Grow Your Blog 2015

Welcome Everyone!
(picture heavy post so please be patient as the photos load)

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Today begins the long awaited 2015 Grow Your Blog hosted by the fabulous Vicki over at 2 Bags Full.  I believe, if memory serves, this is the 3rd year now that Vicky has generously hosted this wonderful party to bring more of the online arty-crafty sisterhood together.  Thank You Vicki and Big HUGS my sister in yarn!!! :D  But I am digressing a bit... if you don't know what I am talking about pop over to the link above and indeed that is probably a great place to begin as Vicky is the keeper of the "blog lists and links" of all of this year's participants.

You will see my blog listed in two places because I am not only a participant but also a helper.  That having been said if you have questions or problems you can also ask one of the "helpers" for assistance rather than having to wait for Vicky to be able to get around to you.  So, let the Party Begin!!!

You have arrived safely I see... please come in and have some tea and scones.  Feel free to wander about and any questions just ask.  I do hope you will leave me a comment so I know you have been here.  I will be out and about today as I make my rounds to your blogs! I can only invite you as far as the doorway of my studio today because of a mousie problem (you can read more about that here and here (if you are curious). Don't worry, plenty of photos are below to help tell my blogging story.

I almost forgot to mention that I am having a giveaway to accompany this party.  The winner will be picked randomly from those of you that leave me a comment that you were here.  It has been decided that all giveaways connected with our party will be announced on February 15th 2015.  So, make sure to leave me a comment and your blog url or email if you are a no-reply blogger so I can contact the winner.  The prize is a secret... as I am involved with so many different media I actually have not quite decided yet what the gift will be but I think you will love it no matter what I decide on, IMHO! (giggle)! No other requirement aside from a comment and blog url or email if you don't have a blog to be entered. One entry per person... duplicate comments will be removed in order to be fair.  I know you understand!  

Goodness, where are my manners?  My name is Beth (really Elizabeth but I'm just not good at being a Liz so I have stuck with my childhood name of Beth, named by my bestest ever friend way back when) :D  DH and I live in rural New Hampshire in a 100+ year old converted barn on an old farm in the woods down a long dirt road.  It is idyllic, especially when you consider that I was once a NYC girl!!!  Times do change (giggle). I love being a country girl!!!

As you can see by my blog photo, I am rather shy so my representative's photo is there in my place... a little kitten looking out at the camera with eyes filled with wonderment and curiosity, which is basically me minus the whiskers, fur and cute little paws :D

I dabble in so many different things it could make one's head spin, actually it does make me dizzy quite often.  I am one of those people that wants to experience the world's wonderful offerings and not really be concerned with becoming a master in any particular area. There is just so much out there I couldn't imagine just focusing my life on a single thing!  I get bored easily and I love learning new crafts and techniques so as another blogging sister - friend of mine put it, "...[m]y blog is a repository for memories of my experiences, my own personal therapist, and my playground, all rolled into one. It can be a bit of a messy place, at times, and I'm okay with that..."  In essence, my blog has no particular focus besides me talking to my cyber friends and sharing the joys of learning and creating within the confines of the online art sisterhood!  I often share links to links for great projects I find while on one of my frequent bloggy days, as I call them, as well as my home, my garden and my art. Okay, enough talking... let the tour begin:

 Did I mention we get a fair bit of snow in the winter? (giggle)

A couple of works in progress, a crocheted scarf out of 100% cotton yarn 
 Shawl in progress in raspberry and a heathered light blue yarn from Harrisville Designs.  Did I mention I live 5 minutes from them?  Very dangerous to live that close to such a great and famous yarn and weaving shop, plus mill!
 What would a converted barn be without a red door?

Our tiny kitchen (once upon a time not too long ago my blog was called Mossberry Cottage - long story for another time).

The beginnings of some weaving on my adjustable rectangle loom

My little writing corner on our porch.  It is quite cozy and a wonderful place to take a little summer snooze.

The sliding glass doors out to the screened in porch are right off the living room.  Of course what would an old converted barn be without some exposed beams?

