I know you all are thinking I am a few threads short of a blanket...

I've moved back home to Blogger.  Although I liked some of the features on Wordpress most of my friends are on Blogger and many said they were having trouble leaving comments.  In the end I decided to just come back home.  I have taken down my Wordpress blog so you will find me here at Blogger from now on babbling away as usual.


Pam said…
I've moved my blog around too!! But, even though blogger has glitches, I still find it the easiest to use! I've still been following you here too, so all is good!
-giggles- nope! i'd not call you even one thread short of a blanket, hon!

adventurous bloggers have tried moving. i have. "pam" above in comments, has. like i said, adventurous gals have!!!!!!!! so there!

and we understand, whatever our own reasons were, for trying. and we understand how we came to the conclusion, that it didn't work.

and we had the guts to simply abandon the failed project. guts, yes, guts. 'cause it never feels good, to admit we made a mistake.

but we didn't really make a mistake!!!! we tried. trying is never a mistake. :-))))))

so you just settle back in here, my dear. wiggle around in familiar surroundings. let folks know you have moved. (as you did with me, thank you) and soon, it will be as if you never wandered down a different path....

but!!!! it is still great that you did wander down a different path, for a bit. adventure gives spice, to life!!!!!

gentle hugs,

Mereknits said…
Hooray, I am just happy you are back no matter where you choose to blog.
Donna said…
Well, THERE you are! I had a bit of a panic when I saw the Bloglovin' feed to your wordpress site say that it had been deleted. So I was wondering (hoping) that you were coming back to Blogger. I'll get you fixed right up on my Bloglovin' list then! {{{hugs}}}
Annie Cholewa said…
What Meredith said! I thought about moving knitsofacto away from Blogger, but in the end moving to my own domain seemed like quite enough. Happy blogging x