worry, about being changeable, concerning blogging/not blogging. The best way to get in a blogging mode, is to say one is taking a blogging holiday. Or so it seems to me.

Just blog it, when it feels good. What could be a better plan, than that? :-)

Mereknits said…
A beautiful Fall day, how lovely to see it and hear from you!. Now get busy weaving.
Donna said…
Your wreath and entryway are divine - country elegance!
You told us you lived in a converted barn ... but you didn't tell us that it has weathered cedar shingles and looks so AMAZING!! You're so humble Beth. I'm glad you decided to say hello today :) Aren't both those flowers black-eyed Susans? Mine have been finished for over a month now. Seems nothing wants to grow with snow falling from the sky ;] I like the new look on your blog, and also that wreath on your door! Wendy x
So you have been bit by the dreaded blogitis bug...it will go away soon. November is a hard month. But what a lovely place you live in.