Because the ceilings in our converted barn are only 7 feet tall having a true canopy bed didn't work out so this is my adaptation of one

My work-space set up in the bedroom where I pay bills and such

One of my favorite features of my house is this screened in 4 season porch.  I spend a great deal of time out there in the spring, summer and fall.  Winter is a bit more iffy but with a small space heater it is quite cozy.  And of course my wildflower garden that surrounds the porch.

 My Studio this past summer -  (for current photos look here)
when I installed the white cubical storage units on the right wall.  Yes, yes, I have a LOT of STUFF because I am involved in many different forms of arts and crafts, isn't everyone?  My big goal for my studio is to get everything off the floor and into storage bins to clean up that cluttered look and feel... it really makes me kind of crazy... can't work in messy places, lol!
Oh, the raven (yes, I know she is a crow but please don't tell her), sitting on my triangle handmade chandelier piece is "Nevermore" my faithful raven who watches over me and my studio.

This wall is/was my fabric storage for the most part and where the mice have gotten into.  You will see what I am talking about if you look at the post of my studio in devastation mode just below this post; and where everything has been pulled out, including the drawer towers, to be replaced with snap shut lidded see-thru storage bins.  As you can imagine I am in overwhelmed mode at the moment!

I don't know if you can see them but the purple cubicals on the bottom close to the floor, on either side of the bright green binder are full of yarn and yes the mice really did damage there so they are all being replaced as well. The pink cubical in the middle of the storage unit there contains my leather pieces for my jewelry making and believe it or not the mice got into there too!  I don't know what to do about that one but obviously I have to do something...

My copper kitty outside our front door with brrrrrrrr, frozen whiskers!

Did I mention that here in New Hampshire we don't mess around when it comes to our snow? (giggle)  This is my meadow to the left of my house. In the summer it is filled with wildflowers, quite lovely and wild.

 One of our recent snow storms... yes, those are snowflakes falling!!! (giggle)

Last year I became addicted to antique hand crank Singer sewing machines. I have 3 now, one is from 1891, 1914 and this is my main girl from 1918!  She sews beautifully, so much so that I sold my fancy dancy Bernina 1630 computerized model!  I have a little electric workhorse Brother Machine for fancy stitches for my quilts and for doing free-motion quilting.  I actually learned to hand quilt this past summer so I am gently taking some steps back into time... what fun!

A "Willow" pattern crocheted block for a throw for the sofa in the living room.
Only 17 more squares to go!  I love this pattern so much I actually have another one started in a lovely indigo blue but I have yet to decide on the trim color, perhaps a heathered grey or a dusty sea foam green?

Well my friends, that is the quick tour of some of the parts of my life here in the woods.  I have enjoyed having you here for a visit and do hope you will feel inclined to visit again.  The doors at the Whimsical Dowager are always open so do stop by anytime of day or night - even in your jammies. Isn't the Internet great? I didn't say perfect but we do have the power to make it a great and fun place... Don't forget to leave your comment to be entered in my giveaway.  If you don't have a blog just leave me your email address.

Hugs and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your 2015 Grow Your Blog Party!!!


Hi Elizabeth.I had fun looking around your home and studio.Your home has lots of character.

