Lights Please...

I don't know if any of you remember my post this summer about lamps for my studio but this photo was one of my dream photos for a lamp found on Pinterest.  Of course I never took the extra time to see if I could figure out how to make it and had no clue where it came from... you know how lost you can get on Pinterest sometimes?!  Anyway I am digressing... on Pinterest today I ran across this studio re-design and there was "THE" lamp again but this time with a link to the blog (thank you Beth for your creativity)!  Well I hopped over there so fast it would have put a bunny to shame and this wonderful blogger explained, basically, what she had done to make it.

As I looked closer at the lamp I realized if I took a light kit, one of those barrel shaped lampshades, for which under normal circumstance I am not a fan of, covered it with rusched (spelling anyone?) fabric, added a few buttons and then covered the cord with more fabric and hung it from the ceiling with a hook... voile!!! 

No, no, there is nothing wrong with my lovely new lamps.  I still adore them but I found in the end that the lamps I purchased for my desk were too tall blocking a lot of the natural light from the windows. I relegated them to different spaces in the studio and more or less forgot about it.  Now, not being a sewer who knows how this is going to turn out but I REALLY, REALLY want this light! 

Does anyone do the happy dance anymore?  Well, I am! :D And I went over to Pinterest to look for a recipe for a sugar body scrub! LOL!


Shari LeBlanc said…
I still do the happy dance! Especially when I see things like this....I LOVE IT TOO!
I've also been pondering around on Pinterest all morning....really for the last three days. I can't seen to stop pinning everything!
Enjoy your weekend my friend!
Chrissie said…
Ooo, it's a beauty, and I Happy Dance loads...! Chrissie x
Nancy Claeys said…
That's very cute -- and looks pretty easy to put together. :)
Hi Beth
The lamp is very nice, and I think with your creative talent you should be able to copy it. When I see your own, I'll do the happy dance with you. :-)
I see there's another Grow Your Blog even in January - isn't that where I met you this year? It was fun to participate in.
Mereknits said…
Oh my it is going to look spectacular. My sister Claudia made a lamp with crochet doilies, it turned out amazing. She has it in her kitchen. Can't wait to see what you do.
Quinn said…
I have every confidence that your creation will turn out even more perfect for your space and purpose than the one in the picture. And by the way...getting "lost" on Pinterest? Why, whatewver do you mean?? ;)
Donna said…
Pinterest is so fun and inspiring. I'm so glad that you found out how to make the lamp. Gosh, I am drooling over that desk...
Renee Butchart said…
Goodness Beth, I thought that was a picture of your crafty space & I was going to tell you it is WAY TOO NEAT! I wouldn't dare show mine at the moment. Good luck with your sure to post pictures!
Hugs, Renee
What a cool space!! And I have all the faith in the world that you can knock this out! You are one crafty lady and this would be perfect in your studio! Go for it!!!
KarinsArtScrap said…
this looks great Beth beautiful made.

gr karin
Tessa~ said…
I do 'happy dances'!!! And I certainly am doing one for you! How super! To find something, we have kept in our dreams, for a long while.

Not to worry about not "really" being a sewer. Your dream will guide you. And anyway, it doesn't look all that in-need-of-an-accomplished-sewer. Some hemming here... Some scrunching there. Put a thread through and pull on thread.... Isn't that how to do scrunching???????????????? ,-)

Watch out for the 'Frost Faeries'! ,-)
Tessa~ said…
And thank you so much for noticing my current blog look and Header!!!!! One of the biggest fun parts of blogging for me, is *designing* my blog look and finding Header pics. It is! So I am more than thrilled when a Dear Reader notices.

And You say, I can't change it for ages, hu? -gigggles- Well, before I do change it, I will be sure to take a pic of it, as is, and put it somewhere. It will not disappear forever! But not yet. I still like it too.

Will write an email to you, on how to get a plaid background. I make 'em myself! Easy as pie, 'cause I am not, not, not techy. Will tell you! Love to tell you! I feel like a "Johny Appleseed" of how-to-easily-make-blog-backgrounds. :-))))))))

Watch out for the 'Frost Faeries'! ,-)
Beth, I love that, and yes like you I never read the directions. Usually I read them after it's all done...which can have either really good, or reallllly bad results.