One More...

My muse has been busy the last few days... it's rather nice having her around again! We'll see how long she stays this time :D lol  In the meantime I thought I would share the latest whimsical lady with you, hope you like her...

Thanks for popping by for a visit during this busy, busy time of the year!!! Only 12 more days...  Can you believe that 2013 is already coming to a close? Geez times flies!


Mereknits said…
She is quite beautiful and very mystical. Well done my friend. When you get busy you really get busy.
Shari LeBlanc said…
Hi there Lady! My, you are so talented!!! This is beautiful-{ just beautiful }
Merry Christmas!
Michelle said…
Lovely, yes! I envy you your muse; I haven't done 2-D art in WAY too long….
Very wintry ... I'm glad you started back into painting since you enjoy it. The paintings make a nice set together. Really nice work Beth. I'm back to struggling to get all ends finished before Christmas now. Not panicking yet ;) Wendy x
Pam said…
She's beautiful Beth! Love the background too!
Oh lovely, she is very pretty. You should drop by Patina Moon, and visit with Becca, she illustrates lovely ladies similar to yours.

Tessa~ said…
Oh so pretty!

And I love the white hair. Very Seasonal.

Wish I had white hair. -moan- -pout- -sigh-
Lou Anne Hazel said…
She's lovely! I'm so glad your muse is busy inspiring you. I love the snow on your blog too!
Seriously friend....I have no words for just how beautiful your work is! Amazing!!! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!!!
jengd said…
She's gorgeous! I love the colors you used!
Tessa White said…
Dec. 18

So confusing.... -sighhhhh- I lost all ability to access my blogs. Had to make a new blog.

Hope this will bring you to it....

'Here there be musing' blog

She is the color of her eyes! I'm partial to blue eyes! Happy holidays!
Tessa White said…
Dec. 19

Thank you Dear One! For following my cookie-crumb-trail. :-))))

"Here there be musing" blog
Tessa White said…
Dec. 19

You have followed my 'cookie-crumb-trail' to my new blog. :-))))))

"Here there be musing" blog
Tessa White said…
Dec. 22

No posting here, for a while... Hope all is well... And you are just busy.... Or choosing to not spend as much time, in Pretty Blog Land, at this time of year.

Gentle hugs,
"Here there be musing" blog
Just popping in to wish you a wonderful New Year and only good things in 2014.
CATHY said…
she is a beauty - happy new year. hope your muse visits for a long time!