Hope you enjoy this Blog Party and please enter me in the Mystery Giveaway!
RedSetter said…
What a lovely blog with the added attraction of a light dusting of snow! It is lovely to meet you Beth and I shall look forward to following you and coming back to hear more.
Love and Hugs
My Cats:
Sunshine Girl said…
Oooh what a fun place to live! yes you do have a lot of crafty stuff but you are right I think we all do! mine is spread throughout several rooms although my dining room has now officially become my studio as my OH has started working from home and had my craft room as a study and there was no way I was going to share! Loving all that snow you have there - desperately waiting for some to hit England as I love the snow. I have found you through the Grow Your Blog sign up list as I cant find the blog list this morning and am desperate to get visiting new blogs! Have a great day. Sunshine Girl.
what a lovely home you have. I lived in Exeter, N.H. for many years and loved NH very much. I am back in MA now where I was raised, and though I loved my years in NH I wouldn't ever want to leave my home. I would love a chance to win your giveaway and am a new follower of your blog. Please come by and visit my blog and follow if you would like.
Fil said…
HI Beth
Lovely to meet you here on the Grow Your Blog Party - your work if fabulous - I'm a total craft amateur in comparison lol One of these days I'll put a photo of my work space which is more cluttered with sheet music and CDs than crafts - but there's always wool in sight - oh and paints, buttons and coloured pens.
I was in New Hampshire a few years ago - it's a beautiful part of the world. Thank goodness I missed the snow :)
Have fun today looking around all the blogs ... I'm one of the helpers too and really looking forward to the day.
Best wishes from a very grey Ireland
Fil at Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories
Quinn said…
Hi Beth - what a lovely photo-tour of your place - I think you've done a lot of work since last I saw it. Sorry to hear about the mouse situation. All too familiar to me! My car is especially vulnerable, and I have learned the hard way to never, EVER, leave handknits in the car :(
I did not realize you are THAT close to the Harrisville Designs...that must be dangerously wonderful!
I love the pale yellow you chose for your Willow afghan - just my cup of tea.
KarinsArtScrap said…
wow Beth what a lot and gorgeous pictures.
love you house it looks fab and the inside to.
you are a busy woman with lots of crafting.
Nice to see you are working on some projects.

Gr Karin
gpc said…
It is so much fun to meet so many new bloggers! You have SO many talents, I am in awe. :)
Aunt Marti said…
Beth, on behalf of Vicki at 2 Bags Full, welcome to "Grow Your Blog" day! You've certainly grown your blog by one follower -- me!
I love the photos of Mossberry Cottage, and 5 minutes to Harrisville Yarns! Squeee!
Dear Beth,Welcome to Grow Your Blog party. I love Snow.. and your art space really looks pretty..
Hope you'll made some new friends and have new followers in the weeks to come. Big Hugs from Singapore
Boud said…
What an idyllic place! and that sewing machine is the kind we had at school in the, um, um, fifties...

Love your tapestry loom, too. I make mine from artist stretchers and picture frames, love freeform tapestry. I'm signing up to follow you and envy your porch. And your wildflowers!
Sandi Moran said…
Loved my first blog visit. Thank you for helping with this wonderful project. I've put you on my list to visit regularly.
Emily C said…
Wow, you are into a little bit of everything. I am the same way. Over the years I have painted model kits, sewed doll dresses and full size dresses, carved balsa wood, made indian beedwork, crocheted, knitted, and quilted. My latest is the Metal Earth kits.
Ida said…
Sorry about not getting my link up. I've been ill all week and just have not been on the computer. I'll try again next year.
So lovely to read a bit more about you and see more of your beautiful home Beth! It really is a lovely place and must be very inspiring! xx
Michele T said…
You have a beautiful home!!! Thanks for sharing in the hop!!
kathyinozarks said…
Hi Elizabeth, I so enjoyed the tour of your home and studio. I love to dabble in lots of different things too-mostly in the fiber crafts.
I have a giveaway too-so if you have the chance please stop by.
enjoyed meeting you
Skootchover said…
Hi Beth. Thank you for helping with the party. I really appreciated your kind words on my blog ( Your home and surroundings are lovely - what a place to nourish creativity! Your blog is a lot of fun. -Colleen
Hi Beth, I love the photos of your house and gardens. It seems like it would be a lovely place to live and create. Love the screen porch! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, and I've manually added you to the giveaway.
Enjoyed meeting you!
Melissa said…
I love surprises! Thank you for the chance :)
Kathy L said…
You are very talented. Hope your snow doesn't hang around too long.
Di said…
What a lovely blog you have. I would love a chance at your giveaway. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Di@cottage-wishes
Judy Goddard said…
Hi Beth.
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home! So beautiful!
I do lots of everything too. That way if I get bored I can quickly pick something else. 80)
God bless!

