Custom Dress Form

I don't know about all of you but I have been drooling over vintage dress forms for a couple of years now.  Of course I can't afford to have one of the gorgeous custom made dress forms and certainly can't afford a vintage one.  Next best thing? Make one!

Now, let's qualify that comment a tad first.  I have been on Pinterest for unusual amounts of time the past few weeks and today I was rewarded. I found a homemade version of a dress form that doesn't require one wrapping themselves in papier mache or duct tape and looks absolutely fabulous. Translation?  I just have to make one.  Don't worry, I am going to post the link to the gal's blog that was so stinkin' creative - just in case you want to make one for yourselves ... 
OK -
You start with these supplies:

And end up with this!

Holy Cow!  One can't be much more creative than this!!! So here is Susan's blog link to her post for making the dress form.  You should spend some time over at Susan's blog poking around because she has some great ideas... not that any of us is short on ideas...I'm just sayin' !


KarinsArtScrap said…
wow this is gorgeous.
your so creatieve Beth
Gr Karin
LindaLee said…
Holy Cow! Is that the neatest thing or what? Love it!
Mereknits said…
This is an incredible idea, people are just so creative. Love the new name and I can't wait to see all you create.
Annie Claxton said…
Wow! What a fantastic idea! Love it! and I think I may have an unloved old standard lamp out in the garage, if hubby didn't give it to the charity shoop already ... thanks for the inspiration :o)