Blah, Blah, Blah...

Although spring really hasn't arrived in my yard yet, still loads of snow that just seems like it's never going to go away, I am being hopeful and starting to plan things for the garden.  We all know I am hopeless with plans yet I continue to make them...!!! One of these days I will accomplish some of these garden goals.

Savannah and I are still adapting to one another, some days better than others.  I have never seen a kitty with so much energy and oh what trouble she gets into!!!  Truly the terrible two's!!!  Let's see, she chews on all manner of wires (big worry there), gets into bags of yarn, bats anything batable around the house and has silly hour at the oddest times!  She moves so fast I am really afraid she is going to crash into a wall one of these days! Still bites but not as often and does let me pick her up a little more frequently for longer periods before she begins the squiggle thing.  How mom's of children in the terrible twos survive is beyond my capacity of understanding and I give them huge credit points!!! :D

Still slowly adding things to my etsy site but it is slow, slow, slow going - and selling!!!  I had hoped to at least make enough to pay our taxes this year but that is not looking like it's going to happen unless my guardian angel comes to my aid but I wouldn't presume to ask...!

Now that I have gotten rid of all of my painting, book arts, collage and mixed media supplies (well almost) I find I don't need the white cubical wall unit pieces I purchased last summer!!! Sheesh!!!  I'm not even going to think about trying to sell those pieces, I'm just giving them to a girlfriend that is just beginning the process of organizing her studio.  You all would shriek in horror if I told you how much stuff I have just thrown in the garbage!!!  I'm just too pooped to do all the work involved in listing things!

Well, that's me for now!  I hope spring is being good to those of you further south or west of New England and that you all are having creative fun time!!!


kathyinozarks said…
Hi, I can relate totally as I got motivated to go through my craft room after reading about you and a couple of other friends doing this.
I was quite amazed that I sold high end quilting threads and also punch needle threads pretty much as soon as I listed them-so that gave me money that I needed to upgrade my spinning wheel flyer to 4 speeds instead of the 2, and also enough money to buy a few more spinning supplies I really wanted.
but selling my fabric and some other items is not happening-so I had posted on my blog to trade or take it for shipping costs-and I did get some items into new homes. the rest I am just going to start taking to the resale shops-as not much is selling on etsy for me at all
good luck with yours, and yes spring is coming-we have the spring t storms happening this week-oops soory it seems I have written a book
Quinn said…
Hi Beth - I know what you mean...I've got a bunch of things that could be listed on eBay, but it really is such a project!
On the wire-chewing, have you ever tried a "tastes bad" product like Bitter Apple? There's one called Bitter Yuck (truly, that is the name) and I can vouch for its effectiveness. It comes in a spray bottle, but a TINY bit goes a LONG way - and lasts for ages! - so for something like wires, I would dab a little on a cotton ball and run it over the wires lightly, just once. Might be worth a try! In fact, with a smart kitty, you might only have to do one wire...the kitty might extrapolate that all wires taste horrible!
Hope that snow melts for you soon Beth! And your little Kitty sounds like my 2 year old! Hard work I tell you! Like you I can't wait for some good old garden time! Happy Friday to you! Nicole xoxo
Oh Beth, I can imagine Savanna and her antics from your descriptions of her behaviour. Our cat is 11 this month, and she still has her Silly Hour! She'll fly like a mad thing at shadows from scissors in the lamp light, and chase a ball etc.I love cats for this very unpredicable behaviour.We have a big carpeted climbing frame for her, and she leaps into the little box at the top, and attacks her dangling things and rips them with her teeth and claws.Then a couple of minutes later, she is sweetness itself!
Have fun. Hoping some sun filters into your yard soon!
Sounds as though you and Savannah are having lots of fun! Happy Easter - enjoy a break! xx
Mereknits said…
How can that cutie be causing trouble? Hope you are getting more organized and feeling more settled with your workroom.