Good look so busy! You should write a post about how you handle it all! I have things I'd like to do but can't get away from my quilting! Kudos to you for your talents!
Hi, Beth.
I'm visiting from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada via the blog hop. Lovely photos of your home and garden. Thanks for the giveaway. I have a giveaway on my blog too.
Veronica Roth said…
Hello Beth, I'm so very happy to meet you. I love photo heavy posts to pieces because I'm a photographer and so really don't want the post to end!!! Boy you have a lovely snowy winter. I live on the Pacific and also in Oxfordshire UK and so my winter is pretty mild. I also love your crochet. I can crochet but only sort of and very poorly. I'm off to figure out the best way to follow you because I'd really love to get to know you better. :D
Alexis Borsboom said…
What a lovely place you have (real and virtual!)

alexis at
CatieAn said…
Hi Beth I have been a follower since you were mossberry cottage. It is nice to visit once again. Your post is wonderful. have fun
Gill said…
Lovely to meet you and thank you for the scones - they were delicious!
I enjoyed the tour of your home and I love your porch!
Maggie said…
Your cozy home looks so inviting...and crafty! Hmmm, a mystery giveaway....I'm intrigued!

Nice to visit your blog :-)
Shirlee Fassell said…
Well as I write this the snow is slowly falling here in Longmeadow Mass. Expecting a foot or two so you all in NH probably will get more?? Your home is lovely and very cosy, no wonder the mice invited themselfs in. Who knew they would like leather!! Have fun at the party!!
Oooh, it would be so dangerous to live that close to Harrisville Designs. I visited there once and it was so hard to choose what yarn to take home with me. Thanks for the tour of your lovely home and studio. Enjoy the blog party!
Thank you for the invitation to visit and for giving us a tour of your creative space. What fun!
Vickie said…
What a delightful home you have! The antique sewing machines are so wonderful. I inherited one that had been converted to electric from my grandmother on my 21st birthday. It needs some work, but last time I had it out, it worked like a charm.
Thank you for entertaining me even while you are being entertained elsewhere in the blogoshpere.
Vickie @ Teacups & Toadstools
Lisa Comperry said…
Love the views of your home! Fun to be into so many fun projects! Such a pretty blog..I am a new follower..Come by to visit when you have the chance..
Linda H said…
Hello Beth, Waving Hi from snowy cold eastern Canada where we're awaiting a foot of new snow tomorrow. No doubt you are getting the same storm. I've enjoyed a browse around your blog- love your charming home, but do hope you can successfully get rid of the mice. They can be a real pain.
Hope you'll drop by to visit me too at Stitch Lines...
Hi and I'm visiting you through the GYB party and already a follower. It's so nice to read and learn a little more about you. I do hope that you will have a chance to stop by my blog Julie's Lifestyle and enter my giveaway I have going on. Thanks.
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle
FeltByRae said…
Hi Beth, lovely to meet you via GYB... I adore where you live... I was drooling over the photos! It looks so tranquil ad beautiful

Tamara said…
Your home is beautiful. I have always wanted to live in a renovated barn. And the snow pictures are so inviting! I'm sorry the mice have brought you troubles. Messes like that are no fun. Thank you for sharing ..there's so much to see and enjoy.. I cannot comment on it all! :)
Janice Petty said…
Hi Beth! I love,love,love your red door home!! I would live there in a second except for the cold weather! Hugs, Jan
Debbie said…
Hi Beth,
So nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog!
Hi Beth! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your's is so pretty! I am going to read through How to Grow Your Blog!!
nicolesender said…
Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! Your house is lovely. I enjoyed your photographic tour!
Karin G said…
What a great blog, I love all the crafts you are involved it and will definitely continue to read you.
Jeanne said…
Love the tour of your cozy home and that writing spot is just divine. Love those windows out in to the world. Am stopping by from GYB and will definitely be back to visit you! HOpe you are having lots of "party fun". Blessings from Texas
Sue Kosec said…
You throw a great party. Thank you for inviting me!

So that you know, I've become a Follower and when time permits, I'll be back to see what other beautiful things were made by your hands!

What this party is all about is to GROW your blog and I'm hoping to do the same. When you get to Section One, check out A Country Chic Retreat and SuZeQ Creations, my personal blog, in Section Fifteen I'd love for you to follow and subscribe to.

