One Word...



Oh Beth is this good or depressing for you?
looks gorgeous to me, but then I'm not having to live through being snow-bound.
Gwen Simmons said…
Just Beautiful, Elizabeth!
However, still glad I am in Florida :-)
All the best,
Pam said…
Hi Beth, I see there's more snow coming your way.....Even if you get snowed in, you have such a beautiful view!!
KarinsArtScrap said…
I hope you get not under it let me hear something so I know your still alive [ lol ].

Gr Karin
Eliza said…
Although it seems wet and cold this is good snow it isn't building up into snow piles. I think I prefer the over 35 degree temperatures we are having here in Melbourne Australia ATM. Stay warm.

Hugs Eliza
Yep! Definitely snow!! Brrr!!! xx