A New Year and more excitement...

Hi Everyone
I have toyed with the idea of a wordpress blog for some time and I have finally decided to make the move, which is why I have been MIA lately from visiting all of your blogs... I am sorry but I'll get caught up, promise! :D  This will be my last post here at "A Few Words"... I hope you will all join me at my new blog for the new adventure, (update) http://elisabetpollockstudio.wordpress.com/ closed and moved back here to Blogger.


You too! A number of blogs I follow have changed. Have you done all the work yourself Beth? I hope you'll do a post of why you switched and what you like better.
Good luck!
Shari LeBlanc said…
Well you know me.....I will follow you anywhere. See you on the other side of blogger space!!!
xx Shari
YAY!!!! There you are!!! I will jump on over friend!!!
Mereknits said…
I was wondering where you popped off to. I will put you new blog address in and see you there.
Donna said…
New beginnings are always exciting! Congratulations on making the leap.

I see that you just signed up to follow my Wordpress blog. If you will note, I haven't updated it in quite a while. I claimed the domain over there at a time when blogger was causing all kinds of problems. I thought I was going to have to move to Wordpress, but the blogger problems ironed themselves out. In the meantime, I only keep that blog address as a contingency. You can continue to find any new posts on blogger.
Best of luck, with the move!!!! Good for you. I have tried to move my blog, but it never worked out. But that's me.

Hope you have grrrrreat luck and are very, very at home and happy, in your new place.

Oooo .... I like the title with "Studio" in there ;) Looking forward to your new venture ... best of luck! Wendy x