A Little Crochet Never Hurt Anyone...

Now what with my selling off my spinning wheel and drum carder I bet some of you are wondering if I am giving up my love affair with working with woolly fibers... no way!  I've just realized I need to trade in my knitting needles for crochet hooks.  With the fibro I've learned, rather painfully I might add, that I can't handle complex patterns such as the ones I love for lace!  I just can't get through a project it seems... I start out, make mistakes, do my best to correct them and knit on.  Unfortunately, sooner or later in the project I get to a mistake that I just can't fix and it requires a start over.  Perhaps if I learn to use a life line when I am knitting lace?... well, anyway this has been the long way around to share a lovely crocheted lace pattern from my friend Olga over at Lacy Crochet.

Isn't this just lovely?  I think I am going to try my hand at this little blanket/throw as I am much, much better at crochet than I am at knitting and I need to feel a success under my belt.  It's been a while!

You should pop over to Olga's blog as she has many of her original designs on offer for free or for a small fee in her Etsy shop.

Hope you all are enjoying a pleasant day... it's pouring rain here... great for the flowers and great for picking up a woolly project to work on! :D


KarinsArtScrap said…
your friends blanket looks fab Beth.
hope I see you when you have your new pc.
Gr Karin
Donna said…
That is lovely! I never could get the hang of crochet or knitting. Oh well, I've had plenty of other things that have snagged my attention. Best wishes on the new project!
LisaS said…
Love that shade of green. Beautiful crochet work.
Mereknits said…
I say knit and crochet, but life is too short to be worrying about all that lace. Make something simple with yarn you love. Take a break and rest your wrists and hands.
Quinn said…
I'll just say this: I have never regretted putting in a lifeline. ;)