Five on Friday - Installation 2

Wow does time fly!  I can't believe I haven't blogged a single word since just before Christmas... YIKES.  However, I have been busy with lots of projects, and a Big unexpected one but more on that later.  Today is Five on Friday and you haven't popped over to hear me whine :D

If you are new here,  Five on Friday is a meme hosted by Amy over at Love Made My Home. Every Friday a different group of us post five things that have significance to us, which obviously leaves the whole oyster open to subject matter!

This week my Five are:

1. New projects on the ole' crochet hooks.  I've never been one to be able to discipline myself to work on one project at a time to completion before beginning another.  Generally I have at least 5 or more projects going at once, which also explains why it takes me so long to finish any one WIP! Alas, discipline has never been one of my strong points, lol.  I'm rather like a butterfly flitting from one pretty flower to another! :D  Anyway, three of my current WIP's...  Did I also mention that I am one of the tortoises of the crochet world?! LOL!

This is my first attempt with this particular pattern and I am really loving it!  I purchased this lovely heathered grey wool along with the white from Knitpicks over the summer during one of their sales. Although I love color I have always had an attraction to the contrast between neutral lights and darks. Once this throw is finished I am going to start one using colors... so stay tuned :D

I've have been in love with the African flower pattern ever since I first saw it a couple of years ago.  Again, this is my first go at this pattern and it is put together a little differently than the traditional by not ending in octagon shapes.  Not to worry though, once this one is finished I am chomping at the bit to make an octagon African Flower throw.  There was just something that drew me to the colors this pattern used and I was lucky enough to have just those colors in my stash!

I don't know if any of you recall last year around this time I began working on a pale yellow Willow square pattern but it has greatly evolved since then.  At first I was planning on making it in solid pale yellow.  After making the squares I decided some soft contrast was needed so I ripped out the last two rows leaving just the central portion of the Willow square.  It has taken some trial and error and a lot of pondering until I finally decided on the white border.  I wish my old computer had not died before I could move my photos over to my external hard drive so I could show you the before and after...  but I am really loving the lacy border I came up with.  The squares are weighing in at a hefty 10" each so I may not even have to add the lacy border I had in mind once the squares are all stitched together... we'll have to wait and see...

2.  A short story of a tiny villain - a couple living in a 100+ year old converted barn,
and Sir Raphael the cat.

THE VILLAIN - the Mouse
 SIR RAPHAEL - the Hero


Living very rural in the woods of New Hampshire in an over 100 year old converted barn comes with many pleasures as well as some unexpected not so pleasant things.  Of course power outages are frequent, getting snowed in also happens often but one thing I had never given much thought to until just recently is - MICE!!!

Of course I have my precious Raphael, my brown tiger kitty but he is getting on in years and due to diabetes this past summer his eye sight has diminished severely.

I find now that I greatly under estimated Raphael's mousing prowess!  The mice have sensed this change in hunting behavior and have been, unbeknownst to me, enjoying themselves immensely in my yarn stash as well as my rather large quilting fabric stash. Eating and all the other nasty messes they make I have lost almost half of my fabric as well as two quilts that were almost completed!!!  I was beside myself but then I decided this is just a natural part of living a rural life. So, once again my studio is torn apart while I clean, throw out the damaged items and await the arrival of new plastic storage bins with snap shut lids. I'm trying to put my big girl panties on and just deal with it but when I start thinking about it tears do come to my eyes... c'est la vie!!!  Lesson learned!!!

3. Some of the things I love seeing in the winter. An early morning with the sun glistening off the fresh snow that fell the night before sparkling like a field of tiny diamonds scattered all over the ground; the huge icicles that form off the sides of the porch where the sun hits during mid-day melting the piles of snow sitting on the roof only to turn quickly into long crystal ice daggers hanging perilously in the air.

(image courtesy Google images)

4. My antique 1918 hand crank Singer Sewing Machine.  I actually sold off my precious way too complicated Bernina 1630 computerized baby for this simple but fantastic model.  Her name is Madeline - she is so easy to use and the stitches are gorgeous!  I am amazed at how much control one has with a hand cranked machine!  Best of all even when the power goes out I can still sew!

please excuse all the stuff on the table around her... I told you my studio is in complete disarray due to the mouse issue.  I will upload pictures once the studio is put back together again, hopefully in a week or so.

5.  My current reading material, aside from my precious Stampington Press magazines of course is

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Your works in progress are gorgeous! I love your first piece up there friend! And oh the mice!!! We have had some issues as well... I could use a cat to help me out! And wild.... Loving it...reading it and saw the movie.... Very moving. Stay warm friend!! Nicole xo. And my post won't be going up as I dropped my computer. Happy weekend! Nicole xo
Lovely things - well, apart from the mice! Great to see some of your WIP's and to know that I am not the only one with multiple things on the go - seems to be quite common in most crafters! Although you love using Madeline, I hope that you don't have to use her too much because of power outages! Hope you have a great weekend, thank you for joining in! xx
CJ said…
So sorry about all the mouse damage, that is such a shame. I do hope you're able to salvage most things. It sounds like you need a whole posse of cats! Your sewing machine is a thing of beauty, a real treasure. I really enjoyed your Five post, and I do hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx
Pam said…
All your wip's look fantastic!! I haven't crocheted a thing for a couple months :) Even though the mouse is eating your quilts, he's sure cute :p
KarinsArtScrap said…
what great and beautiful crochets Beth.

Gr Karin
Hi Beth,

Such a great blog, just found you via Amy Five on Friday!, Love the WIP and I am the same always have about 4-5 on the go with a list that grows daily!, great picture of the snow, have a nice weekendxx
Alison said…
Oh no, what bad mice! What a mess they must have made. I love your WIPs Beth. The willow square is beautiful and looks right with a contrasting border. I used to have a Singer machine like that! I'm afraid to say that I'm not sure what happened to it - it may still be at my parents house. Wishing you a super weekend, lovely lady! xx
Hi I'm Julie at Julie's Lifestyle and I'm stopping by for the five on friday. I love all of your WIP crochet projects. I too have the same problem as you and I seem to get bored with a project and work on something else! I just wrote a post about that and now I know I'm not the only one. Enjoy your Friday.
Julie xo
Hi Beth, I'm now following you by GFC and bloglovin. It's so nice to meet you.
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle
Mereknits said…
First of all as I am reading about the mouse I glance over to the right often your blog and there is one sewing so maybe the little one just wanted to sew. Love all of your crochet, so beautiful. Sending you a Winter hug,
Mary Anne Komar said…
Be careful! Mice will chew through the plastic containers!
Joanne Wilson said…
Yes it is impossible to have less than one project on the go. They keep on mounting up here & quite possibly some more next week. What a shame about the mice. Hope you can get it sorted xx
daffodilwild said…
Love this post, the 5 projects on the go and a level of creative chaos chimes with me and I have just discovered the African flower and have had such joy making a pile of them to edge a throw. The sisterhood of blogland is heartwarming!
Nightmare about your stash, that is really annoying, I'd be fuming. I'm like you, loads of WIPs on the go at once. Never tried African flower pattern, keep meaning to have a bash at it.