WOYWW #296

Hi Everyone!  I know I've been missing lately from WOYWW due to a big issue with little rodents in my yarn and quilting fabric, a.k.a. mice!!!

Before I get going however, if you are new to my blog and are wondering what the heck is WOYWW you should pop over to the world famous Julia, also known as our fearless leader : )   Her blog is Stamping Ground and every Wednesday we have a hop around blogs to see all the yummy projects everyone is up to.

Without further babbling on my part, well except for the little comment here and there, lets get the show on the road...

  As my desk and indeed my entire studio is still a disaster area due to the mice invasion I am unable to work in my studio.  Design plans are having to be further re-worked because the new storage doesn't fit in the spaces the same as the old arrangement.  I am awaiting yet another couple of pieces of storage before I can tackle anything in there.  So, for now my studio is my sofa in the living room where I am doing some much needed catching up with woolly projects.

 I have always wanted to do a ripple throw so when I found this pattern on Ravelry I just had to start my throw.  I love the definition that the stitching gives the throw and it makes it very nicely reversible. One side has the texture and the other side is smooth stitching!  2 for 1!

 And just to keep you updated on our winter here in New Hampshire I leave you with current photos of  Monday's storm, 15 more inches!!!  Brrrrrrrr!!!

Have fun visiting all the desks this week... and see you all here next week


Oh dear those snow storms in New Hampshire must be horrible. But that view of your window framed by the wreath is so pretty.
We don't get snow here, so I have no idea what youy';re going through- I can just imagine the inconvenience and brr...COLD!!
Knitting is perfect for cold days.
Your ripple is beautiful!!! I love it! Much better to stay in and keep warm and safe from all that snow and do some crochet. I hope your storage items come soon so that you can get everything back in place again. xx
Jules Woolford said…
The snow looks amazing, but I hope it's not causing too many problems for you, and your wee houseguests aren't building snowmice! Lovley ripple - my favourite crochet stitch.
Joanne Wilson said…
Oh gosh look at that snow, we certainly don't get it as bad as that here! Love the look of your crochet x
Kristina said…
We have lots of snow here now too, but that gives me a reason to clean up my unfinished projects, and deep clean too. I've been very successful, but need to get back to regular exercise.
KarinsArtScrap said…
wow I love what you have knitten or used hooks, but it's gorgeous.
love thos photós and lot of snow brrrrrrrrr keep it there with you we don't want to have it [ lol ].
have a nice day further Beth.
Gr Karin
Wow, not that's what I call snow!, love the ripple blanketxx
catiecuddles said…
Pretty pattern you have created.
As much as I imagine that the snow is a pain and very cold it looks stunningly beautiful!
Thanks for sharing and hope you get your studio sorted soon.
Catiecuddles x
Lisca Meijer said…
What beautiful pictures of the snow! I do like the snow but I know it's inconvenient for some. We were supposed to have snow too but it didn't amount to much. In the meantime i'm well stocked up on everything.
I love that ripple effect on your throw. Looks great!
Thanks for visiting earlier. I haven't used my new brayer yet, but will let you know how it 'performs'.
have a great week,
sandysewin said…
Awww, the poor little mice are just looking for someplace warm to hang out. Sorry it had to be in your stuff!

Looks like you have about the same amount of snow as we do, just south of Boston. I'm ready to hibernate until spring. :-)

Thanks for the visit to my blog earlier and for the kind words.

Happy creating and happy woyww,

Sandy #10
Hi Beth! Oh no, I didn't realize the mousies were nesting in your quilting fabric! The little blighters! Found the best place in the house! Were you really freaked out when you found them? I would have been like aaaaahhhhh! Hope that's all sorted now and you can get on with your reorganization. Lovely knitting (or is that crochet, LOL?) it looks fab, but must take absolute ages to finish a throw! I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience. It would take me 10 years to finish it! Thanks for your visit earlier. Lovely to see you back on WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle
Monica said…
I guess the mice found a warm place. It is like a Victorian Children's story to read it but I am sure, a bother to you. I expect you are used to snow and cold and live in your cozy home making those wonderful throws.
Monica 69
Artatag said…
Ha, you are beating us with the quantity of snow this year, normally around here it looks like your place, lol! Mice invasion in the studio? That sounds strange - what do you store there to make it so attractive?
Your crochet project is awesome, very nice colours!
Thanks for your earlier visit!
Gabriele 23
Robyn Oliver said…
Hi Elizabeth, and thanks for visiting my space. Firstly your throw is absolutely gorgeous. Secondly I know all you folk living in cold, wet, snow covered climes have had enough but for us who don't live anywhere near snow - I JUST love seeing your photos - yours are so beautiful, it looks pretty and you get to wear rug me up clothes, I know there's a down side for you but thanks for sharing - I love them RobynO#20
Eliza said…
How on heavens earth do you cope with all that snow it must be very cold but the view through your window amazing and so picturesque. I do hope you get your craft room back soon.

Thanks for sharing and sorry I am getting around so late this week.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 21
Annie said…
Thanks for calling by at mine yesterday and for you lovely comments.
Your ripple blanket is gorgeous....what a lovely pattern. As for your snow....please keep it there. I really can't blame the little mice for wanting to find somewhere warm.
Annie x
Queenie Jeannie said…
Wow! With all that snow, no wonder the mice want to come inside and warm up!!! Your blanket is simply gorgeous! I haven't crocheted in years, but it is very relaxing. Stay warm and God bless!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #9
CatieAn said…
I am sorry for all of your mice problems. I Love the ripple afghan it is so pretty and your winter snow is beautiful but am sure you would rather not be having those storms. Here in the northwest we have had no snow and that is so unusual....just lots of gray fogged in days
itsamistry said…
WOW so much snow we've not had that much since I was in my teens. Looks lovely though. Hope you get sorted with your mice problem and are able to set up again in your art room. Thank you for visiting my blog. Anita 49
kilnfiredart said…
what a gorgeous blog you have, and I love all the stuff on your worktable. I'm crocheting a ripple blanket, it's taken me 50 years to learn how to crochet left handed. I love the texture you have in your ripples, I must go look at Ravelry.
Jill #35 #WOYWW
I think I got frostbite just from looking at those photos. Brrr! I love your ripple stitching. That will make a fabulous throw, nicely textured and colored. As for mice in the stash. Oh! What a horror show! I hope you get that worked out real quick. I have some cats you could borrow, but probably they'd be too busy playing with the yarn. Thanks for the visit earlier. Judy #79
Mereknits said…
The snow looks so beautiful, I hope you are staying warm.
Love your crochet.
sandra de said…
I will never complain about our heat wave again after looking at your pics. Although it is very pretty via your blog. Gorgeous blanket and I hope you get those mice under control. They probably just wanted to come in from the cold!
sandra de @13
Alison said…
Ooh it looks chilly where you are! Love your ripple throw :-) xx
Carmen said…
I'm not surprised the mice snuck in, trying to get warm from all that snow I reckon :) Hope you managed to get them evicted. Love that photo of your window with the wreath.

The blanket is gorgeous - love the colours.

Carmen x #53
Love that crochet pattern and how it's working up ~ looks great!

Merry creating and stay warm!
Cardarian said…
Thank you for commenting on my blog.I see that you are doing some lovely crocheting - I just bought some wool and am deciding what to do! Your "snowy" photos are just so lovely! No snow here but in my homeland - Slovenia there is about the same amount as there is where you live!
Lots of hugs,
kathyinozarks said…
beautiful throw-love all the colors you chose
Sheryl S. said…
Gorgeous ripple blanket, the colours are perfect