Happy crafting!
~ Dixie said…
Hi Beth.
A glorious blog with so much to see!
I love your crafting and writing areas.
I'll be following along....
gpc said…
You do such beautiful work! I have tried and failed at crochet. I've enjoyed meeting you. I let the crows where I live think they are ravens, too, and I have a secret admiration for the cleverness of rodents, which I nevertheless do not encourage. :)
Hello Elizabeth, so lovely of you to pop in and introduce yourself.
I hope this finds you warm and cozy, on these snow-laden days, especially in your neck of the woods, today it is a lovely 65 degrees here in Tennessee !
What a talented lady you are, lots to keep you busy during the winter months.
My cats usually bring mice to me, oftentimes alive, so I share your frustration when it comes to uninvited house guests...
Hope to stop by and visit often, stay warm !
~Jo (Josephine)
I hear you on the lots of interests! Sometimes I think I have too many but then I think - what's too many? I too get bored easily so find many things to keep myself entertained. I just stopped by from the GYB party and am so glad I did!
Threadpainter said…
Hi Elizabeth ... thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and loved the tour ! Thank you for this opportunity to meet an interesting lady :)
Peggy said…
Beautiful photos and I love your old sewing machines. My great aunt gave me one many years ago, but it got lost in one of our moves.
Thanks for a chance to win a surprise.
Mokki said…
What a lovely home you have. I chuckled when you said your kitchen was tiny! Not so tiny to me! :D indigo and dusty sea foam sounds like a lovely combination for a crochet blanket. Thank you for the tour.
Cache-Mire said…
Visiting from the GYOB party. Lovely blog, lovely space, lovely projects...!!! I'll be following:-)
Wonderful projects, your yarn work is just lovely. I do so love my old sewing machines too. We get snow here in NC, but not nearly as much as you do, LOL!! Love your creative space, I see you have lots of 'resouce' material like me!
Visiting via GYB from St. John's, NL Canada. Lots of great photos showing wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing.
Klik said…
Hi Elizabeth :) My name is Nataly and I'm from Russia. So great snow! In our south region it's toooo rear...
But I became your follower not cause of this :))) I liked your photos, your syyle of living :)
So, nice to meet you :))
I love that you live in a converted barn! That is so neat. ~Jessica
Patty Antle said…
I very much enjoyed your photos and tour. Would you share the pattern for the granny square? The colors and pattern are just lovely!
Maria said…
What a lovely home you have, Beth. I've really enjoyed the 'tour'. The weather there looks perfect for knitting...I live in Australia and we have been sweltering through summer these past months...hard for your people in the northern hemisphere to imagine I expect :-)
Arianna Macy said…
I'm so jealous of your snow... we don't get snow here :(.
Angela Perez said…
I enjoyed learning about you and what you do. I live in New York. We had a few snow storms over here, and we are still having more. The snow don't want to let us go. But its OK, because I enjoy it. There's a certain beauty to it.
fairykin said…
Whee do you live in NH?
I live in Methuen, Mass. We were on our way to Wolfeboro for a retreat, but had to cancell.
love your crochet work.
knettycraft said…
Hello Elisabeth, I enjoyed the visit on your lovely blog very much and will come back to look at all I couldn't today!
Kind regards, Annett
So much joyful color in this blog...LOVE the tractor a farmer, I would, right? And the still my pounding heart! Your home is lovely. visiting via Vicki's GYBP and enjoying your blog greatly.
kathyinozarks said…
Hi Beth, you visited my post and somehow I didn't get to yours til today-love your home-and I am the same always involved with several projects at the same time.
I am getting better with my drop spindle now, and have my two spinning wheels out now-all cleaned up, and learning to set them up.
Sheryl S. said…
Pleased to meet you via the GYB party and discover your part of the world and beautiful crochet work.
Can I just say, I loved your "Mole Obituary" which I found while I was looking for this Blog Hop. Wonderful! God bless. ILuvTheEucharist @
Carol D. said…
Oh I feel for you with the mouse problem. Been there and done that. Hard to believe those little guys can do so much damage. Good luck with the clean up.