Obituary - Saturday January 31, 2015 - The Mole Times

Mr. Mole was a well liked and kind soul who met an untimely death far earlier in life than any of his friends expected. "It was a shock," said his closest friend from childhood days, "none of us thought that he would go this way!"  Mrs. Mole and the children were inconsolable and unavailable for comment.

It seems that Mr. Mole met his untimely demise in the earlier hours of this morning whilst foraging for a tasty breakfast for himself and his family. Yesterday he had mistakenly wandered inside one of those dangerous human dwellings. At first all seemed fine but the lady human caught sight of him and managed to catch Mr. Mole using some sort of soft covering.  At first he thought "this is it."

Apparently however,  the lady human was one of the "unusual humans" and took Mr. Mole over to a structure across from hers and before he knew it he was free.  Mr. Mole remembered thinking, as he watched this lady human disappear back into her structure, "can this really be one of 'those' humans we have heard about?"

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to Mr. Mole, the lady human was having a terrible time with mice in her structure - they kept eating her yarn and fabrics (whatever they are), and she had traps laying around different places in her structure.

Sadly, Mr. Mole ran right into one as he was just entering something called a "kitchen." All it took was one huge snap and Mr. Mole was caught.  The lady human tried to rescue him, opening the trap and gently letting him drop into the softness and warmth her hand provided.  The lady human was beside herself as she chattered frantically at Mr. Mole but alas, it was too late.  She gently placed Mr. Mole outside for her husband to take his remains to a little burial ground she had set aside for the mice, birds and other creatures that met their demise near or in her structure.

Mr. Mole leaves behind a wife and 10 children.  Services will be held late this afternoon at the Scalapus aquaticus Chapel.  A full buffet will follow services.

abundans cautela non nocet
("abundant caution does no harm")
May he rest in peace


Fil said…
Awwww...... Keep persevering and you'll eventually get the mice out.
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Mereknits said…
Oh no, bless his little mole heart. How sad!
Jules Woolford said…
Oh dear, oh dear. Poor Mr Mole - and poor you.x
Oh! Too sad. RIP Mr Mole. xx
Dee said…
Lol... Oh that was hilarious. I saw your comment on French Laundry's blog and I thought I'd pop on over and say, hi. I'm so glad I did because I love 'meeting' new bloggers. Great post, by the way... :)
CatieAn said…
oh my goodness so sad for Mr mole but this was hilarious........give my regards to the widow and chidren.