Today's post is short and to the point and strictly to keep you all amused... :D

It's been snowing for two and a half days now with the current storm and there is still another storm coming up behind this one...!  So, I thought you might like to see what approximately four feet of snow looks like... of course the plowed up parts are much taller.  Two of the piles are much taller than I am and I am five feet four inches.  I also have a little treat at the end for you...

This is directly outside of my front door - you can see part of the door jam to the left...

View if you are looking straight from my front door...

Front of house looking back.  You can just see our enclosed porch off to the right. The furthest to the right is what I call our meadow as it fills with wildflowers in the summer and is very lovely.  All courtesy of Mother Nature... I added not one flower in the meadow!

Another shot of the front of the house looking back from the driveway, with part of our garage showing to the left.  Note the snow on the roof.

Many of you will recall a recent post on January 31st from "The Mole Times" obituary section?! But I digress... let me explain first... at the moment my laptop is being housed on my kitchen table until I get my studio back in order.  Sitting there this morning, minding my own business and trying to wake up with my first cappuccino I heard rustling sounds coming from under the kitchen sink where I store all of our plastic grocery bags.  Ah Ha, I thought!  A mouse... this is too easy!   

I slowly opened the cabinet doors only to see a little lump wriggling around in the plastic bag I keep the box of my dishwasher detergent in.  This can't be this easy!  Well, to my utter surprise it wasn't a mouse!  

It was none other than a relative (one can only assume ) to the dearly and recently departed Mr. Mole.  Now you will recall the horrible death Mr. Mole met with in January (obituary post) and my horror and sadness.  

Yes, you can guess what I am going to say next... I helped this little mole out of the plastic bag and let him go back into the cabinet.  Don't be horrified, I just couldn't put him out into all that snow to most certainly freeze to death.  

Now I am not one to pass judgement but moles are not the brightest of creatures. In a matter of minutes I heard a scratching that I am quickly becoming familiar with.  Yep, little mole had fallen into an almost empty box of SOS scouring pads!  Before I released little mole  I took the best photo I could get. We have made our peace with one another and I made sure to pick up all of the mouse traps this time... since I am not catching these country smart mice I figured I might as well. The last thing I want is a repeat performance of January's events.  How could I ever explain two deaths to Mrs. Mole?

For those of you in the Northeast I send warm thoughts and for all of my friends in the southern hemisphere, and other parts of the U.S. enjoying milder weather I am offering a two-for-one special on freshly fallen and the highest quality New Hampshire snow, which I will mail to you for quite reasonable postage.


Alison said…
I don't blame the mole, wanting to find somewhere to hole up not eye-high in snow! xx
Oh Beth..being snowed-in might make me a bit tetchy like your dear heart as well.So much snow. Do you have to dig out a path to the car and garage. Of course you would when I think about it.Does the snow get compacted or is it soft long enough to dig/shovel?
What a cute mole.I'd be adopting it too. Are they blind? From what you say, they aren't all that clever!
I'm making babies today. DOLL babies that is!!hehe!haha!!
I'm going to look up where you live- New Hampshire sounds pretty.
Judy xx
Eliza said…

You were just teasing me last night with that snow falling picture I know, now look at what has happened all that snow is banked up to the door and the roof is covered, it is a total snowy winter-land and it must be really cold too. Nup today we are having a 36 degree warm day,this is much better. Have a warm day and keep you little friend warm to he needs your help.

Hugs Eliza
Pam said…
Very deep snow Beth, but pretty from your view!! And yes, moles aren't the smartest. I don't think they see well. We get them here in the Summer sometimes! Well, my dog gets them I should say! :)
OMG!!!!!!! Not sure what to say, what an incredible and amazing sight!! And how about all that snow too!!! Sorry, feeling daft and cheeky this morning it seems! I do hope that you are safe and warm though and don't have to go out too much and that all that white stuff will not cause you any problems. Take care won't you! xx
My word now that's alot of snow!,try to keep warmxx
Mereknits said…
Look at all that snow!!! Mrs Mole is obviously looking for her mate, bless her heart.
Are moles those cute little mouse like creatures with little fingers on their face? This one looks quite cute and I can see why you didn't want send him out into all that snow (which is cruel and inhumane for even people to have to deal with).
kathyinozarks said…
wow this is amazing all the snow you guys are getting-and from the news sounds like more on it's way-stay safe and warm all of you.
it is amazing how these little creatures venture into the house-lol
CatieAn said…
and we can't even get snow in our part of the northwest. I am sorry you have so much of it. That mole is pretty tiny....and thank you for saving it.