Scalopus aquaticus, whatus?

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As most of you know by now I am battling, and at the moment losing, with a mouse issue.  Since Raphael lost his sight mousing just hasn't been on the list of his highly tuned abilities.  Mom to the rescue? Hmmm, not so much me thinks, or?

My mousing skills have proved to be far less superior to my kitties abilities as I have smart country mice!  Yes, they seem to be a special breed being capable of superior skills of stealing food right out of even the most technically designed mouse traps! Until the t-shirt that is.

Uh, the what?  No I have not been drinking although a nice Bailey's Irish Cream in a nice warm mug of coffee would go quite nicely at the moment as my shaking hands have not quite settled back down.

For the past one and a half hours I have been watching and trying to catch this crazy little mole that found it's way into our kitchen, and of course quickly discovered Raphael's food bowls.  I didn't know moles ate meat until today while I watched this crazy little creature reaching into Raphael's moist food bowl to steel food!

But back to the t-shirt trap I was talking about... I learned a long time ago that towels or sweat shirts were too thick to catch a mouse with your hands so I tried a t-shirt.  Don't you know, it actually worked. I could throw it over a mouse, or in this case a mole, and the fabric was pliable enough to see where the bump of the creature was but also thin enough to scoop it up without hurting it.  Then the only problem remaining was where to take the little beast so it wouldn't come back into my house.

In this case it was easy, out the front door and across to the empty house across from mine in the garage where there are oodles of cracks and crevices from years and years of settling. I unraveled the mole from my t-shirt and scooted him un-ceremoniously into one of those cracks and watched as his little short tail disappeared into what I hope to be his new home for the winter...  LOL!

Uh, guess not as I just saw him back already!  to be continued...


Oh my gosh lady!! You cracked me up with this one!!! That is one big job friend and I was rolling just thinking of you chasing this fur ball!! HA!! It reminds me of a time when we had a bat in our house and we had to throw a blanket on that guy.....t-shirt would definitely been a better idea! Hope he stays far away!!! Have a great weekend Beth! Nicole xoxo
Jules Woolford said…
Goodness Beth. You certainly seem to have a 'Critters de Luxe Hotel' neon sign on your home!!! I've never heard of a mole being able to do this. However did it find its way from its tunnels? They are mainly carnivorous and feed on earth worms, which they hunt as they move dig through their tunnels - although they will eat vegetable matter in small amounts. You can get humane traps which are very easy to use and safe for you and the creatures, which can then be released. We've used them a lot in nature conservation projects.Is there a local naturalists group or conservation group you could contact for help and advice? Good Luck sweetie!
Oh my! It sounds as though all the local wildlife is trying to move into your home!! That poor mole must have been very confused to come indoors. Hope that you can get the battle with the mice sorted out very soon. xx
CatieAn said…
oh my goodness. You are so brave to catch that mole and so kind to take it to a new home....I can't believe it came right back.....what if you put a bag of Raphael's food in the empty house?
Or maybe another cat?