Just a Few More Tweaks...

Those of you whom have been followers of my blog for a while know that I am fickle with the look of my blog... so many beautiful blog designs and only one blog... what's a girl to do?  Change her blog look regularly, that's what a girl is to do, lol!  Anyway, this girl!!!

You will recall the devastation that occurred at Mossberry Cottage with the logging and how much it affected my feelings about my home.  Well, of course that carried over to my blog back then because my blog was filled with the wonderment I felt about my "little piece of nirvana" and I wrote about it often.  That all changed with what I am calling "Black August" 2013 when all the trees came down. Since then I have been on a quest for a new blog name and a look that would match the many metamorphoses that I and my art have gone through over the past few years.

It is difficult to come up with a name suitable for a very eclectic muse...but I think I have finally done it.  Thus the new name on my blog... I think this one is going to stick.  The new name covers my art style and it's diversity while also accomplishing helping me to ring in my upcoming 60th birthday, *GASP*  I certainly don't feel 60, whatever that is supposed to feel like and of course there are the standard platitudes of, "you are only as old as you feel", blah, blah, blah... you get the point.  Nonetheless, I turn 60 on November 26th and I am going to celebrate that rather than dread it!!!

Although since I have returned to my beloved blog and loving friends I have shown a change in my art form it does not signal a defiance towards my woolly love, just a readjustment after spending the better part of a year learning the ins and outs of playing with wool and yarn, and discovering what I liked and disliked.   I am turning out to be a terrible knitter no matter how hard I try and rather ending up being a better crocheter.  A big disappointment in one sense in that I love the way knitting looks... I may try again some time down the road but for now my needles are silent.  I have come back around to mixed media and expect to be playing with this medium for a while now that the winds of art have swept my muse in this direction... remember I have a very eclectic muse.

So, you can expect to see an eclectic show of many different projects and I hope you enjoy the crazy ride that happens under the roof of the newly christened: The Whimsical Dowager!


LindaLee said…
Love your new name and look forward to continuing to keep up with all the beautiful things you make and what goes on in your life.
Happy Birthday ahead of time and turning 60 is "a piece of cake" so to speak. I turned 68 in March and I love my age. When they say it's all in your mind, they're right.
Seeing you getting back into your blog has inspired me to start paying more attention to my own. I spent 44 days this past summer in the hospital and got behind on nearly everything. Got to get back out there again! Thank you for your post.
LindaLee at "Love'N My Stitches"
Donna said…
A new name, a new look, a new direction. Sounds like plan for the 6th decade of your life! Best wishes to you, sweetie.
Pam said…
Hi Beth! I always enjoy any project you share, so it will be nice to see an eclectic mix!! Even though knitting didn't catch on, at least you can still crochet some beautiful things!! It's about time I get my yarns out too! Take care!