Pumpkin Espresso OR Earl Grey Lattes...

It's fall, well no surprise there but that also means some of our favorite seasonal beverages are making the rounds again!  With money being so tight for many of us I have been looking for alternatives to my beloved Starbucks... I know, I know... but what's a girl to do?  Go without entirely?  Not a chance!  In that spirit I was out blog hopping and discovered two fabulous new blogs and the following link you to the recipes.

You know I have to try them out but in the meantime I figured I would also share it with those of you who share my love of everything pumpkin, and perhaps Earl Grey tea? You will find the full recipes over at the creators' blogs. First, over at Korilynn's blog "One Cheap Utah Chick".

Next is Ali from Gimme Some Oven with a recipe for a latte. It uses Earl Grey tea as the base, yummm! (However I think I might leave out the lavender...)

You will find lots of creative and "cheap" recipes over at both Korilynn's blog and Ali's blog
 So, you are waiting for...?


It is good to try new things isn't it. xx