Did someone say, "Projects?"

I know I have been seriously missing in action of late but the work continues with the clear out brought on by the mouse invasion, and I have also been taking some online classes for weaving as well as some specialty stitches in knitting.  I guess the mice actually did me a favor of sorts.  It made me really take stock of what I wanted from both my studio and my art.

I love all the mixed media we see out there today but it just wasn't working for me - crazy as it may sound it was all feeling rather pointless.  Of course art has a purpose of inspiring the soul of the viewer but somehow, for me, it wasn't enough... I was never going to be a Monet.

So, the ultimate decision was to go onto an entirely different path and make things with a more practical purpose in mind.  I guess I fail miserably at "playing" with my art. Oh well, I am currently happy with making a multitude of things involving natural fibers such as blankets, rugs, scarves, mittens, shawls, and a quilt or two every now and then.

I have been pursuing my lace knitting with a vengeance and do have some photos...but at the moment I am head over heals in love with double knitting!!!  No samples yet but I will be working on a practice piece for my class later today.

I fell in love with this knitted lace zig-zag throw the moment I saw it last year!  Those gray stripes are my life-lines, which after incredible amounts of ripping out and starting entirely over again I found are the only way to go when doing lace.  The yarn is white cotton from Lily "Peaches and Cream" and using a size 9 US 40" circular needle.

Lace shawl pattern from one of my online classes, which I have also ripped out and started from scratch far too many times. Now that I use life-lines hopefully I will finish this little wrap soon!  The thing about lace knitting is when you make a mistake often it is extremely difficult to figure out how to undo and re-knit the mistake... or at least it is for me. Perhaps with more years experience with knitting that will become less of a problem... one can only hope! :D

The studio will be unveiled as soon as the very last of my paper arts supplies make their way next week to a new friend in Utah as a barter in exchange for ... fibery goodness and a spinning wheel!  I know, I know... but this is a single treadle Louet s15, which I think just may work out for me.

Now, to the garden, er umm.  What a mess this past heavy snow laden winter made.  Most of the wildflowers on the side bed by our screened in back porch are gone!  So, for this year I am going to just mulch that bed and leave it to ruminate for a season.  The iris bed made it and will be making a show soon... photos will come when the flowers show their lovely faces.

The roses I am still unsure of but I am still going to give them a gentle pruning and feed and mulching.  The day lilies did the best and have spread quite a bit so I expect a really nice show from them in late June early July.

The hydrangeas are going to involve a move from their current spot, they just don't seem to be happy where they are now.  I may also move 3 roses to a more front of house orientation.  The raised veggie beds Will go in this year, Yay!!!  Home Depot had a huge sale two weeks ago on mulch and soil as you will see in the following photos...

First bed to be mulched this year.  These day lilies doubled in size over the winter!!!

Home Depot spoils - 30 bags of soil and 16 large bags of mulch... I think that should get me well on my way for the garden this year... don't you?

My very first ever wheel barrow - and she's red!!!  It doesn't get any better than that!  Yes, you can see the mess of flower beds and pots from last summer that are crying out for attention... don't worry little pots Mom is coming :D  I need more gravel to fill in the walkway again and I am also going to fill in around those path stones with gravel - I'm thinking about putting our grill there... and gosh the entire yard needs some new grass. I wonder how much seed is needed to even out all the spaces and make the grass species more cohesive.

As you can see spring has just barely begun here in New England.  My azalea bush is just beginning to leaf out and the buds for the flowers are not quite ready but when they do oh my what a show! The most lovely deep orange I have ever seen in an azalea bush.  

Oh, and yes, my little helper from the front window - she doesn't let that stained glass window I hung to block the view of the logged land across the road get in her way!!! Did I mention Precocious is Savannah's middle name?

Well, that's about it for today... hope you all are enjoying your spring!!!


KarinsArtScrap said…
wow love those knitting patterns Beth it's stunning.
hope your roses and hydrangeas don well lots of soil you bought
hope your classes are good.

gr karin
Pam said…
Hi Beth, been wondering what you've been up to. Best of luck with those knitting classes, and Looks like your gardens are going to be all spruced up!!
Jules Woolford said…
The journey has many twists and turns! Love your knitting - something I
adore but don't do! And I am I envious of that red wheel barrow!:)
Mereknits said…
I am just catching up as I seem to be perpetually late reading blogs lately. That sweet kitty of yours looks adorable looking out the window. I had 80 bags of mulch placed all around my house. My husband went and got the mulch but I had to hire someone to spread it. I just don't have the time right now with work so busy. Have fun in the garden,
Yay, look, no snow, but gardening!!!! How great is that!!! You will soon have all kinds of beautiful things growing I am sure! All of your knitting projects are beautiful too, so glad that you are enjoying things! Great to hear from you! xx
Alison said…
I understand what you mean about mixed media. I am more at home with making practical things, blankets etc, things with a purpose.
Go you with the gardening!! But don't overdo it :-) xx