Hi everyone! Well, it's another WOYWW week and as usual we can thank Julia for this wonderful day of sneak peaks at every one's desks and ongoing projects!  Do pop by her blog Stamping Ground if you have no idea what I'm talking about and she will explain!!! :D

This is my desk as of late last night.  I know, what's with all the wire lately?!  Beats me, my muse is in charge and one never knows when she starts swinging paint brushes, glitter, glue and paper around the studio.  Seems we are on a wire kick right now so...

That DIY dress form I shared several weeks ago got me to thinking about making forms for dolls and making them with papier mache.  I've gotten most of the form shaped but am pondering exactly how to approach the next step.  I'm toying with the idea of making her neck and head as a soft sculpture doll and her bodice with papier mache but the dress part I'm still unsure about.  I'm thinking fabric using a fabric stiffener or perhaps crumpled and dyed tissue paper in different layers and colors... must ponder some more while my muse makes up her mind.

Just in case you are not familiar with the soft sculpture dolls I'm talking about here is the first cloth art doll I ever made:

and, before you ask, the horse is still not finished... it was supposed to have copper metal rods as supports for his legs but I couldn't get the papier mache to stick to them so I went to the pondering stage.  Well you all I am sure know the danger of the pondering stage... some other project has the potential to sneak in leaving your pondered project left unfinished.  Really need to get back to him!


LindaLee said…
You're first doll is beautiful! How tall is she? You are so inspiring to me, and I'm sure, many others. I love stopping in here.

This is something completely out of the realm of my experience! How fascinating! I hope to see what becomes of that wire frame soon! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #30
Ali H said…
Looks a fascinating project you have underway ! Can't wait to see where your pondering takes you ! Ali #51
Pat Taviss said…
It is such fun to see what others are doing in their own crafty corners of the world. Thanks for sharing.

Pat #50
Pat Taviss said…
It is such fun to sneak a peak at what other people are doing in their crafty corner of the world. Thanks for sharing.

Pat #50
Chrysalis said…
Ooh, that's really exciting - can't wait to see where you go with it! Your first doll is lovely - I did one a few years ago at a workshop weekend. I'll look it out in the loft, and post a pic when I do. Have a great week, Chris # 15
Diana Taylor said…
Looks like a really interesting project you have there. I love your first doll - she's fantastic. Thank you for stopping by my desk earlier - hope you have a great week,
Diana #38
It looks and sounds as though you are going to be very busy having lots of fun! xx
Angela Radford said…
Love the wire form, look forward to seeing the project finished. Happy crafting, Angela x 28
Hammers said…
Thanks for the visit earlier Beth. I absolutely love this idea. How clever are you! The first doll is gorgeous. Cx #44
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Oh, I can ponder and procrastinate with the best of them! Lol... Love your wire thingy, look forward to seeing how that turns out but most of all, I adore that doll. Wow, she is amazing! A doll artist called Mary Ann Tate used to join in on Wednesdays, haven't seen her for a while, she did similar sculptures. I am amazed at the levels of patience you must have!!
Hugs, LLJ 22 xx
Hettie said…
So that is why I go from project to project...it is my muse causing me to do that!! I will have to tell Hubby that next time he goes on about all my half finished projects!! He blames it on me being a Gemini!
Love your doll. She is gorgeous.
I had to giggle at your comment. I have two treddle machines (one needs service) and I do love to use it for doing curtains...therapeutic. I also have three very old hand machines. I had one that had been converted to electric but I sent it to Africa!! I haven't introduced Timmy to those yet!
Thanks for your visit.
Hettie said…
PS My sewing machine is officially worn out. Took it to be serviced but the mother board is worn out! Shame as we had some great fun together.
Hettie said…
PS My sewing machine is officially worn out. Took it to be serviced but the mother board is worn out! Shame as we had some great fun together.
Pam said…
I like the idea of a wire doll base, hope your muse makes up her mind!! :)
Shel C said…
Oh this is interesting and thought provoking . I have never even thought to make a doll! Perhaps I shall give this a try in the near future... After the holiday craziness is past :) thanks for sharing and for stopping by my desk earlier :) Shel #48
Lizzie said…
Hi Beth, thanks for visiting me at LizzieMade blog!

Wow! to the sculpture!
The doll is quite amazing - I'm sure once you sort out the "how's" and "why's" of the new one, it will be equally fabulous.
I like the horse as it is - it reminds me of an ancient, classical sculpture. You could've dug it out of the Pompeii ruins...

Mereknits said…
It is amazing to me you can contemplate any of this, you are so talented my friend.
April Story said…
I look forward to seeing the doll take shape. I just love your work. April #43
April Story said…
Hi Beth. Thank you for visiting my blog. That is an Explore you see in the background. You are going to love it. Just size your project and hit go. The software separates all of your colors by mat. So all you have to do is put the paper on the mat and load. :-)
April #43
liniecat said…
A pal of mine once used different sized old wire lampshades to make an almost life sized form. those rounded 'mop cap' wire supports, that granted are not so easily picked up in car boot sales - but do occasionally turn up.
Karon said…
Thanks for stopping by. I love that you are making your own sculptures with wire. Now this is just a thought. Could you use drywall tape and drywall liquid (what ever they call it)/ You know when they are taping drywall, it is all wet and I wonder if you could use it to form your sculptures, maybe easier than paper mache on the wire? Anyways, just a thought :-) Have a great week.
Shoshi said…
Gorgeous, Beth. I'd never have thought that was possible! Love it. As for the "pondering stage" this usually turns into "back burner" with me and then as you say, other projects intervene! My back burner must be overflowing by now lol!

Thanks for your lovely comment. So glad you like what I've been up to lately. I'm so nearly finished now, and it will be strange not to be working on this book any longer.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #35
Eliza said…
Well this is one really interesting blog post thanks for the look into your world. Have you tried wrapping tape around and around the copper twisting as you go, having sticky and non sticky ending up both sides of the pipe in a really random fashion, you can then apply the paper mache over the top. I did it once on giraffe's legs. I am intrigued by your dress form and where it is going. Love your first doll she is a looker indeed. Thanks for visiting.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 61
Belated WOYWW Greetings
Patsy Paterno said…
Hi Beth! I have been planning to make paper mache dolls with wire forms too! I am going to look through your past posta because I've suddenly been excited! :^) patsy
Thanks so much for visiting my blog Beth. I love your doll.If this is you first Art Doll, I have to look back and see later ones. Love Dress forms myself!!I have them all over the house.They are just so ..??I don't know the word I'm searching for, but they're great!
Until next time.
happy creating.
Judy xx
Stacy Sheldon said…
you know what? the first thing that caught my attention is I LOVE the name of your blog :) the dressforms look like such an amazing thing to do :) the paper kraft doilies on my desk came from a craft store called Micheals in the US that has its own "brand" they call recollections. I think M's has an online site now but, I am not sure about that I tend to stop in there in person once and a while. Thanks for the visit, ~Stacy #57
Kyla said…
ooh love your earlier art doll, it will be interesting to see how this one turn out.

Thanks for visiting my desk already
Emma Made said…
Wow so very creative! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it! xx
sandysewin said…
Haha, your note on my blog cracked me up, Beth. Yes, I know all about telling yourself you simply CANNOT take on another type of project, only to find all your money spent on supplies and you in the midst of it. :-)

The past couple of years my mantra has been "focus." I've been learning to focus on getting accomplished at a few things, which is much harder work, I've found, rather than dabbling in many things.

The temptation is always there, but I remind myself that every time I dabble in something new, I'm taking away from getting truly skilled at something else.

Personally, I think polymer clay would be a nice addition to your art dolls. :-)

Happy creating, in whatever media!

Sandy (http://keepsakecrafts.net)
Bridget Larsen said…
wow you are a unique designer, I cant wait to see all the final products of what you are creating out of that wire
Bridget #4
RosA said…
Well, I'm interested to see what you will do with the wire form?
Thanks for dropping by too and for your kind comment. Better late than never ... although it is Wednesday again :)
Tee said…
Wow Beth! I am amazed at the creativity put into that doll!
She is stunning! Cant wait to see what you decide on with the wire frame!! Gets the wheels rolling! Lol! Happy Creating! Hugs,Tee
Laura said…
Hi, I'm returning a visit from last week -- sorry I'm late! Good luck with all of your projects. Happy WOYWW from Laura #53 (last week)
Your art doll is gorgeous. What a difference to be an artist and know how to paint a beautiful face! WOW! Happy holidays my friend! Hugs